HR 2.0                         White paper

                     Executive Summary

                     More than millia...
alarms through RSS flows, information’s websites or leading blogs, and he
                      goes on the w...
Now is the time to embrace the 2.0 use

                    The Web 2.0 is therefore a colossal exogenous phenomenon that ...
How to make it happen ?

The HR Direction’s have a very important role to play to define guidelines,
processes, actors, cu...
The HR processes mutations

                     2.0 uses are particularly useful to modernize talent management processes...
In a 2.0 enterprise employee completes and updates his profile, joins
                      communities, and builds step b...
Put some 2.0 in the HR processes
                            We mapped out a lot of HR processes that can be improved thro...
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HR 2 0, Talent Management 2.0 by Talentys


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HR 2 0, Talent Management 2.0 by Talentys

  1. 1. HR 2.0 White paper Executive Summary More than milliard internet users in the world… The internet still continues to propagate and is becoming part of our everyday life. Moreover, it’s already growing into a worldwide interaction space where the internet user is an actor and a co-producer. The You certainly already heard about Wiki, RSS, Tag, Blog, Enterprise 2.0, social expression networking... but what exactly does it mean for HR function and for your Web 2.0 was company? used the first time 2004 by Our white paper aim is to help you to answer to all these questions, and this Tim O’Reilly. synthesis will give you an overview. The new internet generation : the Web 2.0 From the letter to the telegram, then from the fax to the email, and now from the email to the chat and the virtual worlds so much ground has been covered in less than hundred years! It is becoming easier to communicate, to get informed and to share everything, everywhere, with everyone and at any time. The world may become unexciting again. In France for example, 60% of the households own a personal computer Facebook Users with an internet access and most often a high speed connection. Most visited websites are web 2.0 sites. In Europe, 49% of the population use webmail, and 200 millions people have a Facebook profile, while they where 50 millions in 2007. Last August, a hundred million blogs have been counted. The Web 2.0 is concerning everybody. Further than these 2.0 sites, other new purposes change the common everyday use for millions of web surfer. Generation Y People born In the past, a person would have called a friend to ask him about the quality between 1978 of a product. Today, the same person would search comments of other and 1994, consumers in a dedicated notation website. This expression was invented 1993 by the Yesterday, an internet user would have sent his photos by email. Today, he magazine shares them using Flickr with his friends or with the casual visitors of his Advertising Age. blog. Yesterday, he would have consulted the main official websites of mass Medias to get informed. Today, he is automatically informed by messages or Talentys © 2009 / 1
  2. 2. alarms through RSS flows, information’s websites or leading blogs, and he Expenses goes on the websites only if the information seams relevant to him. allocated to the 2.0 technologies by the Yesterday, he would have sough for a new job sending his resume by email. companies Today, he develops his e-reputation and he can have new contact thanks to 9% Peer to Peer social networking. 13% Social Networking Yesterday, he could access to the internet only at home. Today, he could 14% Podcast 15% RSS have access everywhere using the 3G connection on his mini PC or on his 5% Mashups Smartphone. 28% Webservices 16% Wiki The 2.0 web surfer is also a worker. He brings his tools, his accessories and his new habits on his workplace. Do you think he wouldn’t like to find and use 2.0 at work? When the company is impacted by the Web 2.0 “Enterprise 2.0 is the use of emergent social In opposition of the first internet generation, the Web 2.0 comes from the software platforms users themselves and not from IT specialist or enterprise. That’s why it is not within companies, or between very surprising that users develop little by litle the 2.0 uses in their companies and companies. their partners or That is why, it is important to anticipate impacts and that they would not be customers.” overtaken or miss a new trend. Andrew McAfee, May 2008 Our work habits are changing: the work 2.0 Working means share information, expressing opinions, discussing and building documents. New working tools such as Wiki, flows, RSS or collaborative work platforms enable to facilitate and to push forward the interaction between the talents. Being 2.0 at work means collaborating and co-producing : steadily, multitasking, at any time, from anywhere and with everyone into the enterprise. Workplaces are becoming mobile, personalized, adapted to the 2.0 workers’ generation. Our organizations are evolving: the Organization 2.0 The ways to work with the Web 2.0 intensify informal and collaborative relationships between members of the organization, bearing the wirearchy. “When the hierarchical The standard of management must evolve to come up expectations and organization from maintain the organizational efficiency. Taylor merges with today’s wired This redistributing the strengths and supporting the transparency belong to world, it becomes the new deal that the managers have to take into consideration. wirearchy” Jon Husband At last, the ecosystem of the enterprise changed. This new ecosystem is based on a network with its customers, suppliers, and partners. Each person becomes stronger, teams and projects become more nimble, but the organization also become more confused and complicated. Talentys © 2009 / 2
  3. 3. Now is the time to embrace the 2.0 use The Web 2.0 is therefore a colossal exogenous phenomenon that mostly comes in the enterprise as an imposed must. It would be far comfortable and efficient for the companies to take the initiative and to supervise the movement, especially because ROI of 2.0 uses are really important: • Very high costs killing The enterprise • Development of internal and external collaboration 2.0 is more a • Increase of innovation and creativity frame of mind • than product. Capitalization of competencies and knowledge Dion Hinchcliffe More than an The development of 2.0’s uses in the enterprise is based on a dynamic uniform culture, progress method. It is possible to profit more from the new technologies the 2.0 is a way than the competitors, to carry out successfully integration of the Y of acting based on real values: generation (friendly 2.0 users), and also to get out sooner and not too badly Confidence placed of the current crisis. For all these reasons, it is not surprising that a Recognition lot of enterprises are now testing and deploying 2.0’s uses. Transparence The HR Direction as leading role for 2.0 transformation Goals of a 2.0 transformation are not only based on the diffusion of 2.0 tools, HR leaders have to help the enterprise to reach his targets by innovating and caring out better and more cheaply strategy and key processes of the enterprise. How important these targets may be? They must be completed by two other objectives to assess properly targeted change: Entreprise 2.0 • and high Develop the Talent Capital in the organization. • numbers Develop the enterprise culture SupportCentral is the collaborating environment of In conclusion goals of a 2.0 transformation are very significant for HR General Electric: Department. The specificity of 2.0 uses is based on the interactions between 20 languages, Talents. That’s why implicating people in charge of recruitment and 400 000 users development is essential for HR leaders. 25 millions connections each day, 50 000 communities with more than 100 000 experts abble to answer and handle information, 30 000 external members. Talentys © 2009 / 3
  4. 4. How to make it happen ? The HR Direction’s have a very important role to play to define guidelines, processes, actors, cultures and systems... Moreover, HR Direction can increase 2.0 organization’s appropriation, to increase the probability of reaping benefits of it. To become 2.0, a company needs the whole enterprise to be more dynamic in terms of change management, with specificities linked to the practices themselves and to their impacts. To proceed successfully, Talentys has already identified four main components, based on the SI2C method. Firstly, the Sense gives an orientation to the transfer into an enterprise 2.0 and motivates the actors. Secondly, the Interactions put the 2.0 use in action. Thirdly, the Confidence creates favourable conditions and lastly, the Contents feed them until they turn into tangible results. The solution is in the specific way to do in each enterprise, and in the actions completed - particularly but not only - by the HR Direction to orientate / stimulate, promote / give values, coordinate/capitalize. The HR Direction will also have to support the transformation of the management and the creation of new jobs like the community management. Finally, managing the transfer into a 2.0 enterprise corresponds to expand the appropriation of 2.0 uses acting on these four considerations and producing a Return on Investment for the enterprise and the activists. Talentys © 2009 / 4
  5. 5. The HR processes mutations 2.0 uses are particularly useful to modernize talent management processes in the enterprise. The most important is to reach positive impacts on the Talent capital in order to give to the talent management a new wind, because a new HR generation is on the market. HR 2.0 in action: HR processes HR Goals and Benefits 2.0 Tools - know the public opinion - Social Bookmarking Auchan’s virtual - build a positive employer - RSS flows Global HR coaching for reputation - Forums & external candidates - Identify and deal with crisis Blogs situations - External online Survey Magellan, the -… internal blog of «« the Club Med HR - communicate with potential or - Contents generated by Direction future candidates the employees - Find the best talents, including themselves Recruitment Inside-Air France, those already working - Groups, job proposals, a 2.0 for - Maintain the contact with the looking up in external recruitment and candidates social networks - Virtual world jobs. platforms - E-Cooptation L’Oreal’s virtual -… campus for training and its - Decrease the turnover during - Internal community community portal the first months - Mentoring through Integration - Boost the competencies instant messaging, … for trainees and acquisition - Internal Blogs of apprentices “reference” employees MySFR, the internal social - Reduce the time spent at - communities of network of the acquiring knowledges and practices mobile operator. reinforcing the competencies - Virtual campus or Training - Reduce the time spent at learning communities “Fed up to be training and the training costs … -… passive” The minimovie on - Rate for the best the - Interesting profiles Mobility by performance so to identify the from the internal Detection & Arcelor Mittal possible improvements communities Evaluation - Identify the experts and the key - 360° open employees, … - E-Reputation Everyone can - Thank you Money participate to the 360° Evaluations Better detect the talents in the - Social networks with - Internal mobility by HCL enterprise high profiles Facilitate the mobility of the - Entity managers’ blogs - talents - E-Cooptation Develop the feeling of belonging - corporate and - Internal and the willing to join the executive Blogs … communication strategy, - Enterprise social Facilitate the possibility to Networking - spread useful information to - Social Bookmarking and between the employees. - RSS flows - Internal survey - Chat (texts, videos…) Talentys © 2009 / 5
  6. 6. In a 2.0 enterprise employee completes and updates his profile, joins communities, and builds step by step his own network, working on his e- reputation and internal employability. He wants to be recognized, to have flexible working hours and an individual development plan which is corresponding to him and makes him feel able to come to grips with. “The enterprise 2.0 is a talented organization. It reveals, mobilizes, develops and recognizes its talents, thanks and through the 2.0 tools and practices, making it possible to By this way, personal experiences of the Talents with HR function are innovate more, carry out better changing and it is a really good deal for both of them. HR processes change, the processes and work change, the organization is growing up. The relationship between the the strategy... and employee and the employer is changing. It is an opportunity to fulfil the to increase the willing to work expectation of talents belonging to the Generation Y. together.” David Guillocheau Growing up to a HR Direction 2.0 The HR processes won’t be adaptable to the Web 2.0 without any action, and people in charge of the HR management are very important in this transformation. It is essential for the HR function to consider with attention its own future, all the more so as the Web 2.0 is a unique opportunity to improve its position and its values’ scheme in the enterprise. Appropriating the 2.0 use In this organizational transformation, HR Directors and their teams play an important and “risky” role. Even if it is not mandatory to be an expert at using the Web 2.0, it is a must to discover its use and to discuss about the linked consequences, in order to give an orientation and to steer the deployment of the 2.0 use. Collective and individual workshops will help to give a sense, to promote the interactions and confidence and to stimulate the content’s production within the HR Direction. Initialize HR practice communities A HR community is an excellent way to deploy the 2.0 use within a bigger round of HR actors. And there are many subjects: recruitment, diversity, HR 2.0, annual appraisal, high potential management… Many themes will enable to associate other HR processes’ actors, as the managers for example. Talentys © 2009 / 6
  7. 7. Put some 2.0 in the HR processes We mapped out a lot of HR processes that can be improved through the 2.0 use. You can identify the most interesting progress’ opportunities and go quickly ahead to a test phase bringing together a team of internal HRIS clients. In a first step, it is possible to make a dummy run of HR processes 2.0 that meet the needs and the scope defined. In a second step, the attempt can be tested in well-chosen pilot projects and finally applied globally. Evolve the HRIS The HRIS will evolve with Wikis, Blogs, social networks and other technologies 2.0, so to meet the requirement of the HR services. By establishing a unique and customized HR portal, the HRIS will become perceptively more efficient and user-friendly. There are a lot of possible technological solutions. In fact, further than the solutions created for the enterprise 2.0 (E.g. BlueKiwi, Confluence …), the solutions adapted to the talent management are evolving through new 2.0 functionalities like Taleo and the coming Oracle PeopleSoft 9.1. To begin, we advise to realize a participative 2.0 HR diagnostic. A workshop with all key actors will enable to improve the existing knowledge level of the 2.0 use. During this workshop, the goals and appropriated 2.0 processes will be defined, and an action plan will be built, based on the SI2C method. In brief, everything will be done to make it possible as it should be, and to begin quickly in good conditions. You are waiting for the White Book and want to be aware in the meantime? Taking part to the Talentys HR 2.0 web-seminars is free (time slot: 11.00 -12.00 in French, Paris Time) st April 21 : 7 Web 2.0 innovations to transform the enterprise th May 5 : 7 ways to make an organization more talented th May 19 : 7 candidates’ strengths that change the recruitment nd June 2 : 7 HR 2.0 processes that change the HR usual practices To meet us, and to share about your th projects, contact June 16 : 7 proposals to enrich your HRIS th June 30 : 7 best practices to make the HR service to the lead of the David Guillocheau, Managing Director Enterprise 2.0 transformation th July 7 : 7 examples of the HR 2.0 use in companies To subscribe to the web-seminars, send an email to Share your experiences with other HR managers and HRIS within the HR 2.0 group on Talentys © 2009 / 7