What is a STEM School?


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  • STEM does not operate in isolation: Teachers collaborating Art-Design, Color World Languages-More than the language Culture-What people value – customs L.A.- Core to communicating – including listening Social Studies – Geography – the terrain in Afghanistan Music – creating climate Sound meanings Business often says: 21 st Century Skills are the most important characteristics to teach. Teamwork-what do you have to bring to the team; getting the right people on the bus . In Drive , Daniel Pink writes about the management in work as we know it is as extinct as the words icebox and horseless carriage. WE need a renaissance of all self-direction. Pink ’s book tells us how, but for this discussion, self-direction is needed to acquire these 21 st Century skills.
  • What is a STEM School?

    1. 1. What is a STEM School?Rebecca Paynerebecca.payne@dpi.nc.govwww.ncpublicschools.org/stemApril 25, 2013
    2. 2. STE MEd.STEMEducation Is…an infusion ofScience,Technology,Engineering,Mathematics•understand complex problems•prepare the next generation ofinnovators
    3. 3. Quality STEM EducationResponsibilityProblemsolvingAdaptabilityCollaboration/teamworkTechnology useOral/writtencommunicationsCreativityCriticalthinkingProfessionalismEthicsMusicWorldLanguagesLanguageArtsSocialStudiesArt21stCentury SkillsMathScienceEngineeringTechnologyHealthfulLivingCTEEntrepreneurialspirit
    4. 4. 3 STEM PrinciplesIntegrated STEMCurriculumOn-Going Community andIndustry EngagementConnections withPostsecondaryEducation
    5. 5. 1. Project-based learning withintegrated content across STEMSubjectsIntegrated STEM Curriculum2. Connections to effectivein-and out-of-school STEMprograms
    6. 6. Integrated STEM Curriculum3. Integration ofTechnology and virtuallearning4. Authentic assessment andexhibition of STEM skills
    7. 7. Integrated STEM Curriculum5. Professional development on integrated STEMcurriculum, community/industrypartnerships and postsecondaryeducation connections6. Outreach, support and focus on underserved,especially females, minorities,and economicallydisadvantaged
    8. 8. Engineering Key ElementsApplied to the STEM Principles• Integrated STEM Curriculum• On-going Community andIndustry Engagement• Connections withPostsecondaryEngineering Habits of MindEngineering Design ProcessSystems ThinkingProblem Solvingwww.ncpublicschools.org/stem/resources
    9. 9. 7. A communicated STEM plan isadopted across education,communities and businessesOn-going Community & Industry Engagement
    10. 10. On-going Community & Industry Engagement8. STEM work-based learningexperiences, to increaseinterest and abilities in fieldsrequiring STEM skills,for each student andteacher9. Business and communitypartnerships for mentorship,internship and other STEMopportunities that extend theclassroom walls
    11. 11. Attributes: Vision of STEM School• Connections with postsecondary education10. Alignment of student’s career pathway withpost-secondary STEM program(s)
    12. 12. Attributes: Vision of STEM School• Connections with postsecondary education11. Credit completion at community colleges,colleges and/or universities **not required for elementary or middle schools
    13. 13. Attribute Self-Assessment• “Model” Highest level of achievementrepresenting a model• “Prepared” Quality program meetingexpectations• “Developing” Needs improvement butprogram has a good start• “Early” Beginning STEM programwww.ncpublicschools.org/stem
    14. 14. North Carolina STEM SchoolS T E Mscience11technologyengineeringN CSTEMSchoolRecognition
    15. 15. • StateCommitteeReview+• Recommendto EconomicRegion•RegionalReview Focuson EconomicDevelopment+•Recommend toStateNC STEM School/ProgramApplicationReview &RecommendationDesk Review &RecommendationApproval &Designation• SchoolSelf-Assessment+• One bestpracticeSTEMSchool/ProgramState Boardof Education
    16. 16. STEM CurriculumAerospace, Security, and AutomationAgriscience and BiotechnologyEnergy and SustainabilityHealth and Life Scienceshttp://moodle.learnnc.org click All Courses click DPI RTTTSTEM Courses enter enrollment key = NCSSM_RTTT_STEM
    17. 17. Are you READY forSTEM Education?www.ncpublicschools.org/stem