Conscious social media presentation


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Our thoughts and ideas on how law firms should be approaching social media in 2013

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  • Tell the story from last week of Snibor posting a message re. CRM software, me going to see them, then meeting a consultant in a coffee bar who is now the Biz Dev Dir for a large target client of ours. Story of us getting 12 downloads of our social media booklet as the link showed up in a LinkedIn Group wrap-up email.
  • - I followed one law firm who tweeted 50 times in the first day!!!
  • Conscious social media presentation

    1. 1. Social Media Marketing
    2. 2. Show of hands
    3. 3. Four Stages of Social MediaCourtesy of
    4. 4. Am I bovvered? Lauren is!
    5. 5. Social Media Engagement ModelUnengaged HighlyEngagedUn TargetedHighlyTargetedCONNECTBROADCASTCONVERSESHARING
    6. 6. How it all connects
    7. 7. Social Media Marketing• It’s all about raising your profile• It takes time and commitment• Listen -> Talk -> Engage• It’s not about technology• Relax: it’s traditional legal marketing• Word of mouth reputation is the result
    8. 8. Outlook Connector
    9. 9. How to abuse a group you “run”
    10. 10. A rubbish incentive to join a group
    11. 11. LinkedIn Events module
    12. 12. LinkedIn advertising• Company size, Industry, Geography
    13. 13. LinkedIn Actions• Improve your Company profile• Build your connections• Firm wide competition (1,766 to 2,661)• P.S. Connect with me on LinkedIn• Do NOT ask for recommendations• Research prospects before you meet• A “button” on your staff profile won’t do it!• Make some “LinkedIn” time each week• Join some Groups. Start one?
    14. 14. New things on LinkedIn• Endorse specific skills with one click• Notifications have changed in your toolbar• Company page updated allowing a new“banner”• Follow thought-leaders e.g. Richard Branson& apply to become one
    15. 15. Blogging• Needs to be regular• Pithy & opinionated, not sanitised• Share the load• Do it off the main website (SEObenefits)• Ghost writers?• Lawyers/trainees blogging in their name• Sector specific blogs?• Use the content for newsletters & socialmedia linking
    16. 16. Examples
    17. 17. Twitter• What can you say in 140 characters?• Try and post a tweet once per day• Don’t post TOO often, you lose followers• Design a background• Sector specific Twitter accounts• Re-tweet to build relationships• Hootsuite – use to schedule Tweets
    18. 18. Do you need to be careful? Yes.
    19. 19. Use your Twitter background
    20. 20. Retweet to build relationships
    21. 21. Twitter -> Web -> Print
    22. 22. Mine’s bigger than yours!!Name Twitter Account FollowersStephen Fry Stephenfry 5,538623Silverman Sherliker London_Law_Firm 17,048Grant Thornton GrantThorntonUK 6,335Inksters LLP Inksters 3,582Walker Smith Way Solicitors WalkerSmithWay 3,197Stephensons Solicitors LLP SolicitorsLLP 3,027Mogers MogersLaw 2,132Conscious Solutions ConsciousSol 1,046Wards Solicitors wardssolicitors 996Clarke Wilmott Three accounts 994Wedlake Bell wedlakebell 525Last updated on 4 March 2013
    23. 23. Hootsuite – save time!Conscious can “connect” with 3,466 people on LinkedIn
    24. 24. Facebook• Not just for “the kids”• “Listen” first, what are others sayingabout you?• Who in your firm has a Facebook profile?• Engaging with the younger generation forrecruitment
    25. 25. “Like” & win!
    26. 26. Get a decent Facebook page
    27. 27. Competitions
    28. 28. Facebook advertising• Sex• Age• Status• Geography• Events (Birthday, Moving house)• Education (Level, establishment)• Employment• Interests• Connections (via Fans)
    29. 29.