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Video Marketing Webinar


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AjaxUnion Video Marketing Webinar

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Video Marketing Webinar

  1. 1. P R E S E N T E D B Y :M E G A N F I X , V I D E O M A N A G E RS P E N C E R P A R E N T E , H E A D V I D E O G R A P H E RVideo MarketingCall us at 1-800-594-0444Visit us at
  2. 2. Why Video Marketing Almost 52% of customers who watch product videossay those videos make them more confident aboutpurchases Video results on search engines have a 41% higherclick-through rate than plain text search results Site visitors who view product videos are 144% morelikely to add that product to their cart Professionally produced videos outperform user-generated videos by 30%
  3. 3. ( W E P R O M I S E I T ’ S N O T A S S C A R Y A S Y O UM I G H T T H I N K )Making Your Video
  4. 4. Three Steps to Production Pre-Production: “If your fail to plan, you plan to fail!” Writing your script Planning your shoot Gathering necessary equipment Production: Actual shooting of the video (usually the quickest part!) Post-Production: Longest phase of the project Editing the footage Adding sound and graphics Creating a finished and polished version of your video
  5. 5. Pre-Production: Getting Your Act Together Video Purpose What is the goal of your video? Informational? Showcasing yourbrand? Who is the audience? Make sure your concept is appropriate forthe people you want watching the video Limitations Keep in mind your budget and location when planning yourvideo shoot Shot Sheet and Storyboard Make a concrete plan for what shots you need and what ordereverything should go in. This will help later when you‟re editing!
  6. 6. Gathering Your Tools Location Make sure your location ispractical and that you‟ll haveenough time there to shootwhat you need Equipment Know what lights, cameras,and audio equipment you need Crew and Talent You‟ll probably need extrahands on deck, and they‟ll needto be informed ahead of timewhat their role will be
  7. 7. Production Time Lights The amount of light is often what sets apart amateur andprofessional videos. You need much more than you think! Camera If you‟re using multiple cameras, make sure they‟re on thesame settings so your video looks cohesive Audio Sound is something you can‟t fix later. Double and triple checkthat you are getting the correct audio, otherwise you‟ll run intomajor problems after you‟re done shooting
  8. 8. Things to Remember Do multiple takes of every shot you need Save footage as you go, that‟s something you don‟twant to lose! Check your audio as you film Websites that offer stock video footage can be a greattimesaver for graphics or generic footage Have a consistent volume throughout your video.Irritating audio mistakes lose viewers quickly!
  9. 9. Y O U ’ V E G O T Y O U R V I D E O A L L R E A D Y , B U TN O W W H A T D O Y O U D O W I T H I T ?Video Distribution
  10. 10. Putting Video on your Website Having videos on yoursite helps improve yourconversion rate! Video Types andPlacement: General company video –perfect for homepage! Product videos – specificproduct pages Fun videos – great for an„About Us‟ page
  11. 11. Product Videos on your Site Having product videos isgreat, but they need toserve a purpose Ideas for product videos: More views and angles ofa product Instructional/how-tovideo for the product Testimonials/reviewsabout the product frompast customers
  12. 12. Your YouTube Channel First Step: Get one! Make sure it representsyour company well,including your logo,colors, and a link back toyour website and socialmedia pages Upload your videos Got related videos? Makeplaylists! Great for themed videos,like how-to videos orproduct showcases
  13. 13. YouTube and SEO Improve your video‟s position in YouTube results: Video Description: Include some keywords in your description,and don‟t forget a link back to your site (preferably on the firstline of the description)! Add a video transcript! More information about your videomeans YouTube has a better idea of what your video is about Tagging your video: Include a few keywords that relate to yourvideo (make sure they‟re relevant!) Remember, humans read all this information too, so don‟t justwrite all of your keywords in a row. Give users some realinformation to read!
  14. 14. Social Media and Video Places to put your video: Facebook Twitter Flickr Vimeo Don‟t forget videodescriptions! You wantpeople to know whatthey‟re watching
  15. 15. Video Blogging Great for building your brand and creating regularcontent for your business! Ideas for video blogs: Product videos “How-To” videos Commercials Viral Videos (more creative and fun) Goal: generate engagement with your videos Encourage comments and feedback, and follow up whenpeople do leave messages!
  16. 16. Google AdWords and Video Where YouTube Ads canappear: On top of search results On the side of a video‟sindividual page Play before anotherYouTube video Only pay when someonewatches! Puts your video in frontof the right audience foryour company
  17. 17. Other Options Good Places to Put YourVideos Online: Vimeo Flickr Daily Motion Yahoo/Bing Local Yelp Not-So-Good Places: Trust your instincts! If itlooks shady, it probably is Don‟t buy views. Ever.
  18. 18. Want to Learn More? Check out for more infoabout us, our video plans, and samples of our work! Or, contact us directly with questions! We don‟t mind! Email us at!