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Home Base-Overview for Distribution with Screenshots- 011513

  1. 1. Welcome to Home Base
  2. 2. One Technology Platform Student Instructional Information Improvement System (SIS) System (IIS) Tools  for   Tools  for   Informa,on   Teaching  and   and  Data   Learning  
  3. 3. Why Home Base?•  Improving teacher effectiveness by providing tools aligned to NC’s Standard Course of Study that promote efficiency by connecting grade books, lessons, instructional resources, and assessments•  Ensuring daily parent access to student grades and assignments•  Providing time saving tools that give ongoing data, results, SM and recommendations to teachers and students © 2012 RMAGENCY.COM
  4. 4. SM© 2012 RMAGENCY.COM Sign-­‐ On   Lesson  Plans   Student   Standards  &   Instruc2onal   Assessment   Data  Analysis   Professional   Informa2on  and   Curriculum   Design,  Prac2ce  &   and  Repor2ng   Development  &   Learner  Profile   Resources   Educator  Evalua2on  
  5. 5. Student Information & Learner Profile•  Teachers takes attendance, enters grades, checks students’ performance•  Nurse checks immunizations and tracks daily medications•  Counselor discusses performance with parents, reviews graduation goals with student•  Superintendent views PMR and reports on demographics, dropout rates and appropriates funding•  Principal reviews disciplinary action while discussing with parents
  6. 6. Standards & Curriculum •  Standards in a content area •  Learning progressions •  Standard Course of Study (Common Core and Essential Standards) and Curriculum Resources •  Teacher or Executive Professional Standards
  7. 7. Lesson  Plans   Instructional Design, Practice & Resources •  Find sample lesson plans, units, resources •  Create lesson plans and link to appropriate resources •  Differentiate lessons for students •  Access Open Education Resources
  8. 8. Assessments •  Search  for   assessment  items/ tasks   •  Create,  administer,   and  score   assessments  at   classroom,  school,   and  district  levels   •  Administer   statewide   assessments   •  Forma2ve   Assessment   Strategies  and   Resources    
  9. 9. Data Analysis & Reporting •  Customizable views •  Role-based Information •  Multiple Data Comparisons •  Attendance •  Grades •  Test Scores •  Discipline
  10. 10. Professional Development & Educator Evaluation•  View,  register  for,  par2cipate  in  PD  •  Get  sugges2ons  for  PD  based  on  class  performance  or  observa2on/ evalua2on  data  •  Implement  educator  evalua2on  processes      
  11. 11. Timeline Began transition to new SIS Preparing Content for Home Base IIS Vendor Approval September & Contract Award 2012 à Fall 2012 à December 2012 à Integration of the SIS and the IIS Pilots for IIS Components of Home Base goes Home Base Live* Early 2013 à Mid - 2013 à Starting 2013-14 School Year*  Includes  the  Student  Informa,on,  Curriculum,  Instruc,on  and  Educator  Evalua,on  components,  with  other  components  to  follow.  
  12. 12. Ques2ons?  
  13. 13. Student/Parent View
  14. 14. Student View                                      
  15. 15. Teacher View        
  16. 16. Teacher View
  17. 17. Teacher View
  18. 18. Teacher View
  19. 19. Teacher View Assessments
  20. 20. Websitewww.ncpublicschools.org/homebase
  21. 21. Contact: Remedyhomebase.incidents@its.nc.gov•  You can email your questions about Home Base (the system, implementation or training)•  Questions will be logged into Remedy for assistance•  Support personnel provide the answer, research or assign to the appropriate area for resolution•  Incidents are categorized for statistical reporting to aid in identifying problem areas as well as providing a knowledge base•  If you have a question that is not about the system, implementation or training, you may contact the Home Base staff at home_base_ready@dpi.nc.gov