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  • We are:An Enterprise Software CompanyWe target both large and mid-market companiesWe deliver social enterprise communication and social CRM applicationsOur customers use us to drive collaboration and enable strong communication
  • Moxie’s products facilitate communication and knowledge sharing between employees, customers, and partners. Employee Spaces is a trusted community platform often used as a collaborative intranet where employees can fulfill all the traditional portal functions like finding people and information while increasing levels of collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Spaces was designed in partnership with IDEO, the world’s leading human factors design firm. The platform is focused on simplifying human interactions to reflect the way people work, to be intuitive as possible so that users don’t need to learn how to use a new system. Spaces is highly adaptable and has the capabilities to “wrap around” your business needs and existing workflows in order to support collaboration, knowledge capture, and discovery. The photo in the top left of the slide is Don Tapscott – the leader of Moxie’s Insight thought leadership and advisory team. Don is responsible for much of the foundational research and thinking in the field of mass collaboration and the digital economy, and is the author of Growing Up Digital, Wikinomics, Macrowikinomics, and others. Insight’s work influences our methodology to reflect how other companies have succeeded (or failed) in collaborative initiatives.
  • Four IDEO Design PrincipalsGo where the people are = Adapt to the way people work to minimize the need to change behaviorProvide pointers to people =it’s about the people, not the technology. Help people find each other and interact in natural waysReward participants = Recognize contributions and enable self-organization to provide a highly relevant experienceCreate a compelling user experience = Find ways to make work easier to provide valueIterate early and often = Adapt to the changing needs of the business as well as the dynamic technology landscape
  • Case study
  • This slide illustrates that Spaces is highly available with excellent performance regardless of the location of your users. Users are directed to the datacenter nearest their location so that performance is optimized.
  • Our product deploys very quickly, and configurations are simple. In most cases, we have the site fully deployed (in three separate iterations) in 75 days or less.
  • Since Spaces is highly adaptable, additional functionality or iterations are expected and fully supported. This is evolution as a strategy.
  • Presentation 20111102

    1. 1. Employee SpacesDemonstrationFor:November 2nd, 2011David Garlough – Northeast Sales
    2. 2. About Moxie Software 600+ enterprise customers 58% YoY Growth in 2010 Global Operations in Silicon Valley, Bellevue, Austin and London Privately held venture-funded company, backed by Oak Investment Partners & Foundation Capital
    3. 3. Spaces by Moxie™ Employee Customer Spaces™ Spaces™ • Find Experts/People • Web Self-Service/KB • Collaboration • Chat/Email/Co-browse • Innovation/Ideation • Support Community • Share Knowledge Knowledge • Social Media Spaces™ Response/monitoring Both product sets named in Gartner Magic Quadrants
    4. 4. Employee Spaces™ Born in the Social Media Era © 2011 Moxie Software. All Rights Reserved. 4
    5. 5. Employee Spaces™ Design Principles Reward participants Go where the people arePointers to people Compelling user experience Iterate, Iterate, Iterate. © 2011 Moxie Software. All Rights Reserved. 5
    6. 6. Spaces DifferentiatorsDesign • IDEO Human-Centric UI maximizes adoptionAdaptability • Integration, templating, behavioral implementationManageability • Easy upgrades, enhancements, administration
    7. 7. Spaces vs. Yammer/MangoAppsSUMMARY: COMPLETE ENTERPRISE-GRADE SOLUTION FOCUSED ON USABILITY People-centric design via IDEO Far superior security and management Far better search capabilities Complete enterprise feature-set More adaptable & configurable + Strategic Guidance Behavioral Implementation Global Thought-leadership
    8. 8. Improve supply chain and customer service Global pharmaceutical company specializing in the development, production and marketing of generic and proprietary branded pharmaceuticals and active pharmaceutical ingredients. Demand & Supply Chain ManagementBusiness Problem Solution ResultsIdentify roadblocks within operations Employee Spaces™ by Moxie Software Increase in service levels to customersthat slow down the production & (wholesalers & distributors)delivery Open and virtual collaboration • Improvement seen within 1st month platform for employees & customers • Providing the best service is a keyDetect change in demand & adjust to: differentiatormanufacturing • Report issues • Monitor issues Faster detection & resolution ofIssues slow to be reported, sometimes • Collaborate around issues disruptive eventsundetected • Make decisions • Resolve issues Reduced # of meetings by 50%Issues require multiple groups toresolve problems Deployed & tailored to TEVA in 30 days Significant reduction in cycle times by 40%Large number of meetings to resolveproblems – Calendar sync almostimpossible – Time consuming“Two thirds of issues we deal with are unpredictable and are solved with open and virtualcollaboration and solved much faster” Tony Martins, VP of Supply Chain
    9. 9. Customer Proof Point: XL Insurance Challenge Solution Value Metrics Two Key Challenges: Moxie Software Supported established underwriting implemented Employee process by wrapping Spaces Underwriters must Spaces with enhanced configuration around existing effectively collaborate reporting and controls behaviors on new proposals even to support internalIndustry though team is spread underwriting approval Vastly improved discoverability and› P&C Insurance/Re out across the globe process audit capabilities via simple ability to archive an entire underwritingBackground Most activity was taking Created a private area collaboration to PDF› Employs about 4,000 place via email and within the same Spaces› $6.4B in annual revenue word docs, decision instance to support Improved camaraderie amongst› 45B total assets trails were difficult to collaboration among globally distributed teammates with understand and audit Managing Directors previously very little directValue Drivers interaction› Streamlining global Global Managing For both groups, collaboration, facilitating Directors lead the seamless sharing, Established for the first time the team relationships, strategic direction of communication, and ability for all Managing Directors to knowledge capture and the company, including collaboration across a simultaneously communicate around reporting new markets, new global organization strategic proposals and initiatives products, capitalSolutions Areas priorities, etc. Overcame well established habits› Employee Engagement and tendencies (massive email Spaces MDs also located threads/multi-version docs) through globally with extremely dead-simple, intuitive configuration busy schedules, but must collaborate © 2010 Moxie Software. All Rights Reserved. 9
    10. 10. Distributed Topology App App App App App 1 n 1 2 n Read Replica n+1 Region 1 Region 2 Region n © 2011 Moxie Software Confidential 10
    11. 11. Deployment MethodologyIteration 1 typically delivered 15 days after kickoffTimeframe typically < 90 days* from kickoff to full productionMethodology follows IDEO design principles, known Insightsuccess factors, and practical experience
    12. 12. Moxie’s Delivery ApproachPeople-centered design around collaborative intent • Deliver the simplest complete system possible and build on it over timeModular, iterative design & delivery - Think: Platform + Plug-ins