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Awards Masterclass presentation 250612 df


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This Awards Masterclass looks at why industry award nominations (and hopefully wins!) should be intergrated into your business, especially tourism businesses, as part of your business strategy. It also takes a practical look at what should go in applications and how the quality of content and your messages should be carefully scripted to create the right first impression and leave judges feeling a sense of 'wow'!

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Awards Masterclass presentation 250612 df

  1. 1. Making the most of your‘Excellence’ application…David Friesner, Director of Tourism LeicesterShire Promotions March 2010 Hotel Maiyango, Leicester
  2. 2. Going for Gold!
  3. 3. Success• Success breeds success!• Everybody wins – you, your staff, your business, your CUSTOMERS!• It’s all about continuous improvement – build it into your processes…• Winning an Award is one of the biggest MOTIVATORS there is!25/06/12 David Friesner 3
  4. 4. First Impressions count• Opening WOW first impressions in your first sentences!• Inspiring language - lively - positive leaving judges FEELING YES! (no ‘so whats’)• Tell YOUR story• Make it easy for the judges – less is more• FOCUS all of your application – what you want to say, how you want to say it…25/06/12 David Friesner 4
  5. 5. Website WOW• How inspiring is yours?• How does your website reinforce your application?• Judges will view your website• Review and edit your website – make sure it is complementary and covers ALL aspects25/06/12 David Friesner 5
  6. 6. People power• You have a whole team behind you – use them!• Involve and engage your staff• Encourage customers to provide feedback• Remember - collect, collate, present• Quality and Excellence are everything! - they make a difference in business, too!• Awards are what you should do 24/7, 36525/06/12 David Friesner 6
  7. 7. Process• Link Q to A, reference everything.• Don’t waffle – link what you say and lead judges• Would ‘Joe Public’ understand?• Don’t keep it a secret – tell your whole story!• You have a whole team behind you – use them!• Involve and engage your staff• Encourage customers to provide feedback• Remember - collect, collate, present25/06/12 David Friesner 7
  8. 8. Answer the question!• WHY should you be celebrated as No.1?• WHAT makes you unique?• WHAT makes you distinctive?• WHAT is your USP?25/06/12 David Friesner 8
  9. 9. Storytime• Retailer – pork pie shop – NOT JUST ANY pork pie and shop• Application for Outstanding Customer Excellence• Reached national finals in London; invited to Royal Opera House and WON!• The business never looked back• ope/uk/724095/UK-And-the-winner-is...-a-pork- pie.html25/06/12 David Friesner 9
  10. 10. Storytime 2• ‘…preaching the yeoman virtues of his favourite foodstuff’• Cheese and pie ‘the synergy of Melton Mowbray’• Each visitor buys a pie and spreads the gospel• No two pies the same. That’s all part of the charisma of pies’• ‘Charisma and pork pie’ SH makes them sound habitual semantic neighbours• ‘This shop epitomises what retailing should be about today, and that is theatre’ (podium)25/06/12 David Friesner 10
  11. 11. Trade Secrets• Emulate others – do it better!• Few ideas are NEW ideas• Learn from the best – past finalists and winners• Compare and view competitor / previous finalist / winner websites25/06/12 David Friesner 11
  12. 12. And finally• We CAN do it!• YOU can do it!• YES, WE CAN!• THANK YOU!25/06/12 David Friesner 12