The sea of monsters


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The sea of monsters

  2. 2. RICK RIORDAN (born June 5, 1964) is an American author from Texas famous for his Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. He also wrote the Tres Navarre mystery series for adults and helped to edit Demigods and Monsters , a collection of essays on the topic of his Percy Jackson series. He graduated from University of Texas at Austin where he double-majored in English and History. The Author
  3. 3. CHARACTERS Perseus "Percy" Jackson is the main character and narrator of the series “ Percy Jackson and the Olympians”. He is a demigod, son of the god Poseidon. He is currently the only known demigod child of Poseidon. As the son of Poseidon, he has the ability to control water, an ability which has an incredible variety of uses. He falls in love with Annabeth Chase. Annabeth Chase is Percy Jackson's best friend. She is also a Daughter of Athena. She falls in love with Percy Jackson. Grover Underwood is a satyr and a friend of Percy Jackson. In The Sea of Monsters Grover is on the search for Pan when he is captured by the Cyclopes Polyphemus.
  4. 4. Tyson is the son of the Greek god of the sea and horses (which reflects on Tyson's personality because he loves horses), Poseidon. He is a young Cyclopes (only seven years old in Cyclopes years) who tries to be the best little brother possible and make his family proud of him. He met Percy at school, The Sea of Monsters. Tantalus replaced Chiron as Camp Half-Blood's Director of Activities for a time during The Sea of Monsters when Chiron was suspected of having poisoned Thalia's tree. He did not like the campers. Clarisse La Rue is one of the children of Ares. She is arrogant, big, tall, and strong like most of her siblings. Clarisse goes on a quest to retrieve the Golden Fleece from the Sea of Monsters.
  5. 5. Chiron Kentavros i s the inmortal centaur at Camp Half-Blood and teacher to demigods . He is the son of Kronos. In The Sea of Monsters , he is blamed for poisoning Thalia's tree and the camp's borders since he is the son of Kronos, and Tantalus took over as Activities Director. Polyphemus is a blind Cyclops who inhabits an island in the Sea of Monsters . He stole the Golden Fleece, in order to make it easier for him to eat.
  6. 6. Chapter 1 My best friend shops for a Wedding Dress Percy had a dream about Grover and him in which Grover was chased by a monster. When he woke up his mother told him that it was his last day of school and she also told him about a message from Chiron that said that there was a problem at Camp Half-Blood, for that reason Percy couldn’t go to the Camp that summer.
  7. 7. Chapter 2 I play dodge ball with Cannibals Percy arrived to the Meriwether College Prep (his school). In the Physical Education class Percy and his friends played dodge ball. One team leader was Matt Sloan who selected new students with inhuman names they were: Marrow Sucker, Skull Eater end Joe Bob. The other team leader was Tyson who selected Percy and other weak guys. While they were playing the new guys became giant cannibals that threw burning metal balls to Percy and Tyson. Then Annabeth went to help and rescue them.
  8. 8. Chapter 3 We hail the Taxi of eternal Torment Percy, Tyson and Annabeth went to New York to take the Gray Sister’s Taxi. When they found it they got inside it and noticed that three witches that shared one eye were the ones that drive the Taxi. Annabeth, Percy and Tyson needed to pay extra money because Tyson was also going to the camp. Percy told the sisters about his dream and when they arrived the sisters told them the numbers 30, 31, 75 and 12. The numbers had no sense .
  9. 9. Chapter 4 Tyson plays with fire After they arrived they saw that Clarisse was fighting with two bulls that breathed fire and with a bronze armor. Percy and Annabeth helped Clarisse to kill them. When they were fighting they burned a little bit and in that moment Percy and Annabeth saw that Tyson wasn’t burned, so they noticed he was a Cyclopes because his immunity to fire. Cyclopes were sons of Poseidon because Poseidon was also the God of horses.
  10. 10. Chapter 5 I get a new cabin mate Then they went to Chiron who told them that Thalia’s three (the three that protect Camp Half-Blood from monsters) was poisoned, and that they blamed him so he was going to find a cure to prove his innocence. He also told them that Tantalus was going to replace him as Activities Director. The guys from the Camp were bothering Percy because he has monster as half-brother (Tyson). ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR
  11. 11. Chapter 6 Demon pigeons attack Percy and Tyson prepared their Chariot for the race. Percy had another dream about Grover in which he told him that something bad was going to happen. Percy woke up, and he got ready for the race of chariots. In the race a lot of pigeons with a bronze peak attacked the chariots, and Annabeth called Apolo’s archers to kill the pigeons. Ares chariot won because they didn’t help to kill the pigeons.
  12. 12. Chapter 7 I accept gifts from a stranger Annabeth, Tyson and Percy thought that the numbers the the Gray Sisters gave them were the coordinates of the Bermuda Triangle, and that place is were Grover en the Golden Fleece are. They talked to Tantalus about it but Tantalus disagree. Then Percy met a jogger and discover that is Hermes . Hermes gifted him to things: a old fashioned lunch box thermos with a cold side and a hot side and decorated with Hercules, the other gift is a bottle with pills with different flavors that give him more power and force to fight. Hermes hope that Percy can cure Thalia ’s Tree and to save Grover.