Military Kids Connect - Matching Game


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Round 2 of story-boarding for MKC Matching Game. Had to add additional difficulty levels and Challenge mode progression.

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Military Kids Connect - Matching Game

  1. 1. MKC Matching Game Storyboard #2
  2. 2. User agrees with the EULA
  3. 3. Touches the play game button
  4. 4. Touches the Challenge Mode button
  5. 5. Reads directions for the challenge mode and touches the Startbutton
  6. 6. User finds two differences and touches the screen to indicatewhere
  7. 7. After touching a correct difference, a green circle indicates acorrect answer. User touches incorrectly on the image.
  8. 8. A wrong answer displays a red circle and 10 seconds aresubtracted from the clock. The user touches the Hint button.
  9. 9. A hint is displayed on the screen by showing a dashed circlearound the approximate position of a remaining difference.
  10. 10. Time has run out and the Challenge Complete screen isdisplayed. The user decides that he would like to post his scoreto military kids connect. He touches the Post your Score icon.
  11. 11. He signs into MKC by inputting his username andpassword, then touching the Login button.
  12. 12. User waits until the transfer is complete.
  13. 13. The Transfer Complete page verifies successful communicationwith and displays what he has unlocked / posted tohis account. User touches the Done button
  14. 14. The app returns to the home page. The user presses the PlayGame button.
  15. 15. User presses the Free Play game type button.
  16. 16. User checks other available Worlds.
  17. 17. Having not unlocked the second location, he returns to the firstWorld.
  18. 18. User touches the first world to access its stages.
  19. 19. User sees his progress on this world, but has forgotten how tounlock some of the stages on this map. User touches theinformational icon on the bottom left.
  20. 20. A pop up is displayed that explains how to unlock levels. Usercloses pop up window by touching X button in upper rightcorner of pop up window.
  21. 21. User selects the third level
  22. 22. Ready screen is displayed. User touches the Start button.
  23. 23. Wanting to take a quick break, the user presses the pausebutton in the upper right corner.
  24. 24. Coming back to his game, the user touches the resume button.
  25. 25. User plays the game [Skip to end of game]
  26. 26. Level complete page is displayed informing the user that he hasearned two stars this session. The user decides to proceed tothe next stage.
  27. 27. Randomly a Bonus Question splash screen is displayed forapproximately 2 seconds.
  28. 28. The user is presented with a trivia question about the Worldthat he is currently playing in. In this instance, Afghanistan.User touches the answer labeled: Kabul.
  29. 29. Having guessed the correct answer the user has earned 2additional stars. After touching the Done button, the user willproceed to the next level.
  30. 30. [End Scenario]