Introduction to FSU VOST - Spring 2013


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Introduction to FSU VOST - Spring 2013

  1. 1. THE FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY #VOST FSU Virtual Operations Support TeamFSU VOSTInitial Briefing, April 2013
  2. 2. Virtual Operations SupportVirtual Operations Support (VOS) as applied to emergencymanagement and disaster recovery is an effort to make use ofnew communication technologies and social media tools duringan emergency or disaster to aid the response and recovery effortthrough open-source datacollection, aggregation, verification, and dissemination.
  3. 3. Virtual Operations Support TeamVOS Teams (VOST) are activated to perform specific VOSfunctions in support of participating organizations or agencies.
  4. 4. FSU.VOST  The FSU VOST (FSU.VOST) will be comprised of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (EMHS) Faculty and staff, along with interested and qualified students.  Students on FSU.VOST should be:  Familiar with emergency management practices and concepts. Completion of “Foundations of Emergency Management” and/or “Disaster Systems” is a plus.  Comfortable with social media, including Twitter, Facebook and Google+.  Comfortable with Skype, Google Chat, and Google Docs.  Must have a Twitter account, Facebook account, Google account, Skype account, and a laptop with internet access.
  5. 5. FSU.VOST Members  FSU Student  FEMA IS-042: Social Media in EM  Computer with Internet Access  Proficiency in Social Media Platforms  Awareness-Level Understanding of Emergency Management and Public Safety Operations
  6. 6. FSU.VOST FSU.VOST is virtual! There is an operations center/studio in Bellamy, but team members can work anywhere with an internet connection. Communication and backchannel coordination is accomplished through Skype, Google chat, and web applications. The FSU.VOST may be activated for any type of disaster. Shifts will run 4-8 hours, depending on mission needs and available personnel. Major disasters may require near 24/7 operations.
  7. 7. FSU.VOST MissionsFSUVOST may operate in support of: FDEM or county/local governments.  Primary missions will be to track trends and information regarding ingoing disasters, amplify official messages, and assist with rumor control.  Can integrate with ESF-14 (Public Information) or ESF-5 (Planning / Reconnaissance) ESF-18 and/or Department of Economic Opportunity  Data collection and damage assessment of businesses impacted by disaster. FSU Emergency Management and Homeland Security Program (EMHS) research projects  EMHS is developing a concept called PRISM – Platform for Real-time Integration of Social Media. VOST will help develop and refine this toolset and concept. FSU EMHS Disaster Incident Research Team (DIRT)  DIRT operates in and around disaster impact areas. FSU.VOST may provide operational support to these deployments.
  8. 8. AppsFSU.VOST may utilize any of the following applications forsituation monitoring/awareness.Familiarity with any or all of these tools is a plus.(FSU is also developing its own proprietary situationalawareness software solutions for use by FSU.VOST
  9. 9.  Social Media management dashboard Full integration of Twitter, Facebook, Linke din, Google+, Foursqare, Myspace, WordPress, Ins tagram, Tumblr, etc. Allows user to receive/author posts from multiple accounts across multiple platforms Data can be sorted in Streams by account, keywords/hash tags, etc.
  10. 10.  Open-source crowdsourcing app Gathers and structures data from multitude of sources Aggregates user- generated geocoded reports with Google Maps overlay
  11. 11. Geofeedia Cross-platform Social Media tool for monitoring, filtering and exporting Social Media data Allows traditional keyword/ hashtag searches or searches by user-identified regions or locations Only aggregates Social Media posts that include geolocation data
  12. 12. How To Get Involved Go to: and fill out the application. For more information, please contact David Merrick at