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Civil rights background 1


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Civil Rights background

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Civil rights background 1

  1. 1. Civil Rights Background
  2. 2. Dred Scott (1857) • Slaves are property -protected by 5th Amendment Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) • Homer Plessy challenged Louisiana law which segregated railroad cars • Supreme Court ruling -states can segregate in public facilities -establishes “separate but equal”
  3. 3. Jim Crow Laws • named after a minstrel performer •State laws -regulate behavior based on race -legalizes/codifies segregation
  4. 4. Brown v. Board of Education (1954) • Linda Brown (& NAACP) challenge Topeka schools -white schools were well maintained -black schools – shacks, no heat, one teacher -lived close to a “white only” school • Supreme Court ruling -overturns Plessy ruling - outlaws segregation -“separate is inherently unequal” - anytime you separate someone solely on race creates psychological damage
  5. 5. Segregation in the US
  6. 6. Black Migration • African Amer leave South (‘45-’60) -1940 = 77% live in South -1960 = 50% live in South • Most lost agricultural jobs in South -mechanization -Boll Weevil • Look for factory jobs in North -North=urban -South=rural • Racism exists in South and North