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A presentation with some thoughts on effective email marketing for law firms and the importance of accurate data, of collecting emailing addresses from clients & prospects and some ideas of effective newsletter layouts.

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  • Explain why it ’s so important, tell the story of Zaiwalla & Co. Met on 3-Nov-04 Few follow up calls to Jun-05. Email newsletters until Dec-07 .
  • Ideally you need to segment your audience. We think the three categories above are a good start. Larger firms might segment their customers into smaller groups based on the areas of law they practice.
  • Personalise your salutation. Everyone knows it’s a computer that’s doing it but at least you’ve acknowledged that you know who the recipient is. All of these are real examples that we’ve seen our clients do. The big problem is the quality of your data in your practice management and/or CRM system. We even have one client who’s PMS does not allow them to export email addresses without physical address data at the same time.
  • The importance of good subject lines in the email. Get the words “free” or “win” into the subject line. You need to be careful of words that spam filters are going to pick up on.
  • Must be consistent with your website and offline use of your brand. Get the important information at the top Get a name and preferably a photo into the design, make the newsletter come from “someone”
  • Conscious - Email marketing

    1. 1. Email Marketing
    2. 2. What is email marketing?• Regular communication to your clients• To stay in contact and re-engage with lapsedclients• To drive a specific “call to action”• Event invitations, event follow ups• Very cost effective in tough market conditionslike we have at the moment• What audiences?
    3. 3. Audiences
    4. 4. Deliverability• Take care with subject lines• Do not email from your own Exchange Serverif more than 500 recipients• Clean up bounces• Beware the 5% threshold with 3rdparty emailservices
    5. 5. EU Cookie Directive• Although mainly about cookies, it’s actuallyabout ALL privacy and tracking issues• You need to think carefully about whethertracking “opens” and “click thrus” is in breach• The guidance from the ICO does not eventouch on email marketing
    6. 6. PersonalisationDear Client,Dear Mr & Mrs Smith,Dear Bob,Dear A,Dear A. Smith (Dec’d),Dear ,Dear Mr David & Ms Jane Gilroy & Collas
    7. 7. How to save money!• Law Updates - Andersons Solicitors BusinessNewsletter – July 2012• A year in the life: expansion, cake andzombies!• Last chance to boo!• Your Monthly Legal Update (April/May 2013)• I’m just going to come out and say it!• Weekly News• Could You Survive Without a Job?• Ten Tips for Nurturing your Way to IncreasedSales
    8. 8. Content Design• Yes, of course your subject matter area!• That’s not what gets read• Make it human, talk about people• Offer a way of interacting with your firm bydrawing people to the website :-– Competitions– Win– Free• Talk about more than what you do, talk aboutwho you are• “Funny Bit at the End”
    9. 9. Newsletter Design
    10. 10. Tracking OpensPrivacy Protection
    11. 11. Tracking ClicksPrivacy Protection
    12. 12. Other email marketing
    13. 13.