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Reg 2 Director Update 3.12.14


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Reg 2 Update for Directors 3.11.14

Published in: Education
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Reg 2 Director Update 3.12.14

  1. 1. Region 2 DT&L Update March 12, 2014
  2. 2. •PRC 30 Update •14-16 Tech Plan Update •Intel Teach NC Update •AMTR Update
  3. 3. - Chart of Accounts (COA in Excel): - 5.8.7 Requirements and Limitations for Training Sessions - PRC 030 FAQs
  4. 4. • Remember, have your final plans to Deborah on March 14th • You will need to send the URL to access your plan online (requirement from the State Board of Education office).
  5. 5. Intel® Teach NC The goal of the Intel Teach Program is to provide tools and resources to help educators develop student-centered learning through technology integration and project-based approaches. • Online Thinking Tools –designed to create active learning environments through discussions, problem solving, investigations and higher order thinking • Assessing Projects –provides resources to assist teachers in creating assessments that address higher order thinking skills • Intel Teach Elements - A series of compelling online professional development courses that provide deeper exploration of 21st century learning concepts • Intel Engage Community - online community, where you can engage in real-time conversations with other educators and find resources focusing on effective uses of technology in K–12 classrooms
  6. 6. Intel® Teach Elements Contact: Deborah Goodman Region 2 Education Consultant for more information
  7. 7.
  8. 8. AMTR Contact Cathy Mathews, Region 6 DT&L Consultant Julian Nichols-Wilson, Region 4 DT&L Consultant Suggest Changes by visiting: