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A hitchhiker's guide to the boulder tech startup community


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A guide to the resources available to the tech oriented startup community in Boulder, Colorado

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A hitchhiker's guide to the boulder tech startup community

  1. A HitchhikersGuide to theBoulder TechStartup Community David Cohen, TechStars Last Updated March 17 2013 @DavidCohen
  2. Thank you to ContributorsDavid Cohen, TechStarsBrad Feld, Foundry GroupJason Mendelson, Foundry GroupTim Falls, SendGridRob Delwo, PivotDeskRobert ReichBrad Bernthal, Silicon FlatironsClare Tischer, TechStarsNicole Glaros, TechStarsDavid Jilk, Standing CloudJim Franklin, SendGridNiel Robertson, Trada Inspired by the Guide to the LA Startup Community by Sam Teller
  3. What Makes the Boulder StartupCommunity Work● Let the entrepreneurs lead● Give before you get● Promote Boulder as Awesome● Contribute Something. Anything.● Give Back to the community once you make it big (or even before you make it big).● Take Random Meetings (be "open door")● Be Inclusive - Show People around town● Dont complain. Act.
  4. Add your startup and see many more listed here.Some (not all) Notable StartupsBackflip LogRhythm Return Path StillSecureBlogFrog MobileDay RoundPegg SurveyGizmoeCortex Mobiplug SendGrid SymplifiedFlixMaster Mocavo ShipCompliant TeamSnapFullContact Modular Robotics Simple Energy TendrilGnip Occipital SnapEngage TradaKapost Ombud SparkFun UboolyLifepics Orbotix Splickit University ParentLijit PivotDesk SpotRight UsingMilesLingoport Precog Standing Cloud WebrootLinkSmart Rally Software StatsMix Advocharge
  5. Startup (Genome) Map of BoulderLink to the map: make sure your startup is on it. And tell your friendsto make sure theirs is too.Companies also apear @ http://www.bdnt.orgBackground:
  6. MovementsBoulder is for RobotsColorado: Entrepreneurial By NatureStartup Revolution
  7. MeetupsBoulder New Tech MeetupBoulder is for RobotsBoulder Open Coffee ClubCo-Founders WantedMobile Monday
  8. Events● Boulder New Tech Meetup● Ignite Boulder● TEDx Boulder● Startup Weekend● Boulder Beta● Entrepreneurs Unplugged● Crash Course Series● House of Genius
  9. Conferences● Big Boulder● Defrag● Glue● Blur● Silicon Flatirons Annual Entrepreneurship Conference● VCIR
  10. University of Colorado (Boulder)● Graduated Entrepreneurs Association (GEA)● StartupCU● CU New Venture Challenge (CUNVC)● Silicon Flatirons Center● Deming Center (Leeds School of Business)● CSUAC (Computer Science student group)● CU Senior Project● BDW
  11. Finding Talent / Co-Founders● TechStars FounderMatch● Co-Founders Wanted Meetup● Feld / Cohen Job Seekers distribution list (only if youre *hiring*, sign up)● New Tech● Lukes Circle
  12. Finding a Job with a Startup Job Seekers Distribution List - Ifyou want to distribute your resume to hundredsof area startups, send it to Brad Feld or DavidCohen for distribution.
  13. Venture Capital Firms● Foundry Group● Access Venture Partners● Tango/High Country Venture● Boulder Ventures● Grotech● eonBusiness
  14. Seed/MicroVC/Angel ● David Cohen / Bullet Time Ventures ● Fraser McCombs Capital ● CU Deming Venture Fund ● John Ives (Tacoma) Fund ● Galvanize
  15. Angel Groups ● Open Angel Forum ● Boulder Angels ● Rockies Venture Club ● If youre looking for angel capital, try AngelList.
  16. Accelerators ● TechStars ● Unreasonable Institute
  17. Startup Support Orgs ● Innovation Center of the Rockies ● TiE Rockies
  18. Co-Working Spaces● HUB● Scrib● Boulder Digital Arts● Boulder Co-Motion● TechStars (Sept-April, invite only)
  19. Dev/Design Shops● QuickLeft● Slice of Lime● Dojo4● Rage Digital● AngryBovine● MondoRobot● Pivotal Labs● Victors and Spoils● Viget
  20. Startup Friendly Big Companies● Google● Samsung● Bing (Microsoft)● Zayo
  21. Legal● Cooley● KKO● Bryan Cave● CU Entrepreneurial Law Clinic●
  22. Banking and Finance● Square 1● Silicon Valley Bank● AVL Growth Partners● Kurtz Fargo
  23. Press●●●●●
  24. Books by Boulder Startup Authors ● Do More Faster: TechStars Lessons To Accelerate Your Startup (Brad Feld and David Cohen) ● Startup Communities (Brad Feld) ● Startup Life (Brad Feld) ● Venture Deals (Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson) ● Good to Great, How the Mighty Fall, Built to Last, Great by Choice (Jim Collins).
  25. Blogs ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Nearly Nicole (Glaros) ● Del-iberations (Rob Delwo) ● ● Chris Marks
  26. Newsletters ● Boulder Startup Digest ● Boulder County Business Report
  27. Startup Friendly Hangout Spots ● The Cup ● Atlas Purveyors ● Ozo
  28. Engage ● Use email to start relationships ○ keep it short ○ have one clear ask ○ make it easy to say yes ○ do your research, make it relevant ○ reduce the number of emails sent back and forth by being specific, ie. suggest times and places that work ○ Dont start by asking busy people to lunch or coffee - offer to go to their office for 15 minutes after a few emails are exchanged.