1998, True Image Luminance Quality Control Subsystem


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1998 Data Sheet from True Image, LLC

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1998, True Image Luminance Quality Control Subsystem

  1. 1. Luminance Quality ® Control Subsystem The True Image Luminance Quality Control Subsystem is a monitor-integrated photometric device that works in conjunction with specially prepared CRTs and digital Funnel-Mounted Photometric monitor electronics to allow automated, accurate, Sensor hands-free measurement of grayscale monitor luminance and ambient illuminance. Collector Integrator The subsystem is a dedicated replacement for external photometers such as those distributed by Dome, Barco, X-Rite and others. The subsystem offers an CRT Microprocessor unprecedented combination of ease-of-use, accuracy and scalability for use in image quality control applications. Monitor manufacturers now have the ability to develop closed-loop quality control systems to increase monitor reliability and image fidelity. When used in conjunction with application software such as DOME’s TQA, monitors and their environs can be measured and tracked, automatically and without human intervention. The True Image subsystem communicates with monitor The subsystem is made up of a sensor assembly and electronics via serial ASCII or I2C signaling, with interface control. The sensor is permanently affixed to monitor electronics providing a communications path a specially-prepared, optical aperture on the CRT funnel to external hosts or PCs. during monitor manufacture. Each sensor is calibrated to match the optical properties of the CRT glass and Availability photometric contributions of both ambient and phosphor-generated light. The CRT calibration The Luminance Subsystem and associated coefficients are stored in the sensor along with specific manufacturing calibration technology are available luminance properties of the monitor to offer the under license from True Image. Individual sensor highest level of measurement fidelity. The interface subsystems are available directly from True Image or control includes communications routines and from Clinton Electronics Corporation. Currently, measurement software which may be located in a CRTs from Clinton Electronics are available with the separate microprocessor board or as part of the digital necessary rear-mounted aperture for the sensor monitor control. subsystem.
  2. 2. ® Luminance Quality Control Subsystem E N A B L E D (continued) Subsystem Specifications Mechanical: Dimensions: 3.8 x 3.8 x 2.5 cm. Case material: 3-piece, stainless steel-filled ABS (insures EMI and arc immunity) CRT coupling: Mechanically shielded and spring-tensioned contact to CRT optical aperture Electrical: Monitor interconnect: 6 conductor cable (I2C) Supply requirements: +5 and -12 VDC Signaling Protocol: Serial 8-bit ASCII (RS232C or I2C) Measurement System: Accuracy: Luminance matched to 2% standards traceable to NIST Reproducibility: ± 1% Linear Range/Sensitivity: 120 dB (nominally constrained to 0.01 fl – 350 fl) Sensor Type: Silicon Color response: Photopic Technical features: Integration synchronized to frame rate, minimal crest factor, extended temperature compensation, etc. Environmental: Operating: 20-70°C, 20–80% relative humidity (non-condensing) Standard measurement luminance (phosphor generated), reports include: luminance (reflected ambient), illuminance (at CRT face), operational age, temperature. True Image, LLC 9999 Manchester Road, PMB 354 St. Louis, MO 63122 USA Phone: (888) 879-6308 Fax: (888) 879-6308 Email:dgh@trueimage.com True Image is a registered trademark of True Image, LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Specifications subject to change without notice Version 1.0, November 2000