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In time reporting: why is it a better alternative?

Nowra Anglican College will be making some significant changes to how it reports to parents in 2013. This slideshow provides a summary of a presentation given by David Hamaty, Director of Learning & Teaching, to parents on 19/3/2013.

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In time reporting: why is it a better alternative?

  1. 1. In-time reportingWhat is it and why is it a better alternative? David Hamaty Director of Learning & Teaching Shoalhaven Region Anglican Schools
  2. 2. What is Mandatory?• At least twice a year• Uses plain language• Achievement in each KLA is reported• BOS A-E scale of achievement• Compares students achievement with their peers ie. rank/average• Includes teachers comments• Attendance• Include information on other school activities• Social development & commitment to learning
  3. 3. Wouldn’t it be nice to findthis out during the termrather than at the end?A little more specific detailwould be nice
  4. 4. What is the one thing teachers should work on toimprove student performance? “The most powerful single moderator that enhances achievement is feedback. The simplest prescription for improving education must be "dollops of feedback" -- providing information how and why the child understands and misunderstands, and what directions the student must take to improve. “ Professor John Hattie, 1999
  5. 5. So what is ‘in-time’ reporting?‘In time’ reporting uses the portal to provide parentsand students with information regardingtheir progress. Teachers comment on individual tasks,providing feedback for improvement.Feedback occurs more often and is more specific.
  6. 6. What are the aims of the changes?We want to ensure school reports offer more feedback forstudents and parents by1. Being more timely2. By being more specific about what is needed for improvement
  7. 7. So how willthis happen?The parent portalwill become theprimary medium forcommunicatinginformationregarding yourchild.
  8. 8. Upcoming tasks and task resultsUpcomingtasks and asummary ofrecentresults
  9. 9. Plus theability to drilldown formore detailA commentthat isspecific,practical anddeliveredwhen it isneeded ratherthan at theend of thesemester.
  10. 10. Will there be semester reports as well? Yes. However the style of the report will change. It will contain the following: 1. A wrap up of tasks completed in each subject including final mark and grade but no comment 2. A pastoral section that summarises personal development and includes a comment from the care leader 3. A listing of co-curricular involvement
  11. 11. When will this happen?2013 Semester 1 All reports Yr7-11 now emailed and placed on the portal rather than printed (unless requested)2013 Semester 2 In-time reporting in place for Yr 7-82014 Semester 1 In-time reporting in place for Yr 7-12
  12. 12. Thankyou. Any questions?Please contact me on 4421 7711 or email me for further informationMr David HamatyDirector of Learning & TeachingShoalhaven Region Anglican Schools