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SWOT Presentation For Real Estate


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SWOT Analysis Presentation By Doug Gordon

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SWOT Presentation For Real Estate

  1. 1. Doug Gordon, PresidentGordon Corporate Real Estate Advisors <br />SWOT ANALYSIS<br />FOR ANY SIZE COMPANY<br />Fortune 100 Presentation <br />Doug Gordon, President<br />Gordon Corporate Real Estate Advisors<br />(972) 821-8549 <br />
  2. 2. SWOT ANALYSIS WHEEL <br />Doug Gordon, President<br />Gordon Corporate Real Estate Advisors<br /><br />
  3. 3. SWOT IN REAL ESTATE<br />There are three (3) location factors to consider<br />Is it the right Market? <br />What is the Market Attractiveness Score?<br />Is it the right location for your product or service?<br />How does your location stack up to the competition? <br />What about demographics and lifestyle segmentation?<br />Is it the right location within the location? <br />Location within high rise buildings have advantages and disadvantages just as every other type building<br />Distribution centers in industrial areas need to be close to the core customer, face specific directions and access points for loading doors, circulation, and product delivery <br />Locations within enclosed malls and strip centers are critical to the success of a retail or service business. <br />WHAT IS IT THAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR ??????<br />