C8 Whats New In Versions 3 And 4


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C8 Whats New In Versions 3 And 4

  1. 1. What’s New: Versions 3 and 4 of IBM Cognos 8 BI Vladimir Stojanovski Solutions Architect for Texas and Louisiana State/Local Government and Higher Education © 2009 IBM Corporation
  2. 2. IBM Cognos 8v3 © 2009 IBM Corporation
  3. 3. 8.3 – Key New Features  Briefing books  Self-Service personal alerts  Improved Transformer capabilities  Global dashboard filtering  More flexible organization of information  Express authoring mode  New scorecard portlets  Model Advisor  Proactive Administration (System Health Metrics)  Report & Job Queue Prioritization
  4. 4. Briefing Books Inter-mingle different page Live TOC to enable orientations within the quick navigation same report No Data Handling allows the A singleton is a dataframe business user to customize the that displays the first value report when there is no data found for a single query item  Professional authors are able to quickly combine different styles and formats within a single report  Business users can easily navigate multi-style, multi-page reports with critical information formatted for easy consumption.
  5. 5. Self-Service Personal Alerts Define how you would like to be alerted Highlight the report, or Receive alert and value within a report that monitor over time you wish to be alerted on  Users can easily create their own alerts for scheduled reports  Users can control when and how they receive critical information without IT intervention
  6. 6. Improved Transformer Capabilities CUBE BUILDING AND DEPLOYMENT Reporting Cognos 8 Reporting Ad-Hoc Query Analysis Ad-Hoc Query Transformer 8 PowerCubes Relational / Non-Relational  Provides business friendly tools for end users to create and manage their own cubes optimized for exploration and analysis  IT can leverage existing investments and enables targeted analysis to speed decision making
  7. 7. Additional capabilities ...  Global dashboard filtering – Allowing users to quickly filter on all data contained in dashboard  More flexible organization of information – Ability to push packages to any folder in the content manager – Enable organization of a large number of packages
  8. 8. Express Authoring Mode Working with live data to accelerate report production Pre-defined financial calculations Statement style formatting Optimized toolbox for crosstab functionality  Provides financial/business analysts a quick and easy mechanism to create formatted reports to support financial and business processes  Instant feedback and a focused user-interface satisfies self service needs
  9. 9. New Scorecard Portlets Embed scorecards into Cognos Connection Global filtering Embed history charts into Cognos Connection  Users can now access scorecards and history charts through Cognos Connection using new scorecard portlets.  Easier to access and communicate scorecard information and promote broad use across the organization
  10. 10. Model Advisor Generate a quick report Pinpoint areas in the Launch Model Advisor highlighting recommended model where improvements from Framework Manager areas of optimization can be made  Enables users to apply proven Cognos modeling practices to optimize model creation  Reduces the amount of time and effort to build high- quality models
  11. 11. Proactive Administration Prioritize critical View hundreds of system process to ensure metrics, consolidated consistent service in summary views is delivered Provides centralized holistic management of Cognos solution  Provide administrators with more detailed metrics and thresholds. Also leverages Cognos 8 capabilities such as event management and reporting.  Reduce the time it takes to identify, troubleshoot and resolve an issue
  12. 12. Queue Prioritization and Report Rerun Monitor job queue Re-start report runs Set priority on scheduled reports on demand.  Improve IT’s visibility and control enabling them to take action on reporting activities  Provides administrators with the ability to change priority of a scheduled report or re-run a report on a user’s behalf
  13. 13. © 2009 IBM Corporation
  14. 14. “Informed” Functionality Provides more trusted information with the additional context to add perspective to the information  Annotations  Charting enhancements  Data Lineage  More interactivity on mobile devices
  15. 15. Informed Annotations Cognos 8 v4 delivers information with greater…  Context  Relevance  Confidence in the information
  16. 16. Informed Annotations
  17. 17. Informed Annotations – Report Properties (Advanced Options)
  18. 18. Informed Bubble chart property – ‘Empty’ bubbles are negative values Charting Enhancements New color palettes to match Marimekko Chart industry standards More visually appealing and interesting reports  New and improved charts types available  Background design and color flexibility (ie Excel palette)
  19. 19. Informed Data Lineage Select Objects of Interest from Report View or Package Depending on your Role, See Business or Technical Lineage  Gain User Confidence – Provide the ability to understand where the data their decisions originated
  20. 20. Informed Data Lineage Access Metadata Workbench Directly from Cognos Reports Metadata Workbench - View Other Reports that Contain this Data, Trace Back to Source  Business users easily see where data originated to gain confidence in the data they use to drive decisions  Data modelers and report authors see lineage from report to source, saving time with report development and troubleshooting
  21. 21. Informed Business Glossary Select Objects of Browse definitions, Interest from Report examples, term owner, View or Package usage and related terms Access Business With appropriate Glossary directly from rights, contribute to Cognos reports dictionary of terms Integration with InfoSphere Business Glossary  Improve overall business understanding of what terms mean  Build enterprise dictionary of terms to align organization and increase data confidence
  22. 22. Informed Go! Mobile Support for all Prompt types on the Mobile Device  Enhanced Prompt Support  Location Aware Content
  23. 23. Informed Go! Mobile  Send the report to mobile recipients Select the recipients…  Fully Integrated Cognos 8 Scheduling  Ability to Burst reports to Multiple Mobile users
  24. 24. “Engaged” Functionality Cognos 8 v4 invites business users with more a dynamic & interactive business intelligence experience  Dynamic and Customizable Dashboards  Authoring and Exploration via BI Search  Extended Analysis for Excel Support  PowerPlay on Cognos 8 Platform  New Scorecard Portlets
  25. 25. Engaged Go! Dashboard Flash graphics deliver Rich Charts and enable Re-Sorts, Filters etc Highly interactive Slider object Dynamic  Rich Flash graphics  Quickly create visually appealing dashboards
  26. 26. Engaged Go! Dashboard Modify Chart Types Personalization options enable Reorganize the Dashboard End Users to customize look and Layout feel Personalized  Easy to use, Drag-and-Drop interface  Arrange content in a way to maximize impact
  27. 27. Engaged Go! Dashboard Access to reports or report ‘parts’ Trusted  Leverages existing secure Cognos content  Cognos 8 full report or report parts
  28. 28. Engaged Go! Search Search results categorized and weighted; Includes 3rd Party search results  Search Assisted Exploration and Authoring – Exploration – May drop you into PowerPlay Studio with a selected cube – Authoring – May drop you into a Studio  More relevant results – Relevance adjustments – Suggested content
  29. 29. Engaged Go! Search Go! Search tab added to the standard admin area  Improved Administration – No longer required to edit the csnconfig.xml file – Inclusion / Exclusion / Freshness / Relevance of Types, Content, Data  Configuration of Third Party Search – Google Search Appliance, IBM OmniFind Enterprise, IBM OmniFind Yahoo Edition  Admin Options - Index group items, Adjust resource utilization, …
  30. 30. Engaged IBM Cognos Analysis for Excel Users see metadata tree instead of member tree  Access to Relational data sources – Not all data suited to Dimensional Model (e.g. price lists) – Not a replacement for Query or Report Studio – Avoid Time based reporting when leveraging relational data – Lists added to support relational data
  31. 31. Engaged IBM Cognos Analysis for Excel New complex filters to enable you to quickly focus your data  Complex Filters – Contains, And, Or, brackets, etc. – Very similar to Analysis Studio – Can filter on Label or Measure
  32. 32. Engaged IBM Cognos Analysis for Excel  Preview – Preview with no data  Select Levels – Put Levels side by side (Like a relational table list)  Expand Levels – Expand All – Multi-Select then Expand  Exploration Style Sheets – Header, total lines, etc.
  33. 33. Engaged PowerPlay PowerPlay Studio Zero footprint Windows Client administration  Brings PowerPlay onto the Cognos 8 BI platform  Maintains the same PowerPlay user interfaces  Facilitates the migration of content from PowerPlay 7
  34. 34. Engaged New PowerPlay Functionality  Enable/Disable Drill-through to Cognos 8  Support for IPv6  PowerPlay Auditing integrated with C8 Audit database  Complete Administrative Monitoring (including interactive)  Transformer 8 Automation  Performance improvements – New load balancing algorithm – On-demand thread creation available – Age limit on Idle Connections for PPESBusServer (if using on-demand thread creation)
  35. 35. Engaged PowerPlay 7 → 8 Migration  If upgrading from FCS… – Must uninstall FCS if installing in the same directory – The FCS Content Store can be retained and automatically updated  Migration from PP 7 MR3 fully supported  Support for Cubes from Cognos Connection with no associated reports  Migrated packages, reports, etc. may be moved and renamed  Security information captured – Every time migration is run – Only for relevant users  Improved accuracy of cube mapping for duplicate named cubes
  36. 36. Engaged New Scorecard Portlets Impact Diagram for better operational understanding Strategy Map portlet for easier strategy communication  Strategy map and impact diagram portlets  Easier access to scorecard information  Easy integration into 3rd party portal
  37. 37. “Aligned Theme” Cognos 8 v4 improves alignment between strategy & operations, increasing with complete visibility from business operations to advanced analytics & strategic plans, e.g.  Dimension Management  Integration with Cognos Data Sources  Expanded Conformance & Compliance to IT Standards - New 3rd Party Release Support - Deployment & Administration
  38. 38. Aligned Replace manual, error prone Business Viewpoint efforts with fully transparent automated processes Deliver shared, approved Easily create their own viewpoints across PM perspective  Benefits… – Information structured to reflect the reality of the business – Organizations can quickly respond to business change – Plans and Actuals can be aligned to future structures
  39. 39. Aligned Manage nominations, approvals and versions with Business Viewpoint business workflow Maintain any and all dimensions, attributes and hierarchies Visualize create and relate Assign specifics roles and dimensions and flexibly add areas of responsibility across any number of attributes the business community  Drive a single, sanctioned source of dimensions and hierarchies across performance management  Integration into the entire Cognos portfolio – Planning, BI, TM1 and Transformer
  40. 40. Aligned Expanded IT Compliance New 3rd Party Release Support  IPv6  Browsers: Firefox 3  Adobe Acrobat Reader 9  O/S: Linux on IBM System z  Application Servers – Update Versions: SAP Netweaver 7, IBM WebSphere 6.1 – 64-Bit Support: Tomcat, Netweaver, IBM WebSphere (32-Bit still available)  Database: Oracle 11g, Teradata 12
  41. 41. Aligned Expanded IT Compliance Deployment and Administration  SQL Tagging (comments helpful in debugging)  Virtual View Manager (Composite Information Server Rebranded)  Hide Portal Objects  Hide Logon Namespaces  Improved Prompt Performance  PowerPlay IPF Database Audit Logging  PowerPlay Service Requests Display in Current Activities  Six New Languages
  42. 42. Aligned Integration with Cognos Data Sources Integration with Cognos power Sources Leverage Data of TM1 across performance management – TM1 data available through published packages TM1 – Cognos 8 BI capabilities available to Cognos TM1 communities – TM1 cubes can be loaded by Data Manager from any source Gain broader visibility into operational datasets – Now! data available through published packages Now! – Deliver operational metrics across performance management IT can leverage power of InfoSphere Cubing Services Cubing – Cubing Services data available through published packages Services – Existing DBA skill set optimizes warehouse performance Greater confidence to deploy on-the-fly views Virtual View – Rebrand and packaging of Composite Information Server Manager
  43. 43. Any ESRI Users in the Room?  We now have an out-of-box integration solution