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Ben 10 and deepak gupta


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it nice and quite ppt on ben 10 for ben 10 's fans such as i who r crazy on ben 10.......................................

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Ben 10 and deepak gupta

  1. 1. BEN ALIENS ORIGINAL 10 OTHER 12• Diamondhead • Articguana• Fourarms • Benmummy• Ghostfreak • Benvicktor• Grey Matter • Benwolf• Heatblast • Buzzshocker• Ripjaws • Cannonbolt• Stinkfly • Ditto• Upgrade • Eyeguy• Wildmutt • Spitter• XLR8 • Upchuck • Waybig • Wildvine
  2. 2. ENEMYS• Acid Breath • Kevin 11• Dr. Aloysius Animo • Kraab• The Big Tick • The Limax Aliens• Charmcaster • Megawhatts• Clancy • Mr. Jingles• Enoch of the Forever Knights • Phil• Frightwig • Six-Six• The Fungal Brain • Slix Vigma• Hexlord the Magician • Thumbskull• Howell Wayneright • Vilgax• Joey / Rojo • Vulkanus• Jonah Melville • Zombozo the Clown
  3. 3. GWEN
  4. 4. Heatblast comes from an alien race thatinhabits a star, rather than a normal planet. Asa master of the manipulation of extreme fireand heat, he has the ability to quickly projectbolts of fire from his hands and mouth, andcreate balls of fire that he can throw or roll. Hemay start a fire quickly, but he can put one outjust as fast. Unfortunately, like any other livingfire, he can be put out when an excessiveamount of a fire retardant is used. Its surprisingthat he has survived from tremendous amountsof physical damage, yet he appears to beunharmed. After all, he is living fire, with anattitude.Heatblast is a Pyronite from the star of Pyros.
  5. 5. Standing at an amazing twelve feet tall with allalien muscle, the Tetramand Fourarms is thehero of choice when Ben has a feel to smash,throw, or beat up his way through. With four-arms and tremendous strength, he is thestrongest among the aliens. Not only that, healso has extremely thick skin, which acts as hisarmor. His endurance is extremely high, andalso has the ability to leap great distances.Unfortunately, his height and strength can beused by Ben to his advantage, but it contributesto clumsiness and speed.Fourarms is a Tetramand from the planet ofKhoros.
  6. 6. Ghostfreak is a shadowy, phantom-like alien, andhas a protoplasm that can change its density. Thisenables him to phase through matter and turninvisible at will. He may have only one eye, but hecan position it anywhere on his body, but by using atrack traced along his skin. His appearance can alsobring fear in the hearts of criminals everywhere, andsometimes, even Ben is creeped out. Ghostfreak canalso peel back his own skin, which reveals ahorrifying mass of innards, but it has yet to be seen.Direct light and chemicals that can affect his bodywill nullify his invisibility and intangibility. He is alsonot meant for extreme combat.Ghostfreak is an Ectonurite from the planet AnurPhaetos.
  7. 7. Galvanic Mechomorphs are an entirely new andunique species in the galaxy. These biomechanicalbeings are living machines with liquid metallic skinand complex systems of self-forming organic circuits.Mechomorphs are able to merge with technology and"upgrade" it into an incredible piece of ultra-tech.When merged, Mechomorphs can literally bringanything to life, and are able to communicate with theapparatus, vastly increasing its functions. WhileMechomorphs are masters of the mechanical, theirpowers are useless on living creatures. The plasmabeams they produce come from a series of complexinternal machinations. Being highly sensitive, finelytuned beings, electromagnetic pulses, acid or anyother sort of corrosive can upset their delicatechemistry and wreak havoc on their systems.Upgrade is a Galvanic Mechomorph from the GalvanB Satellite (moon).
  8. 8. The insectoid alien Stinkfly is an expert flyer,and he is able to pull off amazing acrobaticmoves in the air. He can also take care ofhimself in a fight, using his pincers and the endof his tail as weapons. He also has the ability toshoot slime from both his four eye-stalks and hismouth. He can also can carry many times hisweight. Much like our insects here on Earth,Stinkfly has a very tough exoskeleton, but hiswings are very thin and fragile enough to disablemost of his abilities.Stinkfly is a Lepidopterran from the planet ofLepidopterra.
  9. 9. With a body stronger than the known diamond,Diamondhead is the alien hero of choice forinvulnerability and invincibility. Diamondhead hasthe unique ability to grow crystals on any part of hisbody, making tools and weapons that are extremelysharp, allowing him to cut through almost anything.This also enables him to regenerate his own bodyfrom any damage received. He can also firediamond shards as projectile weapons. Not onlythat, but his body can also reflect weapons thatdeal with light and beam. As he is the mostrecognized alien to be strongest in defense, theonly disadvantage is that like any other crystalknown today, sonic weapons can shatter his crystalbody.Diamondhead is a Petrosapien from the planet ofPetropia.
  10. 10. Ripjaws is an extraordinary swimmer. Like mostother aquatic creatures, he can breatheunderwater. He has a very large tail with fins thatallow him to swim at incredible speeds. He hassharp claws, and his large, powerful jaws can beused to deliver a painful bite. Ripjaws can alsotravel on land, though only for a short time,otherwise hell dehydrate. Ripjaws may bepowerful, but he is the least used due to hisspecialized nature. He may not be as powerful onland, but he gives Ben the ability to combat in timeswhere he must be in a water environment.Ripjaws is a Piscciss from the planet of PisccissVolanns.
  11. 11. Standing at a mere five inches tall, Grey Mattercomes from the small, yet intelligent Galvan raceof the planet of Galvan Prime. His heightenedintelligence enables him to fix and/or tweak witheven the most complex machinery. His intelligentmind is of great benefit, and his small body canenable him to enter small areas and make himharder to spot. Unfortunately, his tiny body isextremely vulnerable to outside danger, makinghim not capable for combat. However, Ben canuse Grey Matter to disable enemy technologywithin them.Grey Matter is a Galvan from the planet of GalvanPrime.
  12. 12. XLR8 is from the lizard-like alien race of the planetKinet, and he is known to have lightning-quickreflexes and the ability to reach speeds of over500 MPH. His speed mainly comes frommanipulating friction and momentum, allowing himto run over almost any surface, including non-solidand slanted ones. His hands are modified to beused as slicers, enabling him to cut through things.XLR8 may be weaker than the other alien forms,but his speed makes up for it. XLR8 has trouble inthe presence of strong magnetic fields, as theycan disrupt his sensitive nervous system.XLR8 is a Kineceleran from the planet of Kinet.
  13. 13. Wildmutt is from an alien race called theVulpimancers, and their superhuman athleticability with heightened senses of smell, hearing,and taste gives them an extra boost in sensorycombat. He has no eyes to directly see hisenemies, though his sense of smell makes upfor it. Unlike the other alien forms, Wildmutt isthe only one that cannot communicate verbally,but he can grunt, growl, and make noises. Therazor-sharp quills on his back can be used asprojectile weapons, and they can be fired withaccuracy.Wildmutt is a Vulpimancer from the planet ofVulpin.
  14. 14. OTHER ALIENS