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FARA & Dgroups


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Presentation by Myra Wopereis (FARA) at the Dgroups Peer Exchange - 15 November 2012

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FARA & Dgroups

  1. 1. Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa Dgroups at FARA by Myra Wopereis Director of Knowledge and Technologies, FARA 2012 Dgroups Annual Meeting 15 Nov 2012
  2. 2. Outline• Purpose of dgroups• Current status• Benefits• Challenges• Conclusion
  3. 3. Purpose of dgroupsTool to assist FARA: – as a forum to reach out (virtually) to diverse members across the world – to communicate and manage platforms across the continent
  4. 4. Current status• Members – 2528 from 102 countries – Skills improving in use of dgroups (including ethics)• sub communities : 50
  5. 5. Benefits• Provides continuous link with constituents in between the FARA Science week held every 3 years• Empowers non-research stakeholders to engage in discussions on Africa’s agriculture research, extension, education initiatives.• Advocacy and dissemination tool• Focused discussions and management of platforms
  6. 6. Challenges• Management – maintaining dynamic subcommunities and catalyzing discussions – managing diverse skills and interests of members – harnessing access to member details/profile• Clear advantage compared to other tools i.e. social media tools (ning, linkedin, etc.)• Members – understanding purpose of dgroups – managing their own accounts – following threads of discussions
  7. 7. Conclusion• Clear benefits of dgroups to FARA• Strengthen its use within the communications strategy including social media strategy of FARA• Rationalizing the subcommunities, members’ list• Assessment of effective of dgroups for FARA• Need for comprehensive strategy and plan to manage FARA dgroups (dedicated staff to manage dgroups)
  8. 8. Key questions• Monitoring and evaluation of dgroups• Member’s database analysis, use, exporting to other programs• Management of main community vs. subcommunity vs. subsubcommunity – flow of information – automatic membership
  9. 9. Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa Thank you Visit us at: