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from Insight...to Innovation...to Action
from Insight...to Innovation...to Action
from Insight...to Innovation...to Action
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GPS Creative Brochure


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GPS Creative brochure offering innovation, strategic planning, branding and creativity training

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GPS Creative Brochure

  1. 1. 1 from Insight... the SCIenCe of to Innovation... Creativity… Scientists have observed to Action creativity’s rhythm, defined its process and described the culture that enables it. We use the science of creativity to help your team: E n g a g i n g yo u r o r g a n i z at i o n i n s t r at E g i c c h a n g E • Avoid taking costly shortcuts and killing potentially pow- erful ideas too soon Battling Inertia • Challenge the assumptions that may be holding you back As a leader, you know an organization must adapt to change. Yet, strategic • Expand thinking into new change requires a process, a structure and engaged stakeholders. Add the energy fertile areas; then focus it to and focus required for daily operations, and it’s clear why an organization becomes achieve your goals anchored to its status quo. …And Change GPS Creative helps organizations win the Battle of Inertia. We are organi- Leadership zational consultants with a unique process and toolkit informed by the Science of once strategic change Creativity and Change Leadership. Our work enables stakeholders to engage in the initiatives are created, proven change leadership methods three key elements of strategic change: InSIGht, InnovAtIon and ACtIon. help get them implemented. We use the science of the Creative Planning Process change leadership to help your team: • Insure that every voice is 2 GATHER Anal Analyze Situations Situat heard and every stakeholder feels engaged 1 Set FACTS Goals • Communicate more ef- IMAGINE fectively and build deeper Think Big g POSSIBILITIES igh Aim High 3 relationships Create 6 IMPLEMENT DEFINE CHALLENGES • Foster group accountability Work Plans IT and gain individual commit- Develop 5 ment Manage It anage Strategies Measure It easure By introducing creativity into DEVELOP your strategic planning process SOLUTIONS 4 you will uncover fresh insights, identify new opportunities, find Determineine innovative solutions and energize ves Initiatives GENERATE IDEAS your organization to action. © 2010 DAnieL S. GreenberGer From Here To There www.gpscreative.com
  2. 2. from Insight...to Innovation...to Action 2 E n g a g i n g y o u r o r g a n i z a t i o n i n s t r a t E g i c c h a n g E WAyS In WhICh We mIGht helP you moving from Knowing to doing to Being leAP the GAPS deliberate, collaborative A good plan is an essential start—it ensures that you know where you’re creativity and change leader- going and how to get there. However, many organizations confuse knowing with ship can be applied to any business challenge; below doing and fail to implement their well-intentioned plans. Our process enables you are some examples of GPS to leap the gap from knowing what to do to doing it by helping you create the engagements: following essential dynamics and structure that will springboard you to action: • Organizational Development • passion and trust • Strategic Planning • Branding and Marketing • enthusiasm for a shared vision • Fundraising and Development • a system of governance, • Sustainability Planning measurements and rewards • ICE™ (Ideal Customer Experience) Design • a continuous improvement process • New/Improved Product in fact, through the process of continuous improvement, strategic change eventu- and Service development ally becomes part of an organization’s DnA, thereby evolving the organization from • New Product/ doing innovation to being innovative. Services naming © 2010 DAnieL S. GreenberGer From Here To There www.gpscreative.com
  3. 3. from Insight...to Innovation...to Action 3 E n g a g i n g y o u r o r g a n i z a t i o n i n s t r a t E g i c c h a n g E dAn GreenBerGer, Chief Innovation officer For 30 years i led a successful career as an ad agency Creative Director. but it wasn’t until 2005, when i began my Master’s studies in the Science of Creativity and Change Leadership that i began to understand the true nature of my own creativity and how to facilitate creativity in others. Today, i enjoy helping teams share knowledge and deliberately apply their creativity to uncover deeper insights and generate fresher thinking. i am energized by new motivations uncovered and momentum generated through our process. And, yes, i still enjoy being a Creative Director now and then, too. dan@gpscreative.com 312-909-7309 Jeff GreenBerGer, Chief Strategy officer i’ve had a rich professional life, starting as a real estate investment lawyer, migrating to a long career at one of the leading global real estate services firms, Jones Lang LaSalle, and more recently as a consultant and entrepreneur. in my work with clients as diverse as Deutsche bank, Chicago Symphony and the british Department of Social Security, i have developed a rational approach to bringing clarity and results to complex problems. However, my “left-brain” approach has been deeply enriched by the introduction of “right-brain” creativity and GPS process and tools. jeff@gpscreative.com 773-540-2247 © 2010 DAnieL S. GreenberGer From Here To There www.gpscreative.com
  4. 4. from Insight...to Innovation...to Action 4 E n g a g i n g y o u r o r g a n i z a t i o n i n s t r a t E g i c c h a n g E What our clients say: “thank you for leading our strategic planning and team-building meetings over the last two days. you provided the perfect bal- ance of process and invaluable insights to make our sessions incredibly productive and, while hard work, also lots of fun! you exemplify being a value added advisor and i am already thinking about how we might utilize your services in the future.” —vice President, real estate, ImS health, Inc. “What an incredible job you did for the Collaboration. i’m sure you sensed the energy, enthusiasm and appreciation of the par- ticipants. also, your turnaround on the work product is terrific.“ —founder, Collaboration for early Childhood Care and education “i cannot tell you how pleased i am with the strategic plan that we generated this weekend and how grateful i am to you for leading us to it. We achieved consensus on our direction, defined the role of the board, and identified the strong leaders of our future…we accomplished everything i hoped for—and more. you were like good therapists on an institutional level. i feel focused on a vision for iCsW broken down into doable steps to get us there. i hope you left the weekend feeling flush with the success of knowing you helped a good program prepare to be a great one.” — dean, Institute for Clinical Social Work “the CysO (was) impressed by many aspects of the way in which find out how GPS you work with us. the depth of your listening skills is unparal- Creative can take leled. your ability to quickly respond to the various issues raised by stakeholders is especially helpful…the activities you created your organization to move things along and help us cross the bridge “from knowing from Insight... to doing” were inspired. the tools that you provided to manage to Innovation... change were outstanding. We will continue to use and share these tools as we progress.” to Action. — President, Chicago youth Symphony orchestras ContACt: dan Greenberger dan@gpscreative.com 312-909-7309 © 2010 DAnieL S. GreenberGer From Here To There www.gpscreative.com