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Trisotech Digital Enterprise Graph


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Presentation I made at the Business Process & Case Management Summit 2015

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Trisotech Digital Enterprise Graph

  1. 1. Digital Enterprise Graph powering Trisotech Digital Enterprise Suite Where strategies come to life! Denis Gagné Chair BPSWG at WfMC XPDL Co-Editor at WfMC Chair BPMN MIWG at OMG BPMN 2.1 RTF Member at OMG CMMN 1.1 RTF Member at OMG DMN 1.1 RTF Member at OMG
  2. 2. Mobile Cloud Social IoT Big Data & Analytics Semantic Technology Customer Centricity Knowledge Centricity Process Centricity Innovation Centricity The Digital Enterprise
  3. 3. 110010100101010001001011 110010100101010001001011011010100100101001001000100100010 1100101001010100010010110110101001001010010010001001000100010010101001001001000101010100101010101010010 1010101010010010101001110101010110010111110010100100110101010111010101010101010010101010101010101111001 0100111001001010101010101001010101001001001001111001010101011101001001001111101101001001010101011010010 1001010100101001001001010100101001010010010101001010101010010101010101000101010101010101010110010100101 0100010010110110101001001010010010001001000100010010101001001001000101010100101010101010010101010101001 0010101001110101010110010111110010100100110101010111010101010101010010101010101010101111001010011100101 0101010101010010101010010010010011001010010101000100101101101010010010100100100010010001000100101010010 0101010101010010101010010010010011001010010101000100101101101010010010100100100010010001000100101010010 Volume Velocity Variety How to integrate and translate all this data into relevant knowledge
  4. 4. Business Executives LOB Managers Enterprise Architects Business Architects Process Analysts Business Analysts Stakeholders perspectives
  5. 5. Business Executives  Create plans  Outline strategies, tactics and goals  Assign responsibilities Growth
  6. 6. Enterprise Architects  Document the conceptual blueprint of the organization  Structure enterprise capabilities, information and technological infrastructures Value Creation
  7. 7. Business Architects  Ensure effectiveness in realising the transformation and innovation  Promote a common understanding  Ensure alignment between business model and operating model Alignment
  8. 8. Process Analysts  Create process and case models for documentation and guidance or for automation  Analyse how things are done  Reduce non-value efforts Efficiency
  9. 9. Terminology Methodology Tools Standards Current standards only allow formal structured exchanges within a particular group
  10. 10. In Technology and in Business “The only thing that is constant is change” ― Heraclitus
  11. 11. Business wants the benefits of a good architecture not the blueprint itself Enterprise Architects Business Architects Architecture is a mean to an end…. not an end of its own
  12. 12. Principle Based Simple, direct statements to define how things ought to be and form the basis for making future decisions Pragmatic Just in time and just enough architecture The need for emergent Enterprise Architecture
  13. 13. To provide a bird’s eye view To provide insight into interrelationship and structure To provide a common understanding of how business processes align with the exiting enterprise The need for a “Blueprint”
  14. 14. and more on business outcomes Enterprise Architects Business Architects Architects need to focus less on compliance issues
  15. 15. From inefficient hierarchies to self-organizing structure
  16. 16. not a set of neatly aligned tables or strict taxonomies Complex relationships and interconnections The Real World
  17. 17. Simple yet powerful node-links structures Loose coupling enables agile continuous evolution Provides meaningful connections of business entities Graphs
  18. 18. Social Graph Knowledge Graph Office Graph Digital Enterprise Graph
  19. 19. What is the Digital Enterprise Graph 1100101001010100010010110110101001001010010010001001000100010010101001001001000101010100101010101010 0101010101010010010101001110101010110010111110010100100110101010111010101010101010010101010101010101 1110010100111001001010101010101001010101001001001001111001010101011101001001001111101101001001010101 0110100101001010100101001001001010100101001010010010101001010101010010101010101000101010101010101010
  20. 20. Global Unified Business Context Semantical layer powering the intelligence fabric Agility Innovation Transformation
  21. 21. Content and models across the Digital Enterprise are populating the Digital Enterprise Graph Frameworks EA & BA Tools BA Tools Ontologies Accelerators Accelerators Accelerators Meaningful interconnection of all business artifacts from different application sources
  22. 22. FASTER Accelerators Frameworks • APQC • Panorama360 Architectures • Casewise • NoMagic • SAPPowerDesigner • SparxEA Ontologies • FIBO • … ProcessMining • Fluxicon
  23. 23. Trisotech Digital Enterprise Graph Moving Data Science in the hands of business users As the volume velocity and variety of captured data explodes, uncovering hidden relationships and connections through graph analytics will enable breakthroughs in realizing value from big data.
  24. 24. Trisotech Digital Enterprise Graph
  25. 25. Trisotech Digital Enterprise Graph
  26. 26. Enabling coexistence of Goal oriented planning Lean Sigma Sigma Improvement Process and Case Management coordination Business Policies and Decision Specification Responsibility and Accountability Management Agent based execution
  27. 27. Impact Analysis • Where used • Not only of Systems but Goals, Actors, Activities, Artifacts and Events
  28. 28. Alignment • Between Strategy and Execution • With desired Architecture • With reference Frameworks
  29. 29. Responsibility Analysis • Perceived vs Existing
  30. 30. Power of Digital Enterprise Graph Provides a global unified Business Context that enables Agility, Innovation and Transformation Can be: Visualized (Serendipity) Reasoned over Explored for patterns Queried Traversed (Search) Analyzed (Mining) Machine Learning
  31. 31. Technical Benefits Single scheme that ease querying Global identifiers that facilitate integration Graph approach that ease extensibility Formal semantic that ensure dependability
  32. 32. Where strategies come to life!