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  1. 1. Twitter: Positive Or Negative Influence On The Society TWITTER: POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE INFLUENCE ON THE SOCIETY?TABLE OF CONTENT Introduction History Positive impact Negative impact Conclusion References I n this modern day, twitter seems like Web. a good friend to all people in this Most of the people use twitter in world. Twitter is a micro blogging their daily life but they do not know the tools that was designed as a social network history of this most popular social to keep friends and colleagues share their networking. The fact is twitter was life or interest with everybody that they launched in 2006. However, it became want. This system lets a person send brief widely used for commercial and political text messages up to 140 characters in purposes to keep customers, voters and length to a list of followers. It can also fans up to date as well as to encourage allow a user, A, to “follow” updates from feedback. Ex-Googler Evan Williams had other members who are added as friend. a start-up called Odeo. It was going to be a An individual who is not a friend of user A podcasting platform. Evan asked his but follows her updates is known as a friend, another ex-Googler named Biz follower. Thus friendships can either be Stone, to join him. When Apple launched reciprocated or one-way. What is the iTunes podcasting, and made Odeos meaning of micro blogging? Micro podcasting platform irrelevant, Evan and blogging is a new form of communication Biz and also another Odeo employee, in which users can describe their current named Jack Dorsey decided to create status in short posts distributed by instant something called Twitter instead. So we messages, mobile phones, email or the 1 Nurul Balqis Bt Mohd Nasir
  2. 2. Twitter: Positive Or Negative Influence On The Societycan conclude that Jack Dorsey was a After that, individualsfounder of Twitter and he is one of the can import their e-mail addresses as wellmost successful businessmen in this world. as use the Twitter search to locate andTwitter starts to be popular among people invite people. Twitter messages can bein this world in 2007 and the popularity made public and sent to anyone requestingincreases day by day. The chart shows a the feed, or they can be sent only topercentage of twitter users by country. US approve followers. That is how twittercontribute the highest percentage of twitter works.users compared with Indonesia which wasthe least percentage of users. In this fast moving world, everyone has an internet connection in Percentage of their offices as well as in their homes. Twitter Users by People have become more aware about Country new and advanced technologies. One of them is Internet Phone Service Messages, US Japan UK Canada Australia China with this application, an individual can Singapore India Malaysia sign in their twitter account everywhere Africa Indonesia that they want and without any limitation time by just using 1% 4% 2% 1% 4% 6% 23% TWITTER ACCESS 9% 70% 10% 60% 22% 18% 50% 40% 30% 20% TWITTER 10% ACESS 0% First of all before we go too far, letwe refresh on how to create an accounttwitter? The very first step is an individualneeds to sign up a Twitter account at 2Nurul Balqis Bt Mohd Nasir
  3. 3. Twitter: Positive Or Negative Influence On The Societytheir mobile phone. On the other hand, all twitter is we can connect with our friendsthe things in twitter like updates or news as easy as that. Why do I say this? It iscan be sent and received via cell phone because, we can tweet people or ourtext messaging (SMS), the Twitter Web friends by just type any words in the boxsite or a third-party Twitter application. As and click tweet. This action will bewe can observe from the bar chart, twitter automatically connecting us with ourusers is more likely to access twitter by friends that no longer live near us. Unlikethird party application with a percentage of the previous year where we have to write a65%. While another 25 % people use to letter and we have to pay for it just toaccess twitter by using a short messages make sure that the letter is safely arrive toservices (SMS) text on mobile phone. our friend. Not more than that, the receiverPerhaps we can see that people are not which is our friend also needs to wait for areally preferred to sign in few days just to receivetheir twitter account our letter. Nowadays,using the twitter website. with this micro blogging called twitter, we can overcome our problem As we look to easily. We can tweet ourourselves, friendships are friends everyday free ofimportant part of our life, charge and it saves us abut many of us find it lot of time going to thedifficult to find friends, post office and buyingmake friends or keep friends. Life events, paper , envelopes and stamps. Thesuch as moving to another neighbourhood, convenience is wonderful. Owing to that,starting a job or having a baby, can isolate many people decide to use twitter as theirus from our former support group and alternative way to connect with theirmake forging new friendships more friends. Furthermore, twitter can alsoimportant than ever. Not more than that, if connect us with everyone around the worldwe have a poor social skills, it can also which can also allow us to make a newprevent us from taking the first step in friend. People who are interested in whatforming a friendship, but in this modern we have to say may follow us and theyworld, twitter can helps us a lot to solve will see all the Tweets that we share withthis problem. One of the positive impact of them. This will automatically connect us 3Nurul Balqis Bt Mohd Nasir
  4. 4. Twitter: Positive Or Negative Influence On The Societywith our new friends. networks switched on, that update reaches everyone you want it to reach and Next, twitter can also give a great probably more besides in an instant. Foradvantage on business. It is because example, artist can tweet about theirobviously, twitter is a marketing platform activities such as updates from the studiowhere the main activity is sharing when recording, updates on theinformation. When we do a search related manufacturing process and he or she canto our business or industry, Twitter will announce when artwork is finished, whengive us many links to websites or blogs. the master has been approved, whenIn fact, this is one of the benefits of twitter finished copies are delivered and any otherwhich can urge us to learn about current thing that they want to update instantly totrends in our industry. We can research their fans, reminders about release dates,local and global trends on twitter and reach shows and other news, updates from theup-to-date information very conveniently. road when he or she on tour, and they canAlso, we can search to find out about our also update about day to day work news.competitors’ current activities and Conversely as a fan, an individual canstrategies and follow if their activities and know all the recent activities of theirstrategies are successful or not. We can use favourite artist. A part from that, Presidentthis opportunity to repeat their successful Obama is one of the many politicians whostrategies and also watch for the chance to use twitter to get his message out aroundcollaborate with them. the world. He addresses the public about The other positive side of twitter is his new campaigns, ideas and even someits speed up our communication. Mostly, personal information. President Obamawe have lack of time according to work also has link on twitter called “Askand family commitments and sometimes Obama”, where anyone can post questionswe do not have time to make a phone call regarding his presidency and his staff canor even we do not have time to write a choose to respond back to the questions.short message service (SMS) to our friends So most probably this twitter applicationbut social networking sites, especially can help us to communicate faster thantwitter offer a chance to communicate in a what we expect because we can spread ourspeedy and efficient manner. Writing an news or activity as fast as we can by justupdate for Twitter takes all of 20 seconds using this micro blogging twitter. Inand with cross-posting over other social addition, with this advantage of fast 4Nurul Balqis Bt Mohd Nasir
  5. 5. Twitter: Positive Or Negative Influence On The Societycommunication, an individual can also use immersed ourselves in an extension oftwitter to create a connection between society in which privacy is not treated withteachers and students. Students can use the high regard it is offline. Perhaps,twitter to ask about what is happening in twitter users can happily give up personaltheir school or university and they can also information without think first what is theask about their assignment or homework. side effect if we disclose our informationA part from that, teacher or lecturer can detail to public. Most of us list our fullalso use twitter to tweet about test date or name and birthday, reveal who our familydateline for an assignment to keep their members are, share our work history, ourstudents up to date about what is hobbies and interests, and even what wehappening around them. Lecturer can also like and dislike. And we are doing somake use of twitter to comment or make a without any kind of prodding or pushing.discussion about the lessons that have been Actually, this kind of attitude can lead ustaken in class to update students. In this to danger. All the information given can beway, students can share their opinions, ask used for a different purpose that will thena question and discuss a different answer affect our life. Most people would rightlywith their lecturer. This may increase refuse to walk around with a billboardstudent’s knowledge and gives advantage attached to their front revealing allfor passive students to participate in this information about their life. Yet we just dodiscussion as they do not participate to be that on social networking sites and peopleengaged in a class discussion. So, we can can get our information as easy as that.see that, twitter can gives advantages forboth students and lecturer. Now let us take a look at thenegative side of twitter. As we know, fromthe previous page, twitter may give us a lotof benefits but at the same time the benefitcan also harm us if we do not use thissocial networking wisely. One of them iswe will experience lack of privacy. Thoseof us who are connected to the Internet areconnected 24 hours, and we have 5Nurul Balqis Bt Mohd Nasir
  6. 6. Twitter: Positive Or Negative Influence On The Society Next, twitter also can cause a lot of joy. For sure we have a lot to talkdistraction to the user especially students. about anything that happens in our life,Research shows that majority student stories to tell, reminiscence to bond over.contribute the highest percentage to twitter But we may reconnect from someone thatusers. Like we know, students need to we have in our life now. Recently, wefocus in order to achieve a higher marks or always hear the news about marriages thata good grade for their exam. Owing to that, have ended as a result of socialsome students need to go for an extra class networking. Thus, we can definitely sayor tuition and maybe they have to allocate that twitter can make a couple separate orsome time to revise their subject. Well even can make husband and wife divorcenowadays students prefer to spend more because of misunderstanding. For instance,time on twitter rather than use their time to we can put fake information in our twittermake a revision. Make friends with new account such as our status or our age. Iffriends and contact old friends are one of someone is married, they can put that theythe reasons why students prefer to waste are single. So this is perhaps the biggesttheir time on twitter. This problem will impact that we have to face if we useaffect student studies and they will achieve twitter or any social network in our life.a bad result. The main reason for this In a nutshell, as we can see fromproblem is because social networking sites the whole article, actually twitter has bothare some of the worst offenders. Purely negative impact and positive impact. As abecause they are a constant stream of news human being, we should know how to useand also view from people who for the twitter wisely. We can think bad things ormost part, we want to listen to and we good things in our life. Twitter is a goodwant to always know their updates. social network for us to stay keep in touch Some people may feel that twitter with our old friends and make friends withis the best place to find a new friend or a new people, it can also speed oureven to find our future husband or wife. communication without we have to payBut irrationally, it can be harmful for us, any amount and there is no limitation forbecause twitter can also break up a it, last but not least it can also benefit us inrelationship. It is undeniable that term of business where we can find outreconnecting with our old friend from about our competitors or university will experience us a Conversely, the negative impact is it can 6Nurul Balqis Bt Mohd Nasir
  7. 7. Twitter: Positive Or Negative Influence On The Societycause a distraction, breaking up arelationship and also give us less ofprivacy which actually can lead a badimpact in our daily life. So overall, all ofus must think first what are theconsequences and the benefit of using thisapplication before we involve in thistwitter phenomena. REFFERENCES: • • • • • 7Nurul Balqis Bt Mohd Nasir