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An intranet? why bother?


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A presentation with a few key things that we think and intranet helps with when implemented correctly in a law firm.

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An intranet? why bother?

  1. 1. An intranet! Why bother?
  2. 2. Courtesy of
  3. 3. Improved productivity • Get more done by knowing “where” to look • Fast access to the right information • “Saves face” if I don’t have to ask someone
  4. 4. New employees get up-to-speed faster • No more “who do I ask” • “Where do I look first” and only then “Who do I ask”
  5. 5. Reduce dependency on individuals • No more “Ask Bob, he’s been here for years”. • Capture knowledge, share knowledge
  6. 6. Staff list & detailed profiles/photos • Who’s who in the other office? • Connecting our experts together
  7. 7. Improved working relationships • The more I know about you • The better we are likely to work together • “Online” social networks build real world relationships
  8. 8. Structured place to ask questions • Build up a knowledgebase • Avoid repetition
  9. 9. Reduction in email • Email is where information & knowledge go to die! • Reduce emails to • Less email to file & find
  10. 10. Better internal news sharing • More timely than weekly email • Staff can comment/interact with news
  11. 11. Social interaction • Peer recognition • Likes, Comments, Follows • Microblogging
  12. 12. One stop shop for information • Easier searching than shared drives • Quicker access to important information