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Conscious - Visitor Analytics


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A presentation to help law firms understand how to interpret their Google Analytics data and flagging up what data it's important to track.

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Conscious - Visitor Analytics

  1. 1. Website Visitor Analytics
  2. 2. The importance of metrics• Massive impact of the EU Cookie Directive• The ICO were only able to track 10% of theirwebsite visitors after changing their siteCookie Permission VisitorsOpted Out 18Opted In 53Ignored 10,187
  3. 3. Keeping Things in Perspective• Top Priorities (but rarely measured)– Volume of communication contacts with existing clients(cross selling)– Growth in prospects (mailing list)– No. of new enquiries and their source (phone, letter, web)• Prospects– No.of prospects coming to the site from a search engine– How many then contact the firm?– How many join the mailing list?• Marketing performance– No.of people who respond to a specific communication
  4. 4. Lead Forensics - Visitor tracking
  5. 5. Lead Forensics - Detailed view
  6. 6. Create an account
  7. 7. Get the tracking code
  8. 8. Add it to your website
  9. 9. Key Metrics• Visits• Page Views• Pages/Visit• Bounce Rate• Av. Time on Site• % New Visits
  10. 10. Real time tracking
  11. 11. In-page Analytics
  12. 12. Content - Top Content
  13. 13. Traffic Sources - Keywords
  14. 14. Traffic Sources – Referring Sites
  15. 15. Mobile device access volume
  16. 16. Goals
  17. 17. Set up automatic reports
  18. 18.