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Home Base and TPACK


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presentation to highlight the Home Base connection with the TPACK sessiion

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Home Base and TPACK

  1. 1. Home Base and TPACK
  2. 2. Why Home Base? The central focus of READY is improving every student’s learning ... …and enabling and ensuring great teaching is how we get there. One of the ways to enable great teaching is to put powerful tools in the hands of teachers and school leaders.
  3. 3. Assessment Student Information and Learner Profile Instructional Design, Practice & Resources Data Analysis and Reporting Information a simpler, better information system to replace NC WISE Integrated Instructional Solution a new standards-aligned tool that connects instructional content with (e.g. lesson plans, unit plans) assessment for better data analysis and decision making Effectiveness a simpler, better online evaluation system Information Instruction Educator Effectiveness: Educator Evaluation OpenClass Collaboration SchoolnetPowerSchool Truenorthlogi c Available for the start of the 2013-14 School Year
  4. 4. Short video Classroom Instruction and Content Searching for instructional materials in Home Base (Schoolnet)
  5. 5. Lesson Plans Instructional Design, Practice & Resources • Find sample lesson plans, units, resources • Create lesson plans and link to appropriate resources • Differentiate lessons for students
  6. 6. Standards and Curriculum
  7. 7. •The Process Is NOT Changing Educator Evaluation
  8. 8. • Easy step-by-step interface • Integrated feedback analysis • Building level administrators can assign rights to others for certain parts of the process Educator Evaluation