- Status and Perspective of Open Data in Germany


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Presentation by Florain Marienfeld on Open Government Data Standardisation Workshop of Informatik 2013, Koblenz

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  • So obviously open government data is a compound word which is worth Looking at in detailThere is data, there is government and there is the opennessOpen does not only mean that it is available for free, that’s rather publicIf data is made open, we don’t mean public data, open data means:Piece of content which is free to use, reuse and redistribute by anyone, only constrained by the needs to attribute the authorRespectively the source and/or share it under a similar license, like in the case of this Venn diagramThen we have the government which works with data because it’s part of their daily routines (government data)Open Government would meant hat the government works in a transparent fashion to the peopleAnd only in the middle we have all topics united, so the definition I gave you on open data + government contextWhy is open government data is something desirable? The motives are:Transparency: In a vital democracy it’s good if everyone has at least to some extend the possibility to control the governmentInnovation: Because with data that concerns many people the chances are high that you can something useful with itParticipation: If you know what’s going on you can act accordinglyEfficiency: Because people can put data to use that government organization haven’t thought of yetThe core elements to make open government data is: machine-readability, licenses (determine openness), accessibility so it is easy for as much people as possibleNow, these concepts have a really nice sound, but also they are very abstract and get a boring connotation if you hear them over and over againOf course there are these great examples of open data where their usage has saved millions of taxes in health care etc. but let’s look at examples which are more in out own reach, for instance if we want to reach out for fruits
  • - Status and Perspective of Open Data in Germany

    1. 1. Fraunhofer FOKUS Auftraggeber: Status and Perspective of Open Data in Germany Florian Marienfeld | 17. September, 2013 | Workshop on Open Gov Data Standardisation © Fraunhofer FOKUS, 2013
    2. 2. Fraunhofer FOKUS Open Government Data Government Data  Motives – Transparency – Innovation – Participation – Efficiency  Core Elements – Machine-readable data – Licenses – Accessibility Open Government Data Venn Diagram by justgrimes
    3. 3. Fraunhofer FOKUS  Only suitable formats allow for re-use in apps.  Range: from PDF to RDF  „Suitability“ depends strongly on context, e.g. XLS OK most of the times.  Serious developing starts at CSV. Open Data core elements Machine Readability .sql .xml .doc .csv .xls.pdf .json .rdf
    4. 4. Fraunhofer FOKUS Open Data Core Elements Free Licences  What rights are guaranteed? Re-distribution, (commercial) re-use, derivatives  Range: from Copyright to Creative-Commons-Zero  „Suitability“ depends some what on the context.  CC-BY is most often a fair compromise. © DL-DE
    5. 5. Fraunhofer FOKUS 5 Auftraggeber: GovData Zeitplan 2012 2013 2014 2015 Pilot operation Operation Study BMI-> Fraunhofer FOKUS et al. Develop Prototype FOKUS
    6. 6. Fraunhofer FOKUS GovData-Portal for Germany • Launched 19. Febr. 2013 • Prototyped at Fraunhofer FOKUS • Datasets of the Federation, States and Counties; Statistics, Environment and Geodata • Includes Documents and applications • Focus on free licenses (DL-DE, CC-BY, etc.)
    7. 7. Fraunhofer FOKUS 7 Auftraggeber: GovData Status Prototype Requirements • Metadata  search and find • Online-Resources  direct link • license  enable re-use • (Author  Point of Contact) Figures 16. September 2013 • 3808 Datasets • 230 Documents • 15 Apps
    8. 8. Fraunhofer FOKUS 8 Auftraggeber: Architecture Portal Information Pool (Web Portal + CMS) User Interface for the Data Catalog Indexer + Thesaurus Katalog CSW/CKAN Harvester REST Interface Browser Apps Web Sites of Public Authorities Subject Catalogs (Geo Data, etc.) Open Data Catalogs (Berlin, Bavaria, Bremen, etc.) REST Interface
    9. 9. Fraunhofer FOKUS 9 Auftraggeber: Harvesting • CKAN -> CKAN • JSON -> CKAN • ISO19115 -> CKAN • CKAN-API ? DeStatis (David Liuzzo) Schnittstellen: • ISO19115/XML • CKAN/JSON
    10. 10. Fraunhofer FOKUS Sample Metadata Field Value Name Abfallerzeuger-abfallmengen-12312 Title Abfallerzeuger, Abfallmengen (gefährliche Abfälle): Bundesländer, Jahre Author Statistisches Bundesamt License ID CC-BY Resource URL https://www- %3A//www- 151-0003.xml Tags Hessen, Berlin, Visualisierung, Abfall Spatial Coordinates: [[15.02, 47.16], [15.02, 47.16]] Original Portal
    11. 11. Fraunhofer FOKUS GovData Metadata-Structure • Design Principles – CKAN based – JSON Schema – Minimal amount of fields – Link to original metadata catalog • Continuously developed, current version at gd-metadata • Harmonizing efforts within Germany and internationally, esp. AT und EU DCAT AP
    12. 12. Fraunhofer FOKUS 12 Auftraggeber: Cooperation across administrative levels • Initiative by the Work Group Open Government (incl. Federation, states, counties) • Datenlizenz Deutschland: accepted by community and administration • Workshops for Data providers • Metadata structure sees uptak und and get refined • Inspiration specific domains, e.g. WG Metadata of German Geodata Infrastructure (GDI DE – in charge of INSPIRE)
    13. 13. Fraunhofer FOKUS 13 Auftraggeber: Next Steps • Open more data • Catalog more Open Data, connect more providers • Improve metadata quality, harmonize • Integrate federal geo and environmental data • Harvesting as a network rather than hierarchical.
    14. 14. Fraunhofer FOKUS 14 Auftraggeber: Metadata quality Automatic Approach • Part of the Continuous Integration process • Weekly „Link checking“ • False negatives due to timeouts, rate limiting etc. • Issues have to be solve decentrally. • Continuous Validation • Can identify bugs, but • Validity is just an indicator for quality So, ...
    15. 15. Fraunhofer FOKUS 15 Auftraggeber: (Metadata) Quality Participatory Approach • Comments on den datasets •
    16. 16. Fraunhofer FOKUS 16 Auftraggeber: Metadata Transfer Hierarchical Strategy Bund Land1 Kommune1 Kommune2 Land2 Kommune3 Kommune1
    17. 17. Fraunhofer FOKUS 17 Auftraggeber: Metadata Transfer What really happens GDI DE GDI Land1 GDI Kommune1 GDI Kommune2 GDI Land2 GDI Kommune3 GDI Kommune1 PortalU Xx Yy StaBA ... ...
    18. 18. Fraunhofer FOKUS 18 Auftraggeber: Metadata Transfer Vision: Transfer Messages in a Network Govdata .de GDI Daten.b ayern.d e Offene- daten.d e Netzdat en- berlin.d e
    19. 19. Fraunhofer FOKUS Kontakt Florian Marienfeld Telefon + 49 30 – 3463 – 7241 Open Data Team: Ina Schieferdecker Jens Klessmann Fraunhofer Institut FOKUS Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 31 | 10589 Berlin