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Region 2 June 13 2013


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Published in: Education
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Region 2 June 13 2013

  1. 1. Region 2Director’s UpdateJune 13, 2013
  2. 2. Stay Connected• Region 2 Wiki• Region 2 Facebook Page• Twitter Hashtags– #ncdpi_dtl– #nced
  3. 3. Intel Education• Mobile Learning Resources• Online Interactive Tools• Online Elements Courses– Free, just in time professional development• STEM Resources– STEM Snacks• A series of discussions centered on science,technology, engineering and mathematics
  4. 4. Intel Education
  5. 5. 21st Century Assessment• Assessment that looks at 21st Centuryteaching and learning in a district• Interviews with district office and school-based personnel• Written report provided withrecommendations for improvement
  6. 6. AMTR• NCTies Update (March 2013)• Melanie Honeycutt–
  7. 7. Home Base• Home Base (April 2013)
  8. 8. eRate Update• Jeannene Hurley–
  9. 9. Pathways to Prosperity• John Kirkman, CTE
  10. 10. STEM• Region 2 – Share Out• Break• STEM Intro – NCDPI – Rebecca Payne,NCDPI Director, STEM Education andLeadership• Supporting STEM – NCSSM – CaroleStern• Supporting STEM – NCVPS – Del Ruff
  11. 11. Networking• LEAs/Charters - Share &Discuss• Questions/Comments
  12. 12. Light Lunch• Special thanks to Sampson CountySchools and John Gilmore forproviding snacks and lunch
  13. 13. Next Meeting• Fall “Back to School” Meeting–Tentative Date/Location• Aug. 22nd or 23rd• Craven County (possiblyNew Bern High School)