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Boston Israel cyber ecosystem


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A one-page overview of the Boston-Israel cybersecurity ecosystem.

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Boston Israel cyber ecosystem

  1. 1. GLOBAL HQ: BOSTON AREA R&D: ISRAEL $400m annual revenue just for cyber services. GLOBAL HQ: ISRAEL US HQ: BOSTON AREA Protects 3,200 businesses from inside threats. GLOBAL HQ: BOSTON AREA R&D: ISRAEL Acquired Israeli cyber firms for over $1b total. GLOBAL HQ: BOSTON AREA GLOBAL SOC: ISRAEL Protects 30,000 businesses from fraudsters COMPANIES Boston-Israel Cybersecurity Ecosystem including Israel-founded companies in Boston; Boston company acquisitions of Israeli companies; and Boston HQ companies with significant Israeli presence. SECURITY GLOBAL HQ: BOSTON R&D: ISRAEL 300 employees worldwide; $87m VC funding. GLOBAL HQ: BOSTON AREA CYBER R&D: ISRAEL Forcepoint JV: $600m annual sales u ACQUISITIONS ($5.6B+ VALUE) 2016/2017 PORTAUTHORITY TECHNOLOGIES Additional companies withUSHQ InBoston: Boston location: updated Jun ’17 by David Goodtree