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  3. 3. Our assignment was to increase the awareness of the built-in security features of Internet Explorer 8, targeting the Canadian market. The strategy we had to work against was that IE8 was “the safest browser out there” and that we should access tech- savvy influencers and encourage them to get their less tech-savvy friends to use IE8. The idea was that the tech-savvy influencer would get the benefit of knowing their friends and family were protected from malware and their benefit would be less time spent as ad hoc tech support. …it didn’t feel like enough. (to be honest, it started out feeling a bit like this and took some conversation to steer it somewhere more relevant.)
  4. 4. Concepts went through several iterations with the client, going from an evolved social gaming experience to a click-per- day charity platform. I developed the social concept and built the explanatory deck ware. Initial pitch ^
  5. 5. I wanted to involve as many people as I could, rallying them around a worthy cause that felt more real and more relevant than the tenuous territory of a web browser that was .005% safer than its closest competitor (that week). Tech-savvy influencers would still be leveraged as early adopters but we needed a hook, a reason to care. Early mocks^ Although we liked the blue in terms of solemnity and general attractiveness, Microsoft Global would later insist Canada use the global branding alignment to yellow.
  6. 6. Microsoft gave us a very worthy cause, supporting KINSA, the Kids Internet Safety Alliance. It was a natural fit for the conceptual territory of safety, if tricky in terms of the delicate messaging I had to craft in order to sell the idea without making the audience uncomfortable. Facing the realities of KINSA’s work, hunting down pedophile rings and prosecuting child predators wasn’t something Microsoft wanted to be overly explicit about, so our focus centered more on the law enforcement training KINSA provides and trying rally people around the idea of helping to donate to that training.
  7. 7. The site was optimized to live both at the domain as well as within Facebook. We shot video with a KINSA investigator and an Internet Security Lead from Microsoft, drawing a correlation to their shared passion for safety.
  8. 8. Some results… • 492,000 total visits • Over $15,000 raised for KINSA • 6,500 people clicking to donate and join the cause • 1.4 million Facebook impressions (Clicking to donate posts a status update on Facebook profile, average user has 220 friends • 25,000 downloads of IE8 • The client was happy to have executed the campaign in a very tight timeframe of just over a month More this^ Less this^
  9. 9. Me I concepted out the main pillars of our pitch-back to Microsoft and also managed the evolution of the concept based on their feedback. I took the strategy, which had already been sold in, and manifested it into a concept that would work within the brief. I presented with my Sr. CD to Microsoft and supported him throughout design review and direction, also managing the numerous client reviews for copy and messaging. The first browser I noticed I was using…
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