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How to use the Latex2RO tool


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Small tutorial showing how to create Research Object templates using the Latex2RO tool

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How to use the Latex2RO tool

  1. 1. Creating Research Objects with Latex2RO Daniel Garijo Ontology Engineering Group
  2. 2. Steps • Go to • Download the JAR in the executable_gui folder – Click on view Raw to download. • Open the –jar file. You will see this:
  3. 3. • Click on Load abstract from Latex file and select the latex file of your paper.
  4. 4. • Insert authors (one per line) • Now create a folder for your RO and click the Generate Research Object button.
  5. 5. You are done! • Your RO template will look like this: YOUR TITLE YOUR ABSTRACT
  6. 6. Follow up • The web page created is a template of an RO annotated in RDF-a. Now you should complete it with additional pointers to the resources you have used. • Example: Adding an input • The more you annotate your RO, the easier it will be for someone to reuse it! Type of the annotated resource (in this case ro:Resource) Link to the URI of the resource Annotated property (in this case we state that the RO aggregates this URI)