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Short Overview of Web Analytics and a few other things.

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Web analytics & more

  1. 1. Web Analytics & More <br />Daniel Gudema – FAU, April 6, 2011<br />
  2. 2. What I Am Covering Tonight<br />The Future<br />MarketingExperiments!<br />Internet BusinessModels<br />Cool Stuff<br />Web Lexicon Game<br />Take It National<br />The End<br />About Me <br />(Or How Did I Get Here?) <br />Web Analytics 101<br />Googe Analytics<br />Web Analytics Lexicon<br />Web Data Collection<br />Conversion Funnels<br />Accuracy Issues<br />Trends<br />Spam<br />
  3. 3. About Me<br />Originally Engineer at Bell Atlantic Mobile. <br />I was once a cellular traffic engineer.<br />In 1999, went to work for abc distributing. (dot com)<br />Website grew to 1 million visitors, 25K orders a day.<br />Worked with Hitbox, Coremetrics, Omniture, Google<br />In 2001 cofounded Pre-Dating.com.<br />Became largest Speed Dating business in the US and sold it.<br />In 2006 went to work for Verio/NTT (the Japanese)<br />In 2010 founded Take It National Inc.<br />MBA from FAU in 2006. Won biz plan contest in 2004.<br />Currently An FAU biz plan Judge (2010 and 2011)<br />
  4. 4. Dumb Executives & Missed Opportunities<br />Web Analytics reminds me of a typewriter.<br />Long ago execs said they did need to type. <br />Now it’s part of the job, 24 by 7.<br />Lots of Execs I’ve met don’t care about data…<br />They do this at their own peril.<br />My estimate of web analytics used: 95% installed. <br />I would say 3% use web analytics, at least effectively.<br />Richard J. Lynch III& The Phone Company<br />Data Is Everything!<br />
  5. 5. Web Analytics 101<br />What Are Web Analytics?<br />Data: Visitors, Pages, Conversions, Funnels, Goals, etc…<br />Where users go and what they do on a website.<br />Why Is It Important Or Can Be Important?<br />Just saying it this, because it may not be…<br />Who Uses Analytics?<br />We will get into the why; Not the how!<br />
  6. 6. What Google Analytics Looks LIke<br />
  7. 7. What Is Google Analytics?<br />A Free Web Traffic Analysis Program<br />What Does That Mean?<br />Who Here Is Currently Using Google Analytics!<br />Uses Google Tracking Code.<br />Login using your google/gmail address<br />Relatively Easy To Use<br />Nice Stats, Graphics, Charts, Maps And More<br />Not Supported Yet On Iphone/Ipad, but just wait…<br />A POWERHOUSE TOOL<br />If Used Properly!<br />How To Login<br />Just Be Logged Into Google/Gmail<br />http://www.google.com/analytics/<br />Do You Want A Demo? It Will BE VERY BORING!<br />
  8. 8. Web Analytics Lexicon<br />Funnels<br />Search Terms<br />Orders<br />Transactions<br />SEO<br />PPC<br />Landing Page<br />Goals<br />Benchmarking<br />Intelligence<br />Hits (Old Term)<br />Uniques<br />Visits<br />Page Views<br />Clicks<br />Conversion<br />Time On Site<br />Bounce Rate<br />Exits<br />
  9. 9. Web Data Collection<br />Log Collection (log file) Pre 1999.<br />Page Collection (Google Analytics)<br />Cookie Based Data<br />Sampling Sites<br />Compete.com, Quantcast.com, Alexa.com.<br />Anonymous/Meta Collection<br />Profiling<br />Segmenting<br />Personalities (Huh?)<br />
  10. 10. And Did You Know…<br /><ul><li>Web Analytics Uses The Drinking Method To Determine Ways People Convert On Websites:</li></li></ul><li>4 Conversion Funnel Glasses<br />Margarita Glass<br />Martini Glass<br />Visitors Are Going Past The Home Page But Not Putting Stuff In Their Shopping Cart! Review Products Pages<br />People Are Visiting The Web Site, But Only The Home Page.Review Home Page Content<br />Beer Glass/High Top <br />Wine Glass<br />Visitors Are Shopping & Converting WellYou Are Using Web Analytics Wisely<br />Website Visitors Put Stuff In Shopping Cart, But Not Converting!Review Checkout Process<br />This Content Was Borrowed From Jim Stern, My Web Analytics Mentor!<br />
  11. 11. Accuracy<br />These Are The Issues<br />People Turn Cookies Off<br />Third Party/First Party Cookie Issues<br />People Turn Javascript Off<br />Broken Javascript<br />Some Mobile Phones Not Supporting Javascript<br />Anonymizers<br />Anonymous Surfing (The Big One!)<br />Data Is Not What They Used To Be<br />Cellphones And Ipads<br />Allowing Too Many Includes .<br />So a 10% Error Rate Is Excellent.<br />But Is Accuracy beyond that Important…<br />For Most of Us No, it really is not import.<br />Web analytics is about trends not anal retentivity.<br />Don’t Seat the small stuff, Really!<br />
  12. 12. Cool Google Web Analytics Trends<br />Mapping/Geography Based Statistics<br />More Visualization (Funnels, etc.)<br />Mobile Phone/Iphone Tracking in stats<br />Daily, Weekly, Monthly Alerts<br />Customized Report (Even Google Analytics)<br />Segmentation Based Reporting<br />Integration With Adwords & A/B Testing<br />In Page Analytics<br />Intelligence (What Is That?)<br />
  13. 13. And Now For Something Completely Different<br />
  14. 14. Who Knows What Is Real Now?<br />Spam/Spamming Now Means More Than Just Annoying Emails.<br />They are like a virus going airborne.<br />Anybody Know What A CAPTCHA Is?<br />That annoying box with letters and numbers you have to enter when signing onto websites.<br />Spiders, Bots And Human Bots<br />
  15. 15. The Future Of Analytics<br />I Always Speculate…<br />Things I Think Will Be Offered In Future<br />More Behavioral Analytics And Segmentation<br />Telling Google a person is tall, blonde and single.<br />Interactive Analytics<br />Instantly usable data for Google customers<br />Advanced Graphics<br />I can see better, interactive graphics.<br />Overall I think Google has hit 90% of what is needed and probably will not increase features too much…<br />
  16. 16. How To Make A Good Website Great!<br />Don’t Make Me Think!<br />The Marketing Experiments Formula:<br />C = 4M + 3V + 2(I-F) – 2A<br />C = Probability of conversion<br />M = Motivation of the User<br />V= Clarity of value proposition<br />I = Incentive<br />F = Friction<br />A = Anxiety<br />
  17. 17. Let Me Educate You On Internet Business Models<br />A Lot Of People Ask Me About Starting Internet Business. These Are The Models:<br />Monthly Membership – The Best<br />B2B Saas Technology - Excellent<br />Lead Generation - Good<br />Product/Service Sale – Good<br />Commission/Exchange – Decent<br />Sponsorship - Weak<br />Advertising – Just Forget About It!<br />Non Profit – Why Don’t You Just Get A Job!<br />Notice A Pattern…And Choose Wisely!<br />Monthly Recurring Revenue, Web Based Services<br />
  18. 18. Cool Web Stuff You Should Know About!<br />Alexa.com<br />Compete.com<br />Quantcast.com<br />Magenta<br />Drupal<br />Joomla<br />BeanStalk SVN<br />InfusionSoft<br />Constant Contact<br />Evernote.com<br />FourSquare.com<br />Dropbox.com<br />WeTransfer.com<br />Basecamp<br />Google Documents<br />Skype<br />WordPress<br />SpeakEasy.net<br />
  19. 19. Play The Web Lexicon Game<br />
  20. 20. Take It National (My Plug)<br />Take It National<br />National Event Franchise Platform<br />Takes You National<br />Comes From Our Speed Dating Business<br />WordPress Compatible<br />Currently In Beta <br />Though We Have Real, Paying Customers.<br />I’ll Give You A Demo<br />http://www.takeitnational.com<br />
  21. 21. Anything Else?<br />Let me know if you have any questions<br />Or If there is something I did not cover you wanted me to tonight.<br />My Email: dgudema@gmail.com<br />My Blog http://www.strategicpoints.com/<br />My Twitter: http://twitter.com/dgudema<br />My Startup: http://www.takeitnational.com<br />