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bpmNEXt 2016 - Denis Gagne


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Trisotech presentation made at bpmNEXT 2016

Published in: Business
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bpmNEXt 2016 - Denis Gagne

  1. 1. On Becoming Digital Where strategies come to life! Visualize, innovate, transform and improve your enterprise
  2. 2. Rapid Technological Adoption Changing Customer Behaviour Increasing Competition Digital Revolution A paradigm shift no organization can escape
  3. 3. Digital Transformation Dx Evolve or die
  4. 4. Thriving not Surviving You must have the foresight to adapt
  5. 5. Benefits to Customer Value to Business Low High Low High Focus on Value Customer Experience Operational Processes Business Model Value creation and befits to customers should shape your digital transformation
  6. 6. Benefits to Customer Value to Business Low High Low High Focus on Outcome Customer Experience Operational Processes Business Model Creating new business models and new forms of customer engagement by leveraging knowledge worker abilities
  7. 7. Improve Doing the same thing better Innovate Doing new things Doing new things that makes the old way obsolete Transform
  8. 8. Digital Strategy Plan the flight “There is no map, and charting a path ahead will not be easy. We will need to invent, which means we will need to experiment.” Jeffrey P. Bezos Companies need to define their digital strategy. If not, they will be left behind
  9. 9. • It is all about execution • The greatest strategy with poor execution will fail Fly the plan “Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work.” Peter Drucker Moving to address these opportunities can involve difficult change, both inside and outside the company
  10. 10. Mobile Cloud Social IoT Big Data & Analytics Semantic Technology Process Centricity Customer Centricity Knowledge Centricity Innovation Centricity Do not confuse Digital Transformation with increased technology spending
  11. 11. Business Executives LOB Managers Enterprise Architects Business Architects Process Analysts Business Analysts Stakeholders perspectives
  12. 12. Envision the future Discovery Align strategies and operations
  13. 13. Process Management Core management practices Case Management Decision Management
  14. 14. Process Management BPMN A disciplined approach that allows organizations to become more efficient
  15. 15. Case Management CMMN A paradigm shift to support knowledge-intensive work
  16. 16. Decision Management DMN Increases an organizations agility and adaptability by defining both the requirements of and the logic of business decisions
  17. 17. Digital Enterprise Graph Semantical layer powering the intelligence fabric A semantic model of your organization
  18. 18. Collaborative Visualization Business Serendipity inside Provides organizations with deeper, more meaningful insights
  19. 19. Shared Vision Is key One of the most powerful forces behind the success of any organizational endeavour is a shared vision
  20. 20. Digital Enterprise Server Discovery Accelerator BPMN Modeler CMMN Modeler Where strategies come to life! DMN Modeler Insight Analyzer Kommunicator Come test the future at Trisotech next-generation applications define the leading edge of Digital Transformation enablement, leveraging visualization of process, case, and decision management to streamline innovation, transformation and continuous improvement of organizations.