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India by nitin bajaj


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Published in: Education
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India by nitin bajaj

  1. 1. A taste of India.We hope you had a pleasant Before you exit theincoming journey airport, use the images to get a 1st and we extend impression of you a very India. warm……..WELCOME Then answer the first 4 questions in yourTO INDIA! holiday scrapbook. Thanks to Sarah Todd and her colleagues at Stanchester High School, Somerset made available through
  2. 2. Hello and Welcome. Today you are going to betravelling around experiencing the ‘real Bombay’. You get to see the sights and experience the culture and cuisine.
  3. 3. Guided City Tour.• Watch the video on Bombay and note down the conditions people live in……• ……and the good and bad points of life in Bombay. – The good points are attractions of the city (pull factors). – The bad points are pitfalls of the city (push factors).
  4. 4. What do you think?• Now answer the remaining questions in your arrival day diary extract. Think about: – What was good about Bombay and why? – What was bad about Bombay and why?
  5. 5. Yum, Yum, food in my tum!• It’s the end of an exhausting day in Bombay, and your tummy is grumbling.• It’s time to taste some of the delicacies of the country. – What do they smell like? – Are they spicy or bland? – Do you like them – – why/why not?
  6. 6. How did the day match up to your first impressions?– For homework write down the highlights of your first day in your holiday scrapbook.– We haven’t checked you into your hotel- so it’s up to you to find your way there – GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
  7. 7. ONE WORD. As you leave the room, please give the tour guide one word to describe your day in Bombay.Thanks to Sarah Todd and her colleagues at Stanchester High School, Somerset made available through