Capstone Capability Briefing


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Capstone Capability Briefing

  1. 1.
  2. 2. <ul><li>Introduce Capstone capabilities and experience to support current operations, future operations and future plans in 24/7 environments
  3. 3. Review Capstone initiatives, tools, processes and programs developed in support of other DOD operations and plans support contracts
  4. 4. Discuss Capstone philosophy/capability to staff operations center, current operations and planning staffs
  5. 5. General Discussions</li></ul>Purpose<br />
  6. 6. Introduction to Capstone Corporation<br />Capstone provides quality solutions and services to Federal, State and private sector organizationsthrough our Business Units:<br />Military / Civil Operations<br />Divisions<br /><ul><li> Joint / Army Operations
  7. 7. Maritime Support
  8. 8. Federal/DOD Support</li></ul>Enterprise Systems Support<br />Divisions<br /><ul><li> Mission Systems Support
  9. 9. Enterprise Technical Solutions</li></ul>Experienced & Dedicated Professionals<br />Innovative Solutions<br />Responsive Management<br />Capstone’s Keys to Customer Success and Satisfaction!<br />
  10. 10. Capstone’s Core Services<br />Training and Exercise <br />Support<br />Command and Control<br /> Operations<br />Emergency Response/<br />Civil Operations<br />Strategic, Operational <br />and Tactical Planning <br />Technical Services<br />Enterprise IT Solutions, <br />Systems Engineering and <br />Compliance <br />Enterprise IT Operations <br />and Maintenance<br />Special Studies and Analysis<br />Scientific, Engineering and <br />Technical Assistance<br />Our professionals enhance customer operations in a diverse array <br />of core competencies to address your critical requirements!<br />
  11. 11. Corporate Mission Statement and Values<br />“Assist organizations achieve their short and long term objectives by delivering high quality, responsive solutions and services through teamoriented relationships.” <br />Our customers can rely on a work force that is <br /> committed to the following values.<br />Integrity: Capstone employees do what is right…<br /> legally, morally, and ethically.<br />Respect: Capstone employees treat others as they <br /> want to be treated…with courtesy,dignity and consideration.<br />Responsiveness: Capstone is responsive<br /> to the needs of clients and employees <br /> and works diligently to support their success.<br />Our Testimonial? 24 Years of Customer Satisfaction! <br />
  12. 12. Capstone At a Glance<br />Incorporated in Virginia – 1986 (C Corp)<br />Headquarters - Alexandria, VA<br />Top Secret Corporate Facility Security Clearance<br />Number of Employees: 545 ( Over 87% hold security clearance)<br />2009 Revenues: $72.9 Million<br />Supporting Clients in Over 26 States and 8 Overseas Locations<br />IT Processes ISO 9001: 2008 Registered<br />Capstone: Large Business with Small Business <br />Flexibility, Responsiveness and Agility!<br />
  13. 13. Capstone Corporation’s Clients<br /><ul><li>Department of Homeland Security
  14. 14. Department of Energy
  15. 15. National Archives and Records Administration
  16. 16. Department of Defense
  17. 17. Department of the Navy
  18. 18. Department of the Army
  19. 19. SPAWAR Atlantic
  20. 20. Department of the Air Force
  21. 21. National Guard Bureau
  22. 22. Northrop Grumman Newport News
  23. 23. North Atlantic Treaty Organization </li></ul>We have over 24 years of experience supporting Department of <br />Defense, federal and state agencies, and private industry!<br />
  24. 24. Command and Control Operations<br />Through experience gained from managing over 25 Operation Centers, Capstone offers capabilities, processes and tools to enhance commander and civilian manager abilities to identify, prioritize and achieve their objectives. Our solutions and services include:<br />Command Center Design and Management<br />Command Center Staff Training and Certification<br />Decision Focused 24/7 Situational Awareness<br />Portal/Collaborative Network Design<br />Data Collection/Analysis/Fusion and Distribution<br />Geospatial Information System Engineering<br />Knowledge Management Systems Engineering<br />C4ISR Architecture and Operations Management<br />Information Technology Infrastructure Support<br />Adaptive/Interactive Common Operational Picture<br />Capstone provides full spectrum information fusion, <br />analysis and dissemination for mission critical operations! <br />
  25. 25. Strategic, Operational and Tactical Planning<br />Crisis Action and Contingency Planning<br />Joint/Combined Operations Group Management<br />COOP and CBRNE Planning<br /> Incident Management Response CONOPS<br />Force/Organizational Transformation<br />Strategic/Campaign Plan Assessments<br />Operations Plans and Orders Development (JOPES)<br />Mobilization and Deployment <br />Planning/Operations Global Force Management<br />Effects Based Planning<br />Adaptive Planning<br />AT/FP Vulnerability Assessments<br />Capstone provides experienced analytical thinkers to meet your strategic, operational and tactical planning requirements Our solutions and services include:<br />We provide Subject Matter Experts with skills<br /> tailored to customer specific requirements!<br />
  26. 26. Training and Exercise Support<br />Capstone offers the full spectrum of specialized training and exercise services to ensure federal, military and private critical infrastructure managers are prepared to shape, prevent or respond to any type of incident that threatens safety, lives, property or support operations. Our capabilities include:<br />Joint/Multinational/Component/Interagency Training and Exercise Support<br />Individual and Collective Training Management<br />Life-cycle Exercise Management<br />Exercise Design/Scenario/ Storyline/ Scripting/Order Preparation<br />Red/Blue Team Support<br />Theater Security Cooperation Events<br />National Incident Management System Training<br />Train-the-Trainer Seminars<br />Table Top Exercises<br />Staff Decision Making Exercises<br />Functional Subject Matter Experts/Role Players<br />After Action Review Facilitation<br />Capstone provides realistic, competency based training to <br />enhance both individual and organizational performance!<br />
  27. 27. Emergency Response/Civil Operations<br />Since September 11, 2001, Capstone has repeatedly supported United States civil operation and emergency response needs, to include natural and man-made disaster relief, Antiterrorism/Force Protection, and critical infrastructure protection. We offer expertise in:<br />Defense Support to Civil Authorities<br />Critical Infrastructure and Key Resource Protection<br />Antiterrorism/Force Protection<br />National Incident Management System Execution <br />Interagency Coordination<br />Operational and Planning Surge Support<br />Operations Rehearsals<br />Our planning and execution in response to threats against the USA<br /> saves lives, protects property and mitigates the effects of disasters!<br />
  28. 28. Special Studies and Analysis<br />Capstone offers both highly skilled consultants and integration skills to conduct studies, analyze findings, make and implement sound recommendations, and manage change to ensure desired standards and performance are achieved. We offer best practice solutions by using both our own consultants and subject matter experts when required. Our capabilities include:<br />Organizational Transformation Studies<br />Long Range Strategic Planning<br />Technology Insertion<br />Capabilities Based Analysis (CBA)<br />Joint/Service/Advanced Capability Technology Demonstrations<br />Joint Concept Operations (CONOPS)<br />Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS)<br />Business Process Re-engineering<br />Capstone Subject Matter Experts turn information <br />into knowledge to facilitate decision making!<br />
  29. 29. Scientific, Engineering and Technical Services<br />Capstone provides professional integration of mission enabling solutions and services across the whole spectrum of customer technical, engineering, program management and business operations requirements. We introduce benchmark processes, breakthrough technologies and innovative solutions to help our customers overcome new and existing challenges. Our capabilities include:<br />Strategic and Operational Planning<br />Technology Integration<br />Program Management <br />Business Operations/Business Process Reengineering Support<br />Knowledge Management<br />Scientific and Engineering Support<br />Facilities Engineering/Management <br />Manpower and Personnel Support<br />Logistics Management <br />Our comprehensive staffing capabilities and technical solutions<br />fill gaps in our customer capabilities, enabling efficient operations!<br />
  30. 30. Enterprise IT Services<br />Capstone has the capabilities, processes, and tools to maximize the return on investment of our customers’ IT enterprise. Our IT professionals are trained, experienced, and certified in the latest technology, hardware, tools, and applications to implement and maintain effective operational enterprise IT systems. Our technical solutions and services include:<br />Network Engineering, Management and Maintenance<br />Software Engineering, Development and Maintenance<br />Enterprise Information Assurance Implementation<br />Web Application Development and Maintenance<br />Help Desk and Customer Services<br />Database Administration<br />Business and IT Process Reengineering<br />Operations Center Support<br />Enterprise Change Management<br />Capstone keeps critical information systems <br />predictable, dependable, secure and efficient!<br />
  31. 31. Enterprise IT Solutions & Systems Engineering <br />Capstone is a responsive and adaptive partner assisting customers develop, design and execute enterprise solutions. We partner with all stakeholders to develop customer focused solutions that incorporate best practices, new technology, and current information assurance direction. Our enterprise solutions and services include:<br />Network Design Engineering and Technology Laboratory <br />Technological Assessments<br />Test and Evaluation<br />Enterprise Information Assurance Policy and Compliance<br />Applications Design and Integration<br />Web Design and Development<br />System Interface Design and Development<br />Database Design and Engineering<br />Operations Center Design<br />Enterprise Change Management<br />Capstone integrates industry leading technology and <br />best practices to maximize customer Return on Investment!<br />
  32. 32. Operations<br />Manage 25 Operations Centers (6 OCONUS)<br />Current and Future Operations/Intelligence Analysis<br />GIS Engineering and Administration<br />Knowledge Management<br />Crisis Response<br />Interagency/Coalition/NGO Coordination<br />Situational Awareness<br />Planning<br />Conduct Joint/Service Planning for 19 Joint/Service Commands<br />Global Force Management<br />Joint Planning Group Management<br />Adaptive Planning Process<br />Strategic/Operational/Tactical<br />Campaign Plan, OPLAN, FUNCPLAN Development<br />Operations and Planning Expertise<br />
  33. 33. Capstone – What Sets Us Apart!<br />Responsive Management<br />Quality Customer and Employee Care<br />Commitment to Core Values<br />Flexible and Agile<br />“Partner” Mentality<br />“Best in Class” Recruiting Capability<br />Formal Customer Satisfaction Program<br />Competitive Costs<br />Only Acceptable Outcome: <br />Total Customer and Employee Satisfaction!<br />
  34. 34. Capstone Corporation<br />Enterprise Growth<br />Office of Enterprise Growth<br />5716 Cleveland St. Suite 140<br />Virginia Beach, Va. Beach 23462 <br />Phone: (757) 363-7343<br />Contact: John McNally<br /><br /> 635 Slaters Lane, Suite 100<br /> Alexandria, VA 22314<br /> (703) 683-4220<br /> (703) 683-4430 (fax)<br /><br />Capstone Business Units<br />Enterprise Systems Support5716 Cleveland St. Suite 140Virginia Beach, Va. Beach 23462 Phone: (757) 363-7343FAX: (757) 363-7528Contact: Ron<br />Military / Civil Operations<br />635 Slaters Lane, Suite 100<br />Alexandria, VA 22314<br />Phone: (703) 683-4220, Ext. 109<br />FAX: (703) 683-4430<br />Contact: Donald McMillian<br /><br />Points of Contact<br />