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How to Set Up Your New Apple iPad


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If you need help with using your iPad, then we can teach you everything there is to know on the iPad.

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How to Set Up Your New Apple iPad

  1. 1. ==== ====Congrats on your new iPad. Go here to learn how to do everything on your ====With the holiday season starting in just a few weeks, there is already a big holiday buzz about theApple iPad. The iPad is bound to be one of the most popular holiday gifts this season. Whetheryou are looking for an electronic book reader, the latest apps, a portable media player, or just afun new gadget, the iPad will be making its debut in many households this December.Now that you have gone through your ceremonial "unboxing", it is time to use iPad. If you arentfamiliar with Apple iPods, iPhones, or most technologies, this could be a very frustrating task. Fearnot as I am here to help show you how to set up your Apple iPad and jump right in on some Appleapp fun!The first thing you want to do after your iPad unboxing is to connect your new baby directly to yourcomputer with the USB cable. Open your iTunes software once you are connected to thecomputer. If you dont have iTunes, you will want to download it from Apples website before youconnect your iPad. iTunes is free fairly easy to set up.Once your iPad is connected to your iTunes you will be asked to register. This may be where youexperience your first hiccup in the process. If the iPad is not connected properly it is likely yourversion of iTunes is out of date. Just go ahead and update your iTunes and you should be fineupon restart.You will be asked to register your iPad once iTunes recognizes it. Make sure you register becauseif something goes wrong with your iPad, you may be delayed in receiving a remedy from Apple if itisnt registered. So go ahead and register your iPad.Next you will be asked to restore your iPad to its original state or set up your iPad as new.Obviously this is a brand new iPad so you want to choose the option which lets you "Set up a newiPad." Keep in mind if you do want to restore the iPad it could take quite awhile. So in the future ifyou do have to do a restore, make sure you set up your restore at a time where you dont needimmediate access to your iPad.The next step will be to sync your media. You will be asked to set up iTunes so it automaticallysyncs. I choose not to do this with any of my Apple devices. If there is one fault with the iPad it isthat the iPad apps are huge and you will fill up your iPad fast. So choose carefully when it comesto syncing your media. If you have a ton of movies in your iTunes, you may want to only sync themovies or videos that you intend to watch right away. Otherwise you are going to fill up your iPadquick with a bunch of files you wont be using in the immediate future. My recommendation is tosync your media manually so you can pick and choose what you want on your iPad.Email set up is one of the easiest things to set up on the iPad. It is as simple as selecting your
  2. 2. email program, entering your login information, and then you are good to go.I would also recommend taking some time and searching the Internet for Apple iPad tricks andtips. There are a ton of really cool things that some iPad users have done with the device. Thereare things you would never dream of that some people have figured out and posted step by steptutorials online for new iPad owners like you.Now you are set up to receive email, download apps, and watch your favorite media on your newtoy. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the wonderful world of this amazing piece of technology. It willchange your life and before you know it, it will be time to make a race to the store for Apples nextversion of the iPad.Eric Gargiulo is the webmaster and head blogger of Visit Wearable iPadfor iPad blogs, tips, and tricks. Visit to inquire about Erics SEOservices.Article Source: ====Congrats on your new iPad. Go here to learn how to do everything on your ====