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Don\'t Be an Alien to Good Technique


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Describes the basic rules for good technique that keyboarding students need to know and apply.

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Don\'t Be an Alien to Good Technique

  1. 1. Don’t Be An Alien To Good Keyboarding Technique
  2. 2. Keep head erect (up) and turned toward copy
  3. 3. Keep eyes on copy! (40 points!)
  4. 4. Keep speakers muted in respect for your classmates! (You may bring and use head-phones)
  5. 5. Keep nose centered in front of the “J” key
  6. 6. Sit up straight, leaning slightly forward in chair. Good posture helps fingers, eyes and brain to work together!
  7. 7. Sit a hand span away from the keyboard so that your elbows can rest comfortably by your sides.
  8. 8. Keep your hand and wrist aligned to prevent repetitive stress injuries such as carpel tunnel syndrome.
  9. 9. Keep your fingers curved with only the fingertips of your hands resting lightly on the home keys. Don’t let any other part of your body touch the keyboard or table!
  10. 10. Keep hands and arms relaxed.
  11. 11. Keep your thumb curved in and make a down-and-in motion with the side of your thumb on the space bar. Use the thumb of your dominant (writing) hand.
  12. 12. Keep feet apart and firmly braced for good balance.
  13. 13. Maintain (keep) an even pace as you say each key’s letter to yourself
  14. 14. Make quick, direct reaches and releases.
  15. 15. Keep your workstation clean and neat. Do not chew gum, eat or drink in the lab.