Law Firm Services Regional Workshop - Websites for Law Firms Masterclass Presentation


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Law Firm Services Regional Workshop - Websites for Law Firms Masterclass Presentation from Conscious Solutions. Great slides on website design, website conversion, online advertising, social media and more

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  • David
  • Make a video, A few things happen when you have video on your website; you increase the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking of your website, Google Analytics statistics increase (time on site, click-through, conversion rate), and your website looks a lot better. But it is also about the quality of the video, we don’t expect you to spend a box office budget to make a short video. However don’t cut corners by using a cheap camera and microphone. If it is made on a poor budget this will reflective badly on the firmHere are a few examples
  • This is Kerman & Co, they have a camera pointing at the Royal Courts of Justice. This is something different, so they stand out from other law firms.
  • Improve your legal content. People still like to read. We have created various tips booklets for law firms. These are some of the most popular areas on their site.If you make the content intriguing then people WILL read it.
  • Two step direct mail program, letter -> call -> demo -> meeting -> sale £6,000 invested (not salaries in 2012) gives me a year end pipeline of £119,340It works, we have proven this with many firms like yours. By giving something away for free you are able to get something back from the client or prospect.
  • £27,278 – How much one Leeds law firm made in one transaction based on someone responding to a Tweet, following their Twitter account and then having coffee£29,595 - This is how much a piece of business we won from 6KBW as a direct result of our LinkedIn – Tips Booklet download£100,000 – A collection of instructions over 6 months a client law firm received just through Linkedin just by diligently building connections
  • Melissa
  • Melissa
  • Where the red star is, this is the sweet spot Most law firms are where the blue star isThey either have a lot of data but rarely use it, or they use the scatter gun approach send out emails once every 6 months and hope for the best.If you’re not highly engaged and highly targeted then you are just throwing money away. I always tell my clients once you have the data its what you do with it that counts, and continue to look after that data.
  • Law Firm Services Regional Workshop - Websites for Law Firms Masterclass Presentation

    1. 1. David Gilroy Director of Stuff & Things
    2. 2. Want a free website report?
    3. 3. How is your website being used?
    4. 4. Be contactable & trackable
    5. 5. Know who’s using your website
    6. 6. You HAVE to be mobile optimised There are only three things that visitors use a law firm’s mobile website to do “today” :- • Find you • Phone you • View you
    7. 7. The use of colour & contrast • Different people react to different colours • It’s ALL testable if you can be bothered Kissmetrics
    8. 8. Directional clues • Arrows • Encapsulation • Stand out colour • Pathways • Eyes & eyelines
    9. 9. Google Algorithm Oct-13 Penguin 2.1 Aug-13 Hummingbird(semantic search) May-13 Penguin 2.0 (keyword stuffing) Jun-13 Payday Loan/Porn Originally Apr-12 Feb-11 Panda(thin content)
    10. 10. Why did Irwin Mitchell get banned? Paid blog posts
    11. 11. Spammy blog comments
    12. 12. Balanced SEO Content Social media Links
    13. 13. Page structure still important Meta title Page name H1 tag H2 tag Body copy
    14. 14. Look into using video
    15. 15. Explainer videos
    16. 16. • Current news • Blogging • Google likes to see big sites get bigger slowly • Must be relevant to your intended audience Improve your content marketing
    17. 17. Two types of content Stock & Flow
    18. 18. If you were a lawyer, would you download this?
    19. 19. Do more social media – it works
    20. 20. Really? I did not want to know! NEVER break Rule No.1 of social media
    21. 21. Rule 2 of social media It’s a PRIVATE conversion in PUBLIC
    22. 22. Social media rule of
    23. 23. Social Media Engagement Model Unengaged Highly Engaged Un Targeted Highly Targeted CONNECT BROADCAST CONVERSE SHARING
    24. 24. Do some online advertising
    25. 25. Make Adtext relevant Title = 25 characters Description Line 1 = 35 characters Description Line 2 = 35 characters Display URL = 35 characters