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DFPF Intruduction


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DFPF Intruduction

  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Drug Free Pakistan Foundation (DFPF) is a Volunteer, Non-Profit Organization that promotes creation of Drug Free, healthy environment. The organization upholds a comprehensive Policy and approach to Drug Issues, involving Prevention, Education, Research and Awareness for Capacity building. DFPF is committed to Develop and Promote Strategies, Policies, Healthy Life Styles, Enhancing Positive Attitudes, Improving Life Skills, Empowering Individual’s to reduce illegal Drug use, Drug addiction, and Drug related injuries and crimes. Services Capacity building – training Life skill Education Drug Free Schools Program Drug Free Industries Program Drug Prevention Programs in Community Advocacy and Research Certification and Consultancy services
  3. 3. Establishment • DFPF has been working under the parent ship of New Horizons Care Centre which is the unique treatment centre of its kind is Pakistan providin100% free Treatment, Rehabilitation and aftercare services to drug addicts in Karachi city since 2002. Through extensive past experiences, NHCC realized that providing treatment to drug addicts is not enough. Pakistan also has a serious need to prevent the incursion of drug abuse in schools, families, workplaces and communities to support a drug free environment. Establishing an organization to focus on drug abuse prevention was needed. In Jan 2008 after long efforts NHCC established “Drug Free Pakistan Foundation”.
  4. 4. Drug Free Education Institutes Program • Drug Awareness programs for students • Drug abuse prevention and life skills training for students and teachers. Life skills training based on Self-Esteem, Communication skills, Decision making, Assertion, Coping Skills etc • Development of youth peer pressure groups in Educational Institute. • Drug prevention competition and formation of Anti Drug youth cells • Distribution of IEC material • Conduct surveys to analyze drug abuse problem and risk factors. • Parenting skills programs for parents • Consultancy and Certification.
  5. 5. Annual Pakistan Youth Congress • The First Pakistan Youth Congress is one of the Biggest Achievement to gathered Three hundred twenty six youth participants from all over Pakistan.. Annual PYC provides an excellent opportunity for youth leadership equipped with the latest ideas on how to change risk factors to protective factors, new network of friends in the field of drug abuse prevention and valuable life skills; the youth participants are empowered to work towards developing a drug-free Pakistan for the future generations in their respective areas.
  6. 6. Other Youth Based Programs Life Skills Education Programs. National Young world Campaign for young Children aged (8-13) Alternative activities (Recreational activities for youths) Sports as Anti drug. DFPF Youth Council
  7. 7. Drug Free Workplace Program “Drugs Do Not Work Here! We Do!” Campaign • Drug awareness programs for employees • Drug prevention trainings for Supervisor • Stress management • Counseling skills • Early intervention skills • Referral for Treatment and rehabilitation Collaboration and Partner organizations • Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) • Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI)
  8. 8. Drug Free Communities Programs Core Element of Program • Community Awareness Programs • Training workshops for Law Enforcement people (Police, Excise) on drug demand reduction. • Media Campaign/ Volunteer recruitment and training • Religious/Islamic Scholars conference • Education Programs for Co-dependent family members and drug recovering persons. • Capacity building-training of NGOs, VOs, CBOs and social workers. • Education programs for Pharmacists on Misuse of Prescription drugs • Strengthening the role of business communities in drug demand reduction • Formation of groups/ meeting • Mobilization of community leaders/volunteer (Training / workshop / meeting / involvement in the Programs) • Net working • Provision of IEC materials
  9. 9. Community Awareness Programs • DFPF organizes drug awareness programs on every Saturday evening in slum areas of Karachi city. In each program there are 300- 500 community people participate. • Street theaters • Walks • Use of print and electronic media as an effective tool in drug prevention
  10. 10. Drug Demand Reduction Programs for Law Enforcement Officials DFPF organizes Training work shops and Study Visits to Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for police officials. The main objective is to empower law enforcement agencies in Drug Demand Reduction.
  11. 11. Educational Programs for Codependent Family Members and Drug Recovering Persons: •This is very necessary to educate Codependent Family Members to resolve recovery issues and for long lasting recovery of their loved ones. •Life Skills training workshops are organized for Recovering Persons to increase their personal control, sense of self-mastery and to enhance social competence with a variety of general social skills. •Annually DFPF organizes Recovering Symposiums for drug recovering persons who have successfully completed 1,2,3,,,, years of their recovery. The Symposium provide a forum for an extensive exchange of ideas relating to maintenance of recovery, promote the message of recovery and emphasize that “Treatment Works” and encourage recovering persons.
  12. 12. Other Capacity Building Programs on Drug Abuse Prevention (DAP): • “Strengthening the Role of Social workers in DAP”: The main objective behind this program is to empower Social workers as they are directly linked with community members. • “Strengthening the Role Pharmacists in DAP”: Pharmacists play important role in the use or misuse of Prescribed Medicines. This program helps them to understand their positive role in DAP. • “Strengthening the Role of Media Persons in DAP” Conference provides the platform to media personals to come forward and understand their role in drug demand reduction. The conference bring together print and electronic media personals throughout Karachi and those who have done best efforts in this field are awarded in order to encourage them and also motivate others to play their significant role in drug demand reduction. • “Strengthening the Role Business Community in DAP” • Conference brings business community people from different associations and they are provided with information about drug abuse scenario of our country and motivated to extend their support and cooperation in drug demand reduction activities
  13. 13. COLLABORATION WITH OTHER ORGANIZATION • Ministry of Narcotics Control Government of Pakistan. • Anti Narcotics Force Govt. of Pakistan • Narcotics Affairs Section US Embassy. • City District Government Karachi • Capital City Police Karachi • I own Karachi, Aga Khan Social Welfare Board for Pakistan, Youth Based Organizations, Karachi Press Club and other several national organizations