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                         Secure Logistics. Worldwide.
         The Brink’...
Brink’s iDepositSM takes the store-level cash collections process
into the electronic age with Web-based deposit creation ...
Brink’s iDepositSM is so simple to
use, it requires little training.
Depending on their level of
security access, employee...
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I Deposit Brochure


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I Deposit Brochure

  1. 1. Brink’s iDeposit SM Secure Logistics. Worldwide. The Brink’s name and logo are registered trademarks of Brink’s Network, Inc. Copyright © 2007 Brink’s, Incorporated
  2. 2. Brink’s iDepositSM takes the store-level cash collections process into the electronic age with Web-based deposit creation and tracking, right from your store or office. The simple system combines armored transportation with advanced information technology tools to create a cash management solution that not only increases efficiencies, but also expedites funds availability and improves cash flow. With the intelligent iDeposit, users simply input cash deposit amounts by denomination, print the automatically generated iDeposit ticket, and seal the ticket inside a tamper-evident iDeposit bag along with the cash and checks. The secure system is simple to use, it can be accessed from any Internet-enabled computer. There’s no software to install and no hardware to buy. You don’t even have to designate a specific computer for iDeposit transactions. Benefits you can count on. iDeposit streamlines the entire store-level cash collections process, at one location or across an entire network, for the flexibility, control, and savings you can’t get with paper deposits. Accelerate funds availability. Enhance tracking and control. Lower costs. Working with your bank, iDeposit As soon as you submit a deposit, With iDeposit, there are no facilitates daily credit based the information is electronically deposit slips to buy. iDeposit on the electronically reported captured in the iDeposit system makes it easy to consolidate amount—long before the cash where you can review it at any deposits across your store reaches the bank—giving you time, get status updates, and network, and at high volume the flexibility to make informed monitor deposit activity across transportation service rates. treasury decisions and better multiple locations. And, because Same day credit can be provided. manage cash flow. iDeposit stores historical data, Tighten security. you can research variances and Increase cash operations flexibility. exceptions, pull reports for trend iDeposit is password-restricted, iDeposit takes advantage of analysis, or analyze activity by date and uses a layered approach to technology to expand the deposit range or by deposit status. security, allowing administrators to window, giving you more time to grant store employees access to Reduce errors. transmit deposits according to as much or as little as necessary. your needs—not according to your Since deposit files are entered bank’s cut-off or your armored electronically, manual posting is pick-up schedule. virtually eliminated—so is the po- tential for errors. Auto-calculating fields allow for quick and accurate totaling that can be reviewed instantly for verification and compliance. Secure Logistics. Worldwide.
  3. 3. Brink’s iDepositSM is so simple to use, it requires little training. Depending on their level of security access, employees will be able to submit deposits, track activity, and report exceptions in a few, easy-to-follow steps. Retail Store Process Sample of an iDeposit screen. 3 Confirm Deposit 4 Print iDeposit Ticket 1 Create Deposit 2 Input Deposit Details Sign in through the iDeposit secure Select create deposit and enter coin The deposit confirmation screen User prints iDeposit ticket on standard website with your user ID and and cash amounts by denomination gives users the opportunity to letter-size paper, seals the ticket in the password. into the auto-calculating fields. verify details. tamper-evident bag along with the cash in preparation for pick up. 5 In Bag 6 Track Deposits 7 Create Reports Barcode: From: To: Said to contain: Secure Logistics. Worldwide. FOR IDEPOSIT SLIP ONLY Users can track and verify transactions The iDeposit allows report creation Make sure barcode is visible. across a single store or, depending on based on a single location or all security access, an entire network. locations, a particular deposit or a Standard reports include full historical range of deposits, as well as other deposit exceptions and provide user-specified criteria. real-time tracking. treasury store iDepositBagLayout012207.indd 1 1/22/2007 10:09:02 AM Secure Logistics. Worldwide.