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This is a recent overview of our firm

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    1. 1. The New Paradigm in the Executive Suite May 2008
    2. 2. The Problem … Or Symptoms of the Problem? “… The average CFO tenure today is less than 30 months …” “ 1 in 7 CEOs will turnover in 2006.” “ CFO turnover doubled in 2006 , likely to reach 2,500 terminations.” “ April ‘07 brought earnings season…and another 18% jump in CFO turnover vs April ‘06.” Liberum Research
    3. 3. Traditional Job Description Addresses the Symptoms <ul><li>20 years of functional experience </li></ul><ul><li>Industry specialist </li></ul><ul><li>Proven motivator and leader </li></ul><ul><li>M&A expertise with multi-national company </li></ul>
    4. 4. Business Lifecycle Requires Evolving Capacity and Capabilities LAUNCH Revenues $0 $X.0 Billion Emerging Growth Interim Controller Interim CFO IT Strategy CFO Search CIO Search SOX & Internal Audit ERP Program Mgmt Merger & Integration Services Restatements CFO Search Restructuring Leadership Capabilities
    5. 5. Performance Gap Results from a Variance in Required and Possessed Capabilities Executive Start Date Performance Requirements Executive End Date Performance Gap: Resulting in No Operational Leadership, Process/Functional Deficiencies and Vacancy Required Capabilities Capabilities Possessed
    6. 6. Performance Gap Repeats During Business Lifecycle Executive Start Date Performance Requirements Executive End Date Executive Start Date Executive End Date Executive Start Date Executive End Date
    7. 7. Executive Services: Closing the Performance Gap Performance Gap No Leadership Deficiencies Vacancy Tatum Executive Rapid Integration of Interim Operational Leadership Tatum Consulting Objectively Identify and Remediate Process and Functional Deficiencies Tatum Talent Parallel Execution of Prescriptive Search Three Interdependent Elements Timeline NOW PERFORMANCE GAP CLOSED EXECUTIVE SERVICES Mobilize and Align the Capacity and Capabilities to Your Business Lifecycle
    8. 8. Tatum’s Unique Blend of Talent and Services FINANCE, ACCOUNTING & TECHNOLOGY PROFESSIONAL SERVICES EXECUTIVE RECRUITMENT INTERIM / ON-DEMAND STAFFING <ul><li>Unique Finance and Technology talent pool / network </li></ul><ul><li>Full range of staffing, search and consulting services </li></ul><ul><li>National office network / brand </li></ul><ul><li>Strong “C-suite” client base </li></ul><ul><li>Industry and functional expertise </li></ul>Source: Baird
    9. 9. Tatum: A Heritage of Creating More Value <ul><li>Largest Executive Services firm in the United States </li></ul><ul><li>Strategic and operating leadership in finance and technology </li></ul><ul><li>4,000+ clients served across broad base of industries and sizes </li></ul><ul><li>Nearly 1,000 Executive Partners and Professionals </li></ul><ul><li>Founded in 1993 Atlanta, Georgia </li></ul><ul><li>37 offices </li></ul>
    10. 10. Tatum: National Footprint
    11. 11. Client Value Study:PowerDirect <ul><li>Orchestrates direct-marketing campaigns </li></ul><ul><li>Specializes in all-inclusive to-the-door marketing packages </li></ul><ul><li>Customers include Home Depot and Starcom MediVest </li></ul><ul><li>Nearly doubled its revenue each year since inception </li></ul>“ We have really made major progress and we attribute an awful lot of that to Tatum.” Sue Sampson Co-owner and Vice President of Marketing
    12. 12. Client Value Study: PowerDirect BEFORE TATUM TATUM SERVICES WITH TATUM Desire for veteran, CFO-quality financial leadership within budget and timing constraints Tatum CFO Services Tatum provides part-time financial expertise and strategic leadership to quickly help manage current situation and plan for growth Absence of accounting and financial reporting acumen reduces management’s ability to take on strategic initiatives while managing daily operations Tatum Controller Services Tatum establishes and oversees controller function to manage effective financial operations, freeing management to focus on growth strategies Need for strategic guidance to help focus fast-growing company on new opportunities Tatum Consulting Tatum establishes ongoing routines and systems for strategic review, leading to introduction of new product and organizational breakthroughs “ We have really made major progress, and I attribute an awful lot of that to Tatum.” Sue Sampson, Co-owner and Vice President of Marketing
    13. 13. The New Paradigm in the Executive Suite May 2008