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Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
February 2, 2017
Introduction of District’s Project Team
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
Gilles Stucker, DMPED Senior Project...
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
• Project Status Update
Brief Presentations
• Stabilization and Resto...
Rules of the Road
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
Welcome! Thank you for your participation.  
• Hol...
Project Status Update
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
Stabilization and Restoration Scope
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
Elevating the Quality of Life in the Dis...
Sand Bins
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
10 Sand Bins in each...
Sand Washer
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
5 Sand Washers in ...
Regulator House
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
2 Regulator Ho...
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
General Contractor
Gilbane Bui...
Gilbane’s Washington D.C. Project Experience
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
Elevating the Quality of Life i...
Gilbane’s Washington D.C. Project Experience
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
Elevating the Quality of Life i...
Gilbane’s CBE and First Source Statistics for D.C. Projects
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
Elevating the Qu...
Construction Mitigation
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
• Work...
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
Overview of DOES Programs and ...
Business Services Group (BSG) ‐ Program 
• Identify and promote employment opportunities by 
establishing partners...
General Business Support
• Washington DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP)
• DC Chamber of Commerce
Regional Business Support
Employer Incentives
• Empowerment Zone Employment Credit
– Wage Credit up to $3,000 per eligible employee 
both full‐time ...
Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)
• Federal tax credit available to employers hiring 
individuals from eligible target gr...
Breakout Sessions
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
15 Minutes P...
McMillan Construction Project Next Steps
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
Elevating the Quality of Life in th...
Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
• DGS McMillan Project Website
• Jackie St...
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McMillan Stabilization & Restoration Community Update Meeting (February 2, 2017)


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McMillan Stabilization & Restoration Community Update Meeting (February 2, 2017)

  1. 1. Elevating the Quality of Life in the District MCMILLAN  STABILIZATION AND RESTORATION February 2, 2017
  2. 2. Introduction of District’s Project Team Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Gilles Stucker, DMPED Senior Project Manager Darnetta Tyus, DMPED Community Outreach Manager Hares Sayed, DGS Senior Project Manager Gareth Thomas, DGS Project Manager Jackie Stanley, DGS Community Outreach Coordinator Brent Sisco, DPR Project Manager Joseph Taylor, DOES Program Analyst Alex Underwood, DOES Compliance Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
  3. 3. Agenda Elevating the Quality of Life in the District • Project Status Update Brief Presentations • Stabilization and Restoration Scope (DGS) • General Contractor Introduction (Gilbane) • Department of Employment Services (DOES) • Breakout Sessions  • Community Report Out from the Breakout Sessions • McMillan Construction Project Next Steps Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
  4. 4. Rules of the Road Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Welcome! Thank you for your participation.   Please: • Hold all questions until the breakout sessions • Sign‐In to be added to our community engagement list serve Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
  5. 5. Project Status Update Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Stabilization and Restoration Work Commencing Entitlement Update
  6. 6. Stabilization and Restoration Scope Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Elevating the Quality of Life in the District • Where? ‐ North and South Service Courts • What? ‐ Historic Assets (Sand Bins, Sand Washers, Regulator Houses) • Why? – Preserve the Historic Assets
  7. 7. Sand Bins Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Elevating the Quality of Life in the District 10 Sand Bins in each Service Court – 20 Total • Remove All Vegetation • Structural Improvement
  8. 8. Sand Washer Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Elevating the Quality of Life in the District 5 Sand Washers in each Service Court – 10 Total • Remove All Vegetation • Structural Improvement
  9. 9. Regulator House Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Elevating the Quality of Life in the District 2 Regulator Houses in each Service Court – 4 Total • Remove All Vegetation • Structural Improvements  • Repair of Roof Tiles, Windows, Doors, and Brickwork
  10. 10. Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Elevating the Quality of Life in the District General Contractor Gilbane Building Company Architect Quinn Evans Architects Structural Engineer Thornton Tomasetti Design‐Build Team Introduction and Project Experience
  11. 11. Gilbane’s Washington D.C. Project Experience Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Dunbar High School Description: New Construction Construction Value: $113.8M Duration: 12/2011 ‐ 05/2014 (~30 months) Roosevelt High School Description: Renovation & Addition Construction Value: $124.9M Duration: 1/2014 ‐ 12/2015 (~24 months)
  12. 12. Gilbane’s Washington D.C. Project Experience Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Ron Brown High School Description: Renovation Construction Value: $56M Duration: 1/2016 – Present (Ongoing) St. Elizabeth Hospital Description: New Construction Construction Value: $170M Duration: 12/2006‐02/2012 (~72 Months)
  13. 13. Gilbane’s CBE and First Source Statistics for D.C. Projects Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Commitment to  Local Business and  DC Resident  Workforce
  14. 14. Construction Mitigation Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Elevating the Quality of Life in the District • Working Hours:   Mon ‐ Sat 7am – 7PM • Traffic Routes & Site Access • Onsite Construction Vehicle Parking • Noise Control  • Dust Control & Cleanliness • Site Security
  15. 15. Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Overview of DOES Programs and Services
  16. 16. Business Services Group (BSG) ‐ Program  Analyst • Identify and promote employment opportunities by  establishing partnerships with business stakeholders in  the District of Columbia. • Integrate employer recruitment with American Job  Center Employment Opportunity Specialist Team. • Promote DC Networks registration with employers and  job seekers for recruitment hiring activities. • Introduce DOES employer support services at strategic  planning sessions. • Conduct Competency Based pre‐screening assessments  for qualified job seekers. • Offer employers local and federally funded tax  incentives, bond insurance and pre‐employment  training programs.
  17. 17. General Business Support • Washington DC Economic Partnership (WDCEP) • DC Chamber of Commerce Regional Business Support • Maryland Employment Office • Arlington County Employment Center • Alexandria Employment and Training Center District of Columbia Government Agencies • Office of African Affairs • Office of Latino Affairs (OLA) • Office of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Affairs • Department of Human Services (DHS) • DC Public School System (DCPS) • Department of Transportation (DDOT) • Office of the Mayor (DC Main Streets (DSLBD reStore DC) • Department of Small & Local Business Development • Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) • Office of Planning • Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning & Economic Development • DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) • DC Office of Human Resources (DCHR) • DC Office on Asian & Pacific Islander Affairs Neighborhood/Community/Faith Based Organizations • North Capitol Collaborative • Community Development Corporations (CDC’s) • Business Improvement Districts (BIDS’s) • Goodwill of Greater Washington • United Planning Organization (UPO) • CSOSA • Anacostia Waterfront Initiative • Workforce Organization for Regional Collaboration (WORC) • Greater Washington Urban League • Latin American Youth Center • Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANC’s) • Amerigroup • The Brookland Manor Employment Services /The Young Adults Corp of Washington, DC The BSG works to cultivate and sustain  partnerships with community service  agencies to provide employment related  services to District residents. Community Partners
  18. 18. Employer Incentives • Empowerment Zone Employment Credit – Wage Credit up to $3,000 per eligible employee  both full‐time & part‐time – Total credit amount is 20% of the first $15,000 of  wages paid to the employee – Credit is renewable each year as long as employee  lives in Empowerment Zone and works at least 90  days during the year in which the credit is  claimed. – Empowerment Zone Employment Credit is  claimed on company’s federal tax return (Form  8844)
  19. 19. Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) • Federal tax credit available to employers hiring  individuals from eligible target groups. • Who is Eligible? • Veterans • TANF Recipients • SNAP (food stamp) Recipients • Designated Community Residents • Vocational Rehabilitation Referral • Ex‐Felons • Supplemental Security (SSI) Recipients • Summer Youth Employees
  20. 20. Breakout Sessions Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Elevating the Quality of Life in the District 15 Minutes Per Round ROUND 1 Group 1 – Gilbane/DGS – Construction Questions Group 2 – DOES – Employment Questions ROUND 2 Group 1 – DOES – Employment Questions Group 2 – Gilbane/DGS – Construction Questions
  21. 21. McMillan Construction Project Next Steps Elevating the Quality of Life in the District Elevating the Quality of Life in the District
  22. 22. Elevating the Quality of Life in the District • DGS McMillan Project Website • Jackie Stanley, DGS Community Outreach Coordinator Additional Information