Free Credit Reports No Credit Card Required Ever


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This guide will show you how to get your 3 FREE Credit Reports REALLY FREE . No credit card is required to get all 3 credit reports. This is the ONLY site that is officially made to assist consumers in getting credit reports that are really FREE.

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Free Credit Reports No Credit Card Required Ever

  1. 1. Get All 3 Free Credit Reports for 2010 No Credit Card Required EVER! It is YOUR RIGHT! If you are really on a tight budget and completely frustrated about getting a FREE credit report that is REALLY FREE this book will show you how. This is REALLY FREE CREDIT REPORTS and not a 7 day trial program where you have to provide your credit card information and later be charged anywhere from $14.99 to $29.99 at, how is THAT free? Talk about ridiculous! Anyways The REAL website set up by the government where you can get all 3of your credit reports free without ANY credit card information is: Warning: Each Credit Reporting Agency WILL Try to sell you their credit monitoring service, so always choose the “Get My Free Report” button.
  2. 2. This is what the OFFICIAL site looks like. You will NOT need a credit card to get all 3 reports. All you do at the main page is select your state. This is where you fill out all your personal information. Notice that it DOES NOT ASK for your credit card information. If it does, you are at the wrong site!
  3. 3. This Screen Is where you will choose which credit report you want. You have to choose one at a time, so whichever one you go with first, when you are done it will bring you back to this main screen. I choose Equifax, so here is my 100% FREE report. Notice that it warns you that after you hit complete, you will NOT be able to get another free credit report from them for a year.
  4. 4. In order to make sure that all 3 of your credit reports are free make sure that this top menu bar ALWAYS appears on the top of each site you visit. And that is how you get your OFFICIAL FREE CREDIT REPORT ONLINE. Other things you should know: This website only offers you free credit reports. It is very important that you also know your credit scores, protect yourself from identity theft, and monitor your credit to get an updated credit report monthly. This is recommended if you are about to apply for a student or home loan or are about to make a big purchase. If that is the case please visit the website where you can get credit scores, credit reports, credit monitoring, identity theft, and a debt management program to help you get out of debt. There is a $14.99 fee for the service, if you are really serious about improving your credit this will be a great service that I would recommend to you. Brought to you by: