Ccng Corporate Partnership 2010


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  • Thank you for taking time to view this webcast…I will keep the presentation brief enough to give you a good feel for the value of partnership in CCNG…however I will say the quickest way to determine the benefit of your involvement is to ASK A MEMBER.CCNG membership is made up primarily of enterprise contact center and customer care management. By responsibility and title they are Directors, Managers and Vice Presidents managing heir organizations customer care and customer experience.
  • CCNG gives partners the ability to leverage several channels of communication with members to create the exchange of information between Subject Matter Experts (our Partners) and Knowledge Seekers (our members).
  • Organizations (small and large, well known and up and coming) that provide solutions to the contact center industry benefit from CCNG partnership.We help partners leverage marketing channels including Business Social Media, Webcasting and Networking Events to inform and engage industry professionals.
  • As a new partner to CCNG, we first establish a Partner Portal on the web site. This gives you a Home Base to work from and reference all your content and activities for membership. At the center is an introduction webcast that we will record with you to establish the foundation of who you are, and what is your value proposition to this industry.As you can see, in the middle we display (in flash code) your intro webcast.On the Left-hand side are links to all the programs and activities you are doing or have done with CCNG (webcasts, event sponsorships, other content with CCNG)On the Right-hand side are Image links that take the visitor off the CCNG web site to areas YOU deem important for additional access to information (your web site, blog, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook page)…this is YOUR real estate to use as you decide…we will load it up for you, just give us the image and link location
  • Ccng Corporate Partnership 2010

    1. 1. CCNG PartnershipConnect - Share - Grow <br /><br />David Hadobas<br />CCNG President and CEO<br />
    2. 2. CCNG PartnershipConnect - Share - Grow <br /><br />CCNG partnership provides for multi level information exchange between leading industry solutions providers and professional management leaders in contact center and customer care.<br />
    3. 3. CCNG PartnershipConnect - Share - Grow <br /><br />CCNG Partnership<br />For solutions providers to the contact center and customer care industry<br />Uses a combination of marketing channels to promote partner as SME to membership<br />Leverage partner content across all channels<br />Business Social Media, Webcast, Networking Events<br />
    4. 4. CCNG PartnershipConnect - Share - Grow <br /><br />CCNG Partner Portals <br />Home base for all CCNG partners<br />Introduction webcast<br />Link and leverage partner content <br />Access to all partner webcasts and member events<br />
    5. 5. CCNG PartnershipConnect - Share - Grow <br /><br />Database<br />CCNG Partnership Channels <br />Member database / broadcast email campaigns<br />20,000 contact center contacts database<br />Use to promote your HTML email campaigns<br />Business Social Media <br />Over 1,500 Groups on LinkedIn for Call Center, Contact Center, Customer Care, Customer Experience<br />Eighteen CCNG groups on LinkedIn + Ning with 5,000+ <br />online members growing daily<br />Use to promote partner webcasts and CCNG events<br />Keeps members informed<br />Members connect and contribute – discussion forums<br />Business Social Media<br />CCNG Contact Center Groups<br />
    6. 6. CCNG PartnershipConnect - Share - Grow <br /><br />CCNG Partnership Channels <br />Dedicated webcast channel on <br />Contact Center and Customer Care <br />Channel is exclusive content for our industry<br />Webcast channel is searchable<br />LIVE and On-demand webcasts<br />Business Social Media <br />Webcast Channel<br />
    7. 7. CCNG PartnershipConnect - Share - Grow <br /><br />CCNG Networking Events<br />Regional member events <br />Create face-to-faceinteraction<br />Hosted on site by CCNG members<br />Best Practice topics by partners and members<br />Partner “Thought Leadership” presentations<br />Customized partner event series<br />25+ Geo markets – 50 events<br />Webcast Channel<br />Networking Events<br />
    8. 8. CCNG PartnershipConnect - Share - Grow <br /><br />CCNG Networking events<br />Unique design for peer exchange<br />Best Practice content focus<br />Partner and Host presentations<br />Interactive work groups with attendees<br />Site tours<br /><ul><li>Event video with testimonials
    9. 9. CCNG channel on YouTube
    10. 10. Event surveys </li></li></ul><li>CCNG PartnershipConnect - Share - Grow <br /><br />CCNG Partnership – Industry leadership!<br />Thought Leaders in the industry<br />Leverage CCNG channels to promote your areas of expertise<br />Showcase your client success<br />Webcasts, host sites<br /><ul><li>Develop SME webcast series on CCNG channel
    11. 11. Collaboratively growing your prospect database
    12. 12. Webcast viewing reports / attendee & registration lists
    13. 13. Engage your sales team and sales channel partners</li></li></ul><li>CCNG PartnershipConnect - Share - Grow <br /><br />
    14. 14. CCNG PartnershipConnect - Share - Grow <br /><br />Createnew business relationships…<br />Establish your organization as a thought leader…<br />Discover new business opportunities…<br /> Let’s talk Partnership! <br />