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ProductCamp DFW 2.0 2012


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DFW Product Group presents the 2nd annual ProductCamp DFW.

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ProductCamp DFW 2.0 2012

  1. 1. June 23rd, 2012 8:00 am – 4:00 pm at the @ProductCampDFW #PcampDFW
  2. 2. ProductCamp Guidelines• There are only participants.• Share, Share, Share! Information sharing is expected and encouraged.• Networking is good! We encourage you to reach out…no one will bite you. Promise!• “2 foot” rule applies: Use you own two feet to quietly exit a session if you feel another session might be more beneficial. @ProductCampDFW #PcampDFW
  3. 3. Poll Question How did you hear about ProductCamp DFW? Attended last year! Lead Member My boss Friend Email Colleague Spouse Sponsor @ProductCampDFW #PcampDFW
  4. 4. Poll Question How long have you worked in the product profession? 0 - 1 year 8% 1 - 2 years 13% 2 - 5 years 17% 5 - 10 years 20% 10+ years 43% @ProductCampDFW #PcampDFW
  5. 5. Poll Question Which functional group does your role fall under? Marketing 33% Product Development (does not roll up to IT) 26% Product Innovation 16% Information Technology 13% N/A 10% Channel business unit, e.g eCommerce 3% @ProductCampDFW #PcampDFW
  6. 6. Poll QuestionWhich development cycle/process does your company/product development group use? Agile 45% Other 41% Lean methodology 7% Waterfall 5% Kanban 2% @ProductCampDFW #PcampDFW
  7. 7. Industries in Attendance Consulting Education Finance Healthcare Hospitality Information Technology Insurance Manufacturing Marketing/Advertising Non-profit/Charity Retail/Consumer Goods Telecommunications Travel, Transportation, Tourism @ProductCampDFW #PcampDFW
  8. 8. Companies in Attendance We have 80+ companies, organizations and entrepreneurs registered! @ProductCampDFW #PcampDFW
  9. 9. DFW Product Group • Looking for a group where you can truly network with your peers who have a passion for all things Product? • Dallas/Fort Worth Product Group was founded on February 2010 and has grown to 230+ members. • The objective of the DFW Product Group is to create networking opportunities for  Product Developers  Product Marketers  Product Managers  Innovators  Strategists  Business Developers and others alike… for more details or contact Joyce Schofield via info@dfwproductgroup.org @ProductCampDFW #PcampDFW
  10. 10. THANK YOU to our sponsors! @ProductCampDFW #PcampDFW
  11. 11. Happy Hour Please join us for more networking opportunities immediately following the Award session. UTD PUB 5:00 – 6:00pm @ProductCampDFW #PcampDFW
  12. 12. Talk to Us We are listening to all your tweets! And so are your peers who were not able to make it. Tell us what’s on your mind… #PcampDFW @ProductCampDFW @ProductCampDFW #PcampDFW