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Secure Logistics. Worldwide.
CompuSafe® and Daily CreditTM
Manual Cash Handling – The Challenges
                                                                           Exposure ...
Meeting the Cash Handling Challenge
Retail safes, or “smart safes”, are quickly replacing manual cash             Cash rec...
The Brink’s Solution: CompuSafe® and Daily CreditTM
Brink’s newest intelligent safes, the Brink’s CompuSafe® 3000 and the ...
Daily CreditTM without Daily Pick-up
Built into each Brink’s CompuSafe 3000 and 4000 is
innovative technology enabling the...
Retail Challenges Are No Match
With Brink’s CompuSafe and Brink’s Daily Credit, cash-handling is transformed from a slow, ...
A Solution for Every Department
Brink’s CompuSafes are more than cash safes, they are a complete cash management solution ...
To those retailers who are ready to meet their cash-handling challenges
head on, Brink’s CompuSafe and Daily Cr...
Compu Safe Brochure
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Compu Safe Brochure


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Cash management solution for the retail sector.

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Compu Safe Brochure

  1. 1. Secure Logistics. Worldwide. CompuSafe® and Daily CreditTM
  2. 2. Manual Cash Handling – The Challenges Exposure Utilization Managing cash is a vital part of any retail business, especially stores handling high volumes of currency. To improve cash security and Cash not held in a safe is Manual cash handling is control, many retailers employ a cash-handling process built on a series exposed, making it vulnerable unpredictable. When a of checks and balances. First, the cash is counted at the cashier level; to theft. discrepancy or reconciliation it is then counted again by back office personnel, often twice and under error causes the team to miss dual custody; and possibly again by the branch manager as part of the Mishandling the daily deposit cut-off, the deposit preparation process. retailer is denied use of those Stress, inattentiveness, apathy, funds until they’re collected and lack of proper cash-handling Some of the challenges inherent in this process are obvious; it is time and transferred to the bank. training can lead to counting consuming and the opportunity for mistakes are endless. Other challenges errors, mathematical mistakes, are less apparent, but equally detrimental to the retail environment. Employee Satisfaction transpositions, and reconciliation miscalculations. Employees The manual cash process offers are human, and humans numerous opportunities for thieves make mistakes. to strike—while cashiers are clos- ing out their tills, when employees Productivity are counting the cash, and when the manager takes the bag of Counting, recounting, and recon- cash to the bank. This threat can ciling cash can take hours a day. be frightening and can damage For retailers with multiple stores, employee morale. cash handling can consume countless hours a month that Treasury Management Expense otherwise could be contributing to sales, customer service With manual cash handling, each and profitability. store is responsible for its own deposit—a transaction for which Information Management the bank charges a fee. These costs can add up quickly, Manual cash handling translates Manual cash handling is time consuming and especially for retailers with to manual recordkeeping and numerous stores. limited access to information the opportunity for mistakes are endless. for cash forecasting and management. page 1 Secure Logistics. Worldwide.
  3. 3. Meeting the Cash Handling Challenge Retail safes, or “smart safes”, are quickly replacing manual cash Cash received at POS is inserted handling in stores throughout the nation and the world. These safes, into smart safe where it is verified usually installed at the point of sale or in the back office, automate the and authenticated, then passed cash-handling process while providing secure storage out of criminal into cassettes for safekeeping reach. In fact, these safes are so sophisticated, they virtually remove cash handling from a store’s operations except for the few seconds between accepting it from customers and inserting it into the safe’s bill Armored transportation provider acceptor. Once inserted into the safe, the cash is verified, authenticated, picks up cash and takes it to a and passed into locked cassettes where it remains safe from theft and cash vault for processing mismanagement. Today’s smart safes do more than protect cash. They also manage the cash process, counting and tracking cash activity at the Server Network access connects Server Server Server cashier level for fast, accurate balancing—no counting, re-counting, locations enabling sharing of Bank Headquarters Bank Headquarters Bank Bank Headquarters Headquarters and verifying necessary. And smart safes capture data electronically information and electronic trans- for aggregation across a single store or an entire network of mission of deposit information locations. The result is a complete cash management solution virtually eliminating on-site counting and verification. For some stores, this can save countless hours a month, and multiplied over a number of Deposit information from multiple locations, the increase in productivity can be staggering. stores is aggregated and deposited to a single bank Today’s smart safes are so smart, they virtually remove cash handling from a store’s operations. page 2
  4. 4. The Brink’s Solution: CompuSafe® and Daily CreditTM Brink’s newest intelligent safes, the Brink’s CompuSafe® 3000 and the Brink’s CompuSafe® 4000, deliver the innovation, functionality, and flexibility to meet the retail cash-handling challenge, even in the most cash-intensive environments. Combined with Daily Credit, these safes turn cash handling into a streamlined process protecting cash from theft while accelerating funds availability, improving productivity, and lowering cash-handling costs. Flexibility For Any Retail Environment: Brink’s CompuSafe® 3000 The flexible Brink’s CompuSafe 3000 Series is available with high-speed single, Available with single note acceptor PC-based touch-screen interface dual or bulk note acceptors that read and validate bulk U.S. currency, pass- (1,200-note capacity), dual note accep- Multi-user operation and tracking tors (2,400-note capacity), and bulk note ing the notes into locked cassettes for safekeeping. Featuring an easy-to-use acceptor (2,000-note capacity) touch-screen display and a PC-based operating system, the Brink’s Dual custody access system CompuSafe 3000 can integrate with point of sale and back office systems Reads and verifies U.S. currencies Sealed, locked, secure, and and is completely configurable for just about any cash management need. removable cassettes Tamper-resistant drop slots for checks and money orders Multiple language options at the touch of a button A Smart Safe Workhorse: Brink’s CompuSafe® 4000 Currency recognition at 16 bills Built-in envelope and document drop slot With its easy-to-use touch-screen, fast, accurate currency recognition, and per second and safe extra-large 5,000-note capacity, the Brink’s CompuSafe 4000 is the retail workhorse, verifying bills one at a time or in bulk in the back office at a rate Automatic counterfeit/damaged Can interface with POS and accounting of 16 per second. note detection systems Verified bills are automatically passed into the safe’s secure cassettes where Touch-screen interface Optional User ID swipe card reader and they’re stored until a Brink’s armored carrier picks up the deposits and loose coin acceptor/sorter available transports them to a vault facility for processing. The safe accommodates 5,000-note capacity locked, removable checks, too, with a built-in document and envelope drop slot and safe. The canisters stored within safe safe records transactions electronically and generates a detailed receipt. Detailed receipt with each transaction page 3 Secure Logistics. Worldwide.
  5. 5. Daily CreditTM without Daily Pick-up Built into each Brink’s CompuSafe 3000 and 4000 is innovative technology enabling the safes to interface via remote access with Brink’s, to report cash totals for each cashier, each store and totals across all locations. Brink’s, in turn, works with select financial institutions to facilitate credit based on these elec- tronically reported totals, giving CompuSafe customers credit for their deposits faster than by manual cash-handling methods. In fact, with Brink’s Daily Credit, most customers receive credit for their cash, hours, and in most cases, days before the cash actually reaches the bank. Meanwhile, Brink’s armored transportation profes- sionals pick up the cash cassettes from the Com- puSafe units according to the store’s schedule, pos- sibly on a daily basis depending on note storage capacity. The safes may hold several days worth of receipts allowing the store manager to reduce pick- up frequency. Customers receive credit for cash What’s more, in the electronic world of Daily Credit, receipts on a daily basis, without having totals can be transmitted upon day end or at a predetermined time each day, giving retailers more to wait for cash to be processed. flexibility and discretion in meeting bank deposit cut-off times. Upon pick-up, the cash is verified and prepared for deposit. If discrepancies are noted at this time, the difference between the actual and reported amounts is debited or credited to the customer account as appropriate. page 4
  6. 6. Retail Challenges Are No Match With Brink’s CompuSafe and Brink’s Daily Credit, cash-handling is transformed from a slow, manual process into a sleek, efficient, and productive automated solution that overcomes the traditional challenges retailers face when dealing with high volumes of cash. Cash Exposure Productivity Information Management Treasury Management Expense The Brink’s CompuSafe unit takes With high-speed currency recog- The Brink’s CompuSafe units Brink’s will consolidate deposit totals cash out of criminal reach and nition and a bulk note acceptor, electronically record and maintain from any number of stores into a protects with a formed, full-welded both the Brink’s CompuSafe 3000 complete records of each transac- single transaction at a designated 1/4” body, a B-Rate 1/2” solid A36 and 4000 speed cash handling at tion, giving store personnel and bank. This saves the retailer the fees steel door that’s sledgehammer the point of sale and in the back treasury managers visibility and associated with multiple deposits and pry bar resistant, and thick, office, and can be integrated with greater control over cash (one from each store) and the time 1” diameter chromed live POS and accounting systems to resources, deposit tracking, required to reconcile and manage locking bolts. reduce reconciliation and bank and exception reporting. multiple accounts. deposit preparation time. Mishandling Employee Satisfaction A Brink’s CompuSafe 3000 or 4000 reduces the opportunity for The CompuSafe intelligent safes error and mishandling with a large, take the burden of cash handling easy-to-operate touch-screen off employees and keep cash out interface and detailed reporting of reach of criminals, removing that helps you audit and track temptation and creating a safer activity by cashier, by shift, or work environment that boosts by store. morale and worker satisfaction. Utilization The safes enable direct communi- cation via phone line between the safe and Brink’s to support Daily Credit, a service that accelerates funds availability to turn cash receipts into usable funds on a daily basis. page 5 Secure Logistics. Worldwide.
  7. 7. A Solution for Every Department Brink’s CompuSafes are more than cash safes, they are a complete cash management solution offering benefits for departments and functions throughout the retail organization, from Loss Prevention, Store Operations and Human Resources, to Treasury Management and Training. For many retailers, these benefits not only support the decision to invest in cash management technology, they become a driving force in the organization’s commitment to automated cash-handling efficiency. Loss Prevention Treasury Manager / CFO Operations / Store Director Brink’s CompuSafe enables you to Built-in communications With the Brink’s CompuSafe take cash handling out of a store’s capabilities enable Brink’s intelligent safes, the cash cycle cash operations, removing temptation CompuSafe customers to take is transformed from a manual and virtually eliminating the threat of advantage of a unique process to an automated flow, theft or mishandling. benefit—Daily Credit—that giving back to stores those provides account credit based on resources—human resources— electronically reported cash totals. previously dedicated to In addition, the Brink’s CompuSafe cash-handling procedures. For simplifies reconciliations, makes it some stores, this can amount easy to manage cash collections to countless hours, and infinite across multiple locations, and monetary resources. enables the consolidation of CFOs / Cash Managers banking relationships for lower overall costs. Automating the cash-handling process with the Brink’s Operations / HR CompuSafe 3000 or 4000 virtually Brink’s CompuSafe creates a eliminates human error when safer place to work by reducing accepting cash, counting and time spent on employee cash- reconciling it, deposit preparation, handling training, procedure etc. These mistakes not only con- compliance monitoring and tribute to annual loss figures, they when taking necessary deplete stores of valuable time corrective actions. and subject cash flow to unneces- sary bottlenecks. page 6
  8. 8. Conclusion To those retailers who are ready to meet their cash-handling challenges head on, Brink’s CompuSafe and Daily Credit offer the ultimate solution. With secure technology that automates the process from point of sale to deposit, Brink’s cash solutions deliver productivity, efficiency, and cash flow benefits to just about every function in the organization, in addition to Daily Credit, an exclusive benefit only available at Brink’s. For more information, visit or call us today at 800-BRINKS-5. The Brink’s name and logo and CompuSafe® are registered trademarks of Brink’s Network, Inc. © 2007 Brink’s, Incorporated Secure Logistics. Worldwide.