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RWSN & Dgroups


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Presentation by Sean Furey (RWSN) at the Dgroups Peer Exchange - 15 November 2012

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RWSN & Dgroups

  1. 1. Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) & Dgroups Sean Furey Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN) Secretariat Skat Foundation Dgroups Online Peer Exchange 15 November 2012 Secretariat hosted by Skat Foundation Phone: +41 (0)71 228 54 54 Vadianstrasse 42 Fax: +41 (0) 71 228 54 55 9000 St. Gallen, Switzerland E-mail: ruralwater@skat.ch1 Rural Water Supply Network
  2. 2. What is ?• Established in 1992 as the Handpump Technology Network• Over 2,400 members in 94 countries• Four themes: – Sustainable Groundwater Development – Equity and Inclusion – Management and Support – Accelerating Self Supply Rural Water Supply Network
  3. 3. Who we are RWSN Partners Rural Water Supply Network3
  4. 4. 1.Why did we choose Dgroups?• We needed a self-managing membership database• We needed a mechanism to distribute our quarterly newsletter• We wanted to develop greater interaction and discussion between RWSN members• Accessible to those with limited/low-bandwith internet Rural Water Supply Network
  5. 5. 2. What the Dgroups does• Structured e-discussions: – Human Right to Water & Sanitation (April 2012) – Cost Effective Boreholes (Sep/Oct 2012) – Accelerating Self Supply (Nov 2012) – Management & Support (Dec 2012)• Ad hoc discussions – Water point mapping and mobile phone technology• Technical queries – Knowledge sharing between members on technical topics like solar water pumping or manual drilling Rural Water Supply Network
  6. 6. Rural Water Supply Network Online Map 2,429 members (9 Nov 2012) RWSN RWSN RWSN website dgroups dgroups sub (to link to above by end o Membership database communities of 2012) o Hub o Newsletter Distribution o E-discussions o Official announcements o Secretariat o Member discussions and o Online Library/Resource Area announcements sharing o Member-led technical query response 394 346 followers members (9 Nov 2012) (9 Nov 2012) RWSN blog RWSN LinkedIn RWSN twitter @thewatercyclist (unofficial) o Member opinion pieces o Raising profile among o Directing traffic to RWSN sites o Raising awareness of professionals o Real-time event reporting topics, e-discussions or o Directing traffic to RWSN sites o Building links to new partners new RWSN publications o Rural water supply discussions and strengthening links to and sharing existing partners RWSN facebook Rural Water Supply Network (low priority) 16 likes 2012) (9 Nov
  7. 7. 3. How is the Group managed• Managed by Secretariat at Skat• Moderated by Theme Co- ordinators• English is dominant, but aiming to become more bilingual (En/Fr) - challenging Rural Water Supply Network
  8. 8. 4. Reflections• Because members have opted- in to dgroups we know they are there and active.• E-discussions have created tangible outputs and strengthened relationships• Our challenge is to manage and disseminate knowledge with active practitioners Rural Water Supply Network
  9. 9. 5. Take away message/ the 1 lesson learntThanks to Dgroups, the Networkinghas been put into Rural Water Supply Network Rural Water Supply Network
  10. 10. 6.One question you have for others• How do we make interactions more multi- lingual? Rural Water Supply Network