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Uo u firstdayofclass

  1. 1. Understanding Our Universe FIRST EDITION Palen | Kay | Smith | Blumenthal © 2012 by W. W. Norton & Company FIRST DAY OF CLASS Overview of Student Resources
  2. 2.  StudySpace can help you increase your course grade with engaging study tools! • Study with interactive Flash Cards • Take Quizzes and test your knowledge • Deepen your understanding with AstroTours • Learn from Interactive Simulations • Link to ebook (paid option) • Use Smartwork to excel! (paid option) 22http://wwnorton.com/college/astronomy/understanding-our-universe/welcome.aspxhttp://wwnorton.com/college/astronomy/understanding-our-universe/welcome.aspx Improve Your Grade and Learn MoreImprove Your Grade and Learn More with Online Resourceswith Online Resources
  3. 3. 33 Click any chapterClick any chapter to begin usingto begin using Norton’sNorton’s StudySpaceStudySpace resources!resources! StudySpace isStudySpace is your free,your free, online studyonline study resource!resource! http://wwnorton.com/college/astronomy/understanding-our-universe/welcome.aspxhttp://wwnorton.com/college/astronomy/understanding-our-universe/welcome.aspx StudySpace: Study Online!StudySpace: Study Online!
  4. 4. 24/7 access to study tools! 44 With StudySpace you can:With StudySpace you can:  Map your progress with a Study PlanMap your progress with a Study Plan  Test your knowledge with QuizzesTest your knowledge with Quizzes  Engage with AstroTour AnimationsEngage with AstroTour Animations  Study with interactive Flash CardsStudy with interactive Flash Cards  Access the e-book (paid option)Access the e-book (paid option)  Go beyond with Smartwork (paid option)Go beyond with Smartwork (paid option)  Use these tools in every chapter!Use these tools in every chapter! Navigate to StudySpace study tools from the leftNavigate to StudySpace study tools from the left menu or from the main Study Plan in everymenu or from the main Study Plan in every chapter!chapter! 24/7 Access to Study Tools!24/7 Access to Study Tools! http://wwnorton.com/college/astronomy/understanding-our-universe/welcome.aspxhttp://wwnorton.com/college/astronomy/understanding-our-universe/welcome.aspx
  5. 5. Step 2.Step 2. CompleteComplete QuestionQuestion Quiz Yourself and Learn! Step 1.Step 1. BeginBegin QuizQuiz Step 3.Step 3. GetGet ImmediateImmediate Feedback!Feedback! View immediateView immediate feedback on quizfeedback on quiz questions withquestions with explanations and pageexplanations and page references!references! Quiz Yourself and Learn!Quiz Yourself and Learn!
  6. 6. SmartWorkSmartWork Access and Register forAccess and Register for Smartwork Online HomeworkSmartwork Online Homework Use Drag and Drop, “Hotspot” Labeling questions,Use Drag and Drop, “Hotspot” Labeling questions, and more to learn Astronomy concepts! Benefit from feedback,and more to learn Astronomy concepts! Benefit from feedback, links, hints, and thought questions related directly to your text!links, hints, and thought questions related directly to your text!
  7. 7. eBook Features 77 Access theAccess the Table of ContentsTable of Contents Highlight and takeHighlight and take notesnotes Search by keywordSearch by keyword or page numberor page number Print pagesPrint pages for class!for class! Your textbook: online or downloadable!Your textbook: online or downloadable! eBook FeatureseBook Features Click directlyClick directly toto AstroTours!AstroTours!
  8. 8. eBook Options • eBooks are available at 1/3 to 2/3 of text costeBooks are available at 1/3 to 2/3 of text cost • Choose from online or downloadable optionsChoose from online or downloadable options • Access from StudySpace or log onto:Access from StudySpace or log onto: www.nortonebooks.comwww.nortonebooks.com ChooseChoose PhysicsPhysics and Astronomyand Astronomy from menu andfrom menu and then select yourthen select your text from the list oftext from the list of titlestitles eBook OptionseBook Options
  9. 9. eBook Code or Purchase Enter yourEnter your registration coderegistration code or purchaseor purchase ebook accessebook access herehere • Once you selectOnce you select Understanding Our UniverseUnderstanding Our Universe,, enter your registration code or purchase a newenter your registration code or purchase a new code.code. NOTE: if youNOTE: if you have ahave a registrationregistration code you do notcode you do not need toneed to purchase thepurchase the ebookebook eBook Code or PurchaseeBook Code or Purchase
  10. 10. • To purchase access, choose an online orTo purchase access, choose an online or downloadable version of the ebookdownloadable version of the ebook Choose anChoose an online oronline or downloadabledownloadable ebookebook Yours forYours for 6 months6 months or oneor one yearyear Yours toYours to keep onkeep on oneone computercomputer eBook Purchase OptionseBook Purchase Options
  11. 11. to cart  Once you choose your ebook option, simply add it to your Norton cart and proceed to checkout! Add your ebookAdd your ebook to the cart andto the cart and proceed toproceed to checkout!checkout! You may alsoYou may also purchase a traditionalpurchase a traditional text from Norton’s site!text from Norton’s site! Shipping isShipping is free onfree on orders overorders over $25!$25! Add eBook to your cartAdd eBook to your cart
  12. 12. • Need Assistance with your purchase? Call NortonNeed Assistance with your purchase? Call Norton Customer Service at 800-233-4830Customer Service at 800-233-4830 • Technical questions?Technical questions? Please contact Support:Please contact Support: • Live Chat Support:Live Chat Support: Norton provides live chat support during theNorton provides live chat support during the following hours:following hours: Monday – Saturday: 10 A.M. – 10 P.M. (Eastern)Monday – Saturday: 10 A.M. – 10 P.M. (Eastern) Sunday: 12 P.M. – 12 A.M. (Eastern)Sunday: 12 P.M. – 12 A.M. (Eastern) Get 24/7 Support at:Get 24/7 Support at: http://books.wwnorton.com/books/student-help-request/http://books.wwnorton.com/books/student-help-request/ Customer Service and SupportCustomer Service and Support