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Dgroups Partners Meeting 2016


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Presentation by Neil Pakenham-Walsh (Chair, Dgroups Foundation) at the 2016 Dgroups Partners Meeting - hosted by IDS, Brighton, on 14 September 2016.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Dgroups Partners Meeting 2016

  1. 1. Dgroups Partners Meeting 2016 Hosted at IDS, Brighton -14 September 2016
  2. 2. Outline/overview Introduction to Dgroups Progress on Action Plan 2016 Discussion
  3. 3. An introduction to Dgroups Dgroups Partners Meeting 14 September 2016 Neil Pakenham-Walsh (Chair, Dgroups Foundation)
  4. 4. Dgroups is... 1. A partnership of development organisations, striving for international development and social justice 2. A web based platform, with email at the core and as killer app 3. A global public good, inclusive and free to individual users, hosting discussion groups on international development
  5. 5. Dgroups Partnership Dgroups Foundation - established in 2010 in the Netherlands Dgroups Members - 22 development organisations: international, bilateral, think tanks, NGOs, private sector Common vision - e-mail based and low bandwidth platform for maximum inclusion
  6. 6. Dgroups vision: “A world where every person is able to contribute to dialogue and decision-making for international development and social justice”
  7. 7. Dgroups Partnership - Governance and management Dgroups Board - entrusted with the management of the Foundation Participants Council - convened annually at the Annual Meeting of Members, comprises Dgroups Full Partners Euforic Services - contracted for communications and support to the Board
  8. 8. [add members logos]
  9. 9. [add members map]
  10. 10. Dgroups platform - Key data 700+ active communities 150,000+ active users, working in International & intergovernmental organizations Government agencies National and international NGOs ICT- and knowledge focused institutes Interested individuals Professional groups 400,000+ email messages delivered each day
  11. 11. Dgroups platform - Key features Simple, reliable, robust Focus on Email experience Multilingual Flexible and scalable Non commercial Targeted at low bandwidth users in the South Hosted, maintained and developed by WA-Research in Switzerland
  12. 12. Dgroups as global public good Dgroups partners support Dgroups as a global public good - making the platform available and affordable to all stakeholders across the development sector Dgroups hosts a large 'family' of discussion groups related to international development - this is the strength and opportunity of Dgroups
  13. 13. Quick links and references Dgroups foundation website Info and inquiries Technical help and support Functionality improvement:
  14. 14. Progress update 2016 Dgroups Partners Meeting 14 September 2016 Neil Pakenham-Walsh (Chair, Dgroups Foundation)
  15. 15. Dgroups board Adrian Bannister (IDS) Krishan Bheenick (CTA) - Treasurer Hapee de Groot (Ind [prev. Hivos]) Dady Demby (FARA) Sean Furey (RWSN) Saskia Harmsen (Ind [prev. IICD]) Neil Pakenham-Walsh (INASP) - Chair Karima Wardak (UNCDF, observer) Rob Witte (Ind [prev ICCO]) - Secretary Pier Andrea Pirani (comms support)
  16. 16. Work area 1: Strengthening the partnership - Neil Pakenham- Walsh Priorities 1. Launch the Dgroups Directory 2. Create a visual map of Dgroups 3. Consult with Partners/WA- Research on how Dgroups can contribute to the development of Community Cloud Progress 1. Not yet functional (awaiting WA Research) 2. Dependent on above 3. CC is a brand created by WA Research. Dgroups can help promote (and vice versa)
  17. 17. Work area 2: Platform improvements - Saskia Harmsen Priorities 1. Maintain facilitation of 2. Maintain spreadsheet on functionality issues 3. Successfully implement FAO- funded and UNISDR-funded improvements Progress 1. 42 members, ~ 50 discussions over the past 18 months 2. Dgroups Functionality Improvement tracking sheet 3. Done
  18. 18. Functionality improvements – key issues Directory… Search… Public view…
  19. 19. Work area 3: Service reliability - Hapee de Groot Priorities 1. Maintain service reliability at or very near to 100% 2. Get Hapee de Groot trained to provide deputisation in event of emergency Progress 1. Dgroups down 4 times in 2016. Longest downtime = 2 days. Problems with slow distribution, now resolved with new servers. 2. Hapee received training at WA-Research Geneva (and Rome), March 2016. Joe Canda CEO.
  20. 20. Work area 4: Users’ support - Pier Andrea Pirani Priorities 1. Develop one Dgroups educational video with ECDPM Progress 1. On hold a. to be discussed before end of the year b. ECDPM contributing full membership fee for 2016
  21. 21. Work area 5: Engaging current partners - Pier Andrea Pirani Priorities 1. Develop survey and interview series to assess views of Partners with regards to Dgroups and future development of the Partnership 2. Continue to have 1-to-1 conversations with members Progress 1. On hold - seeking inputs from Dgroups partners 2. More frequent communications: a. Face-to-face meetings with FAO, UNISDR, ECDPM; b. 1-to-1 email exchanges with 12 of 16 full members
  22. 22. Work area 6: Marketing & outreach - Dady Demby Priorities 1. Encourage Dgroups Partners to help promote Dgroups 2. Provide support fro Dgroups presentation at a physical conference and at a web conference 3. Prepare a 30-second “microphone pitch” 4. FARA to deliver two Dgroups presentations (Nigeria; Rwanda.) 5. Market Dgroups to French audience Progress 1. 3 Dgroups partners display logo/link 2. January 2016, University of of Cape Coast, Ghana (20 participants) 3. On-hold 4. February 2016, Ibadan, Nigeria: Dgroups presentation at Biomass Web workshop (60 participants); Rwanda: Change in side event program did not allow presentation 5. On-hold
  23. 23. Work area 6: Marketing & outreach (2) Priorities 1. FARA to deliver two Dgroups presentations (Nigeria; Rwanda.) 2. Market Dgroups to French audience Progress 1. February 2016, Ibadan, Nigeria: Dgroups presentation at Biomass Web workshop (60 participants); Rwanda: Change in side event program did not allow presentation 2. On-hold
  24. 24. Work area 7: Governance & admin - Neil Pakenham-Walsh Priorities 1. Seek further opportunities to strengthen the Dgroups Board, including gender and geographical balance. Also: We now have 3 independents (shortly to be 2). Lacking representation from FAO, DFID, SDC, UNISDR. Progress 1. 2016 new Board Members a. Sean Furey, RWSN b. Karima Wardak, UNCDF c. Adrian Bannister, IDS Rob Witte, Hapee de Groot, Neil Pakenham-Walsh reinstated for second term.
  25. 25. Work area 8: Finance - Krishan Bheenick Increased annual membership fee and introduction of Associate Membership in 2014 have improved income. A few Members have also paid in advance. However, several Full Partners have announced going through restructuring in 2015, with possible repercussions on membership in 2016. Efforts to raise income from potential Full Partners, coupled with cost sharing for already identified improvements to the Dgroups platform have been negotiated in 2015, to be implemented in 2016. Engagement of new Full Partners remains a priority.
  26. 26. Work area 9: M&E - Sean Furey Priorities 1. Improve availability and usefulness of Dgroups statistics (overall & individual groups). 2. Develop 3 case studies to demonstrate benefits of Dgroups membership. 3. Share 1 example of a Dgroups user survey and results. Progress 1. Statistics menu function working again. Further discussion needed with Partners/WA-Research on what else would be useful 2. RWSN case complete - needs finalizing and publishing 3. RWSN member survey shared comparing Dgroups favourably to other RWSN online platforms
  27. 27. Email: Website: Twitter: @dgroups