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Workingpreneur Workshop: Daily Method of Operation


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This episode of the Workingpreneur Workshop talks about your DMO or Daily Method of Operation.

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Workingpreneur Workshop: Daily Method of Operation

  1. 1. aka DMO Things to do daily that will bring success in your business DAILY METHOD OF OPERATION FOR THE WORKINGPRENEUR
  2. 2. A working entrepreneur Someone who has a job and also manages a home business Someone who has limited time to spend on their business Someone who needs to learn faster ways to do the things they need to do to build their business. WHAT IS A WORKINGPRENEUR?
  3. 3. What you do daily translates into how successful your business will be. Your life schedule should be centered around your DMO schedule; not your DMO schedule centered around your life. You don’t center you job around your life; you center your life around your job. DAILY METHOD OF OPERATION
  4. 4. The correct mindset is important for success. Always be working on your mindset. Read at least one chapter in a book Listen to audios (you can do this while working) Listen to podcasts (suggested: Ray Higdon, Social Media Marketing Hangout) Watch a video MINDSET
  5. 5. How to find leads: Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn.. Blogging/content creation – can also be a video. Make sure it is value and not pitching Offline – friends/family/casual acquaintances/flyers/business cards. Paid advertising LEAD GENERATION WITHOUT LEADS YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS
  6. 6. How to convert your leads: Call leads – always call your lead if a phone number is available. This puts you above most others Email leads – email if no phone number Social Media chat – if you can find them on social media, then this method works well. Continue to be in front of them all the time by giving value…email…social media. It usually takes several interactions before someone joins you. Never give up until they tell you to stop  CONVERT LEADS CONVERSION IS YOUR BREAD AND BUTTER
  7. 7. Exercise clears your mind and makes you more productive. It’s as easy as taking a walk – preferably outside. Yoga and meditation are also good EXERCISE
  8. 8. What you eat determines how you feel. Affects your energy level Affects your brain function Affects your mood DIET AND NUTRITION
  9. 9. Always be grateful for what you have and where you are going. This is an important way to keep going when you run into challenges. (and you will run into challenges)  GRATITUDE
  10. 10.  Make sure you are doing the following everyday:  Mindset  Lead Generation  Lead Conversion  Exercise  Healthy diet  Being grateful DAILY METHOD OF OPERATION
  11. 11. Using a daily method of operation will ensure your success. This method can be tweaked as you find what works best or what doesn’t work at all. My suggestion is to learn what marketing strategies work best for you, and then spend all your time mastering those. Enjoy your success! DAILY METHOD OF OPERATION